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  1. How long will it take to make the autopsy reports public?
  2. Who has heard of the website called Mormon Chronicles? Someone who used the pseudonym Ezra Taylor once posted over there and was on Facebook. I don’t see his Facebook profile up anymore. But they have several articles. Mostly about Health and Education. Fond of quoting H Verona Andersen and Ezra Taft Benson. Bring up the Samuel Principle and say the Lord let’s the matter drop and we already have. Some things they say, it is wrong to vaccinate and parents that send kids to public schools could take them away from Celestial Kingdom. Times ok not to obey the law of the land.
  3. David Ridges has some good insite. Robert Miller and a few others have good things to say too, And ther interesting thing he wants people to email the BYU president to tell them to stop teaching evolution and have school uniforms. Why doesn’t the board of trustees headed by the prophet say anything on that? Anti vaccination too. links to someone who either quotes Ezra or Esdras comparing us presidents to a feather. President would be taken out by now. I am sure there will be several presidents whose terms come and go without things lik,e that happening. And. Nothing out of t
  4. In Idaho most schools are back in session, county fairs in most places went on s normal. Most High School athletic contests will move on as normal. They could have more fans at pro athletic games, church is still below 100 and three sessions here. Toward the end of stage four funerals were held for family members but the funeral homes broadcast to people that could not be There. Three sessions of Sacrament Meeting in our ward two one week one the next. Can watch Sacrament on zoom. This will pass though.
  5. While doing a search of the ten tribes I came across a site by Nate Richardson. I am sure he is a temple recommend holding member, there is room for good people to disagree on things. Of course we should blog insights from what we learn in church. He does have some interesting ideas though. his interpretations should edify him. However he has no right to receive revelation for other members of the church. 42:11 Nd the 28th section of the Doctrine and Covenants say the same thing, main thing of his site is signs of the times. He quotes conference talks and puts w
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