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  1. I came across it online. I don’t know what his credentials were other than he has marketable skills. Went from know it all returned missionary to bitter Apostate atheist. Talked of going back to Mtc as pranks. Had many answers. Basically said the Spirit converts that is true of course. But does he say one thing to one person and another to someone else. Said we are to find honest in heart not those who don’t want to hear or believe something else. We don’t like being told we are wrong. They have sincere beliefs too and are devout. Praised Cat Stevens for doing what he thought was right in joining Muslim church. What good would a belief against gravity do? The lord wants all people to join the church. Doctrine and Covenants 49 had harsh words to people who only want to believe the truth in part. There is no salvation in believing something that can’t get you exalted. Tolerance means we are to be civil to people we disagree with. But we do want all people to embrace the truth. We don’t tell people there church is wrong as much as we invite people to bring the truths they already have and teach them correct doctrines on things such as authority, fall of,Adam and Godhead. God is not a Godmof confusion. Then gave advice on people that choose to leave, saying follow your conscience if you don’t think the church is right for you. Critical of people who tell us to keep post mission dress and grooming standards. Saying not that important. Unless you go to ces school we’re mustaches are allowed can have facial,hair, but have been counseled to keep decent grooming. When writing that book I wonder how he went from know it all returned missionary to devout atheist or agnostic? Critical of people that invite others to church in recent blog. Jesus said if you are not one you are not mine. In book said a missionaries boneheaded moves could cost people there exaltation. Few people join the church anyway. I doubt something they say will keep someone out of the church. Then he tries to lead others astray. irony there. Upset at people inviting others to church than tears down religion. I don’t think too many people listen to him. Any rm could of written a book like he did as well.
  2. Who tried voice text without proofreading? Something totally different can come out than what you say. Autocorrect can cause people to say things different than what they intended to type. English teachers at then Ricks College told us when we used grammar check in computer lab make sure it is correct. Use grammar correct then it is wrong without proofreading. spell and grammar check can speed up people if used correctly. Newspaper reporters with deadlines that can help. Derailed thread with comments on grammar and spell check.
  3. Joseph Smith said it is contrary to the order of Heaven for someone to receive revelation for someone higher than themselves. Also said that someone that finds fault with others saying they are righteous while the church is out of order is on the road to apostasy. We’re does Joel get revelation the prophet is wrong or not inspired do to the stewardship principle? Is he apostatizing himself? Boyd K Packer used the word sky is falling, chicken lickens, of fables encouraging members to gather to colonies or cults. Won’t go astray following leaders. HTTPS://www.churchofjesuschrist.org/study/General-conference/1992/10/to-be-learned-is-good-if if link does not work go to church website and Boyd K Packers oct 1992 conference speech. And our fifth article of faith says people must be called of God by those in authoarity.
  4. He gave speech at High School auditorium then tells people not to go to Hospitals and stay out of schools with covid restrictions. So if you need life threatening surgery don’t go there?Last years lecture said his kids are better off for being home schooled despite missing out on some social aspects. And they will look you in the eye and have friends not just there age, whereas public school students don’t have those manners. stereotyping there. There are home school students with good and bad manners as well as public school students. I would say most kids even in public schools are for the most part good kids. Just his stereotypes. Gets a few people to follow him with some out thee ideas.
  5. Things he says are mostly political. Uncle Cleon wrote good books on Thousand year series but may have had out there ideas. Joel has many conspiracy thereos. There will be a war with Taiwan and China, Russia is just underground and Russia and China will attack us. World War three will start but we’re too busy fighting covid. wrote books on strategic location and survivalism. Used word Mormons in recent lecture. Need to walk t9 Zion. Conspiracy big time. People died with vaccine, Eisenhower killed man6 German pow,s. ideas of 911, Lockerbie bombing, Pearl Harbor Us either provoked those countries or didn’t do enough to stop them. Put things in wtc to cause the building to collapse and there are surviving terrorists. Okc bombing and waco cover ups too. YouTube deleted his lecture. we’re does he get all the information? Dallin H Oaks in speech about strength becoming weaknesses mentioned patriotism and people building up armies. 12th article of faith says to obey law. He said leaders were not inspired to tell people to take vaccine and some members persecuted for not getting vaccine. Won’t wear mask. Boyd K. Packer 1992 Oct mentioned people following the chicken lickens we know what’s going on 42:11 Doctrine and Covenants. Quentin L Cook beyond mark mentioned Oct 2016; and M Russell Ballard trek continues admonished people not to listen to those not called. I seen people fall away listening to self appointed leaders. What will happen when those wars he predicts don’t come to pass? He is a fear monger. In General Conference, Stale Conference, devotionals and other speeches how many times do,you hear fear mongering from those called and sent? Are to be prepared with savings and food storage, but that is for typical emergencies and disasters not some future event. and your not to share food storage and fuel you’ll go under if you do. Vaughan J Featherstone ten virgins explanation was spiritual what we can’t share not temporal. We get to share and not stand in judgement. who follows him and what does he know the brethren we know are called don’t? Russia and China I am sure will leave us alone for the most part. Be prepared but don’t go extreme like he’s advocating.
