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  1. I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your participation in this thread. I greatly value the information you have contributed, which you have obviously spent a great deal of time parsing.
  2. Incredible! You and nehor have absolutely no idea what my experiences and personal reaction have been. Yet, you claim some high moral authority to judge me and commence to shame me. Disgusting actually. You two have at it. I'm out.
  3. My lack of fret is the problem? Hard pass on that one.
  4. In some/maybe many regards, yes. But I'm not interested in hashing it out here.
  5. Sure! It's the "effect" in relation to the human reaction that is in question.
  6. Seeing your vehemence on the topic, I seriously doubt we did!
  7. So, the little libertarian in me is raising its hand and saying, Folks we are awash in vaccine. Its readily available to anyone. So at this point, if you contract COVID and get seriously ill and possibly die.... its on you! By your own free will and choice. The rest of us are going to get on with life.
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