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  1. So you continue to pass this assertion on with NO actual quote. What a surprise. This is exactly what I found when I did Google some of the claims my brother was asserting. Looks like you fell into the same dark hole.
  2. Do you have the exact quote that was taken out? Perhaps what they wrote was taken out because people were misinterpreting what the intent of the statement was.
  3. So you think the Church policies have nothing to do with keeping people, especially the elderly safe??? Instead you want to attack me for pointing this out? No surprise there.
  4. Thank you for posting this. I have seen my brother fall into this same rabbit hole. He seems to be especially vulnerable to people who take a quote out of context, twist its meaning and then declaring BLM as a racist/anti-nuclear family/communist/marxist (did I leave anything out) organization. When asked for proof of his assertions, he swears it is in their manifesto. When asked specifically where, he comes back saying they must have removed it. We have seen this same story played out time and time again throughout the history of this country. I am old enough to remember these same
  5. You seriously have no idea why members of your ward are trying to protect others in your ward from catching Covid? You seriously have no idea why your ward members are being especially vigilant in protecting the seniors in your ward? No idea at all????
  6. You can not truthfully say California beaches have been closed for long periods of time depending upon the county. A few, perhaps. Generally all of California beaches have been open for the majority of the time during Covid. What has been closed off and on are some parking lots. There are 420 beaches in California. You are ranting about the wrong thing with no proof to those assertions. One paddle boarder arrested way back in April for violating the Governor's stay at home order during the initial shut down period does not mean that California beaches have been closed down for long period
  7. Beaches and running trails are not shut down in California. They have been open almost the entire time. I have been going to the beach all summer. From the National Park web site Why all of this dumping on government workers. What exactly do you want them to be doing? Or is this just a covid rant?
  8. So, if I am getting this right, someone like this would be confirming and performing other priesthood duties to a member of the church I kinda want to be at that meeting.
  9. Coil pots are not a firing technique. It is a pot building technique. There are countless ways to fire pots once they are formed. Dung firing has been around for centuries, but also pit fires, wood kiln firings, saggart firings, Raku firings. These all date back for centuries. Most but not all of these techniques are cross cultural. Raku for instance is a Japanese firing technique that has only spread in the last 100 years. I have been doing ceramics since college and have done all of these firings and hand building techniques. I also taught a ceramics class for several years, and
  10. Slab building is also a very common technique that does not require a wheel. Pinch pots are another technique that doesn't require a wheel. These techniques have been around for centuries all across the world and across all cultures. They are all still common pottery techniques. In a ceramics class (pre-covid) out of 40 students, only about 6 or 7 used the wheel. It takes a while to learn. Most people are doing hand built pots using all three of these hand building techniques.
  11. I guess you didn't want to answer the question on how you would feel if you had to be changed to female to enter the Celestial Kingdom. I would like your thoughts on that question if you feel like sharing. I hope you don't really expect me to answer this question. I didn't even know there was such a thing as a fear of small planets. And certainly have no idea what that has to do with what we are talking about.
  12. I think it is best I go back to ignoring your comments. I can't really respond to someone in good faith that trys to find loopholes in my questions and then accuses me of being a liar. I can't even ask the most basic questions without you figuring out a way to not answer the question directly and then insulting me. When I do ask a very basic question that is really hard to twist, you wonder why I ask the question. I do find comfort in knowing that I am not the only one you do this to. Your answers to Duncan are classic SMAC answers, not any attempt to understand the questions, only
  13. Thanks for your answer. My question was about both things. Could they take the sacrament? Would they be singled out separately from how they would be able to participate in the service? Would the parishioners treat a gay couple differently? Partly why I ask this is I know quite a few former Catholics that are gay. They felt like the church didn't want anything to do with them once they found out they were gay. Has that changed?
  14. People seem to be holding on pretty strongly to their identity as a man or a woman. Can you imagine the hue and cry if the Church