  6. Is the kids autopsy complete. If it is I am sure the prosecuting and defense attorneys as well as judges will have all the information they need ahead of the trial which will last as long as Methesulah. I guess Chad was Methusaleh in a past life. Lori was his wife. Male cattle manure of course on both of those claims. if autopsy is complete can they go ahead with there memorial services and give them a proper burial? Had candlelight vigils, three memorial services are planned. Won’t be able to have a viewing of course. When will they have the funerals?
  7. There are several LDS vegetarians that people follow or they try to gain a following. Get revelation the prophet hasn’t had time to receive or would hurt church if they talked about it. Must of never read D and C. 42:11. Tom Rodgers had Heart Attacks, Strokes almost died. Covenanter noting die that I may live and healthier. www.ldsveg.org. Kathleen fowlkes the gate published there. Twisting stories. We’re stealing honey from bees who pollinate our crops. Lol, Jesus didn’t eat fish would of lost Holy Ghost. Out there ideas. Jim Catano wondered why church had hunting preserve. Vegetarian went off deep end. Chris Foster philosophy professor at UVU. gave talk at Utah State a few years ago on eating animals quoting dead prophets that agreed with him to manipulate them to gain a following. antivaxxer Brett Wilcox wrote blogs on giving up meat. Jane Birch’s articles in Meridian and blogs she writes encourages people to give up animal products. Quentin L. Cook mentioned going beyond the mark and adding things to Word of Wisdom that are not there. People that “received those additional revelations”. Why didn’t they come through properly appointed channels? And why don’t we hear it from our church leaders? Could it be that it’s not church doctrine? Just people wanting church members to adopt there cause and manipulating prophets.
  8. How do letters like that get to attorneys. Leaders go out of the way to keep details confidential. May announce membership council and result bare well known or it effects community. Did Chad give that letter to the Stake President. Because what goes on in a membership council is confidential. Even when results need to be announced they keep the proceedings confidential. May let Elders Quorum presidency members know so they don’t humiliate them when asked to give prayer. But unless the person says anything they try to keep results as confidential as possible. Of course withdrawal is mandatory for murder, and he was seeing Lori while wife was alive, Apostasy will get your membership withdrawn. May announce e to protect church members. But I am sure the church tries to keep information like that confidential to avoid any undo embarrassment and for those that can repent help them facilitate it so there membership can be restored after thorough and proper repentance.
  9. Forty eight hours interview a few weeks ago. Children of one parent murdered by another I wonder if denial is something they do, Mom or Dad wouldn’t do that. Difficult trial for them to go through. Of course gravedigger he wouldn’t be dumb enough to bury them in the backyard. Plenty of spaces around there. A two year old went missing a few years ago in a small town of Leadore a couple hours north. No one knows what happened there. Denial on there part. Then says he never slept with Lori while there Mom was alive. Any case a married man going with a woman like that committed Adultery in his heart. Same sin even if he didn’t do the act yet. Murdered her so it wouldn’t technically be Adultery. Affairs were you leave a marriage for someone else are still affairs even if you didn’t do the act before the divorce or while married to someone else. Had Tammy lived likely would be divorced. Membership councils are kept private. May announce them if there is reason to let church members know. Even then don’t announce what went on there. Wether he gets death penalty and will spend 23 hours in 8 by 14 space in Kuna Idaho or life in prison will spend rest of life in maximum security prison. Multiple murders in Idaho get best medium security prison regardless of in prison behavior. Sad for people that lost life, him for his choices and many family members who suffer do to the choices he made. His brother Matt distanced himself from them and had minimal contact do to his fringe beliefs several years ago.
  10. He has a following. Refused to do security in gay pride parade and terminated. Many people don’t believe I’m that stuff to but should you trade shifts or do job then? For anti vaxxer follow him. Says in blog and Facebook posts that the prophet does not have stewardship 9ver the family and we don’t sustain the individual. of course we are not to be commanded in all things and family rules church does not dictate them down to the letter. But why do we watch General Conference and go to Stake Conference, read what they say in church news and releases? Does the Lotd want us to trifle with there words? Does the lord tell the prophet one thing then tell individuals it does not apply to them. of course no one follows the prophet perfectly and you don’t lose your recommend for not doing things 100 percent, the issue here is not perfection on food storage, sabbath observance, or a myriad of other things, but questioning the prophet and stewardship. You won’t go to Hell or lose recommend if you don’t get vaccine, but we’re is his stewardship to direct people himself, and question the prophet. is it ok to date before your 16, watch r rated movies, because that is family stewardship? Prophet won’t lead us astray. Like Bl Gritz and others what will happen when lines are down who will we get revelation from? New world order people. Boyd I. Packer oct 92, M Russell Ballard, 99 and 2017, and Quention L Cook 2016 oct warmed about things like that. Missing mark listening to people not called. We will have access to prophets words even when limes are down like they did in past. Just take longer to get revelation. prophecing of things that probably won’t happen. Issue isn’t vaccine or masks as much as him questioning the prophet. I don’t sustain the man. He is who God called to lead us. Trust Jesus when he called the prophet. Personal revelation will not tell you prophet is wrong. People following him to justify disobedience and not prophet is were I take issue with him. Listen to prophet we will be fine.
  11. James Stoddard recently passed away. He did a lot of work for the foundation. Daughter Hannah carries on the work. Obituary said father of ten children. Yet nothing mentioned about his marriage or wife. Anyone know story there?
  12. I quoted someone here before that had some interesting ideas of the Second Coming. Quoted in past Jodi Stoddard and others comparing temple dedications to seals opening. Still quotes conference talks time is running out. Seven years from this talk. BYU devotionals, conference talks, Christmas devotionals. 911 attacks, recession seven years later, gay marriage legal seven years after that. Something happening seven more years. Time is running out from this talk. thinks a resurrected Joseph Smith will lead people back to Missouri and John the Revelatory will lead the Ten tribes there. Will live law of consecration probably plural marriage, live off food storage and be fed manna. I don’t know we’re he gets that information. Relative of Hiram Page. quouted Jodi Stoddard Arhmad Givil or whoever in the past. Quoted Ogden Kraut for Bom polygamy. Public School indoctrination causes higher rebellion, always quoting Joel Skousen a conspirast. Avid antivaxxer, so said will Nelson’s incorrect push of vaccines sink the church, Monsons incorrect use of the word Mormon. No, but there not infallible. We don’t live the positive aspects of the Word of Wisdom are fat, why should I get a vaccine. basically saying he is right and prophet is wrong. If you don’t want to get vaccine up to you. However are you saying the prophet is wrong? Who are we to sit in judgement of the prophet. We would all be prophets unto ourselves if we got revelation of our own bias,s. It would be confusing. Antivaxxer is one thing. Saying the prophet does not know what he is talking about is another. Ark steadier on blog, how sacrament meeting should be, higher word of wisdom quoting Jane Birch and the like. WWW.Richardsonstudies.com
  13. Chad has his trial scheduled. Will be joint with Lori if she’s competent. Idaho does not have the insanity defense. When John Hinckley pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity for the attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan Idaho took that law of the books. As did some other states. I know of a man that shot wife and two daughters tried to kill himself heard he didn’t know he did it. Had to go to prison. Former Elementary principle, Bishop, Scoutmaster. May have later learned he did it. No insanity defense there. trials are scheduled. For those with law backgrounds however, either he was Methuselah in previous life or she was his wife. Of course we know that is nonsense. Many criminal cases have numerous pre trial or preliminary hearings delayed. Trials delayed. I just wonder if they will have trials delayed as long as Methuselah in this case. “Since that is who they were in previous lives”.
  14. Who heard of the Joseph Smith Foundation? Don’t know much about them. Have some good things. However had a blog about following the prophet. Put a question mark behind it. There not infallible, words aren’t scripture we shouldn’t blindly follow them. Do we blindly follow no swimming signs, high voltage, Railroad crossings? Why is it any different with the Lords anointed? An Antivaxxers quoted that. Probably to justify his opposition to vaccines. Linked to article on Mountain Meadows and Helmet Hubner. Those are unfortunate cases in history. However who goes wrong following the prophet and who are we to sit in judgement of who thenLord calls to preside over us? Who has failed when they listened to the prophet? The Lord won’t tell the prophet to tell the Saints one thing and an individual to reject it. if the Prophet says something then the Lord said it.
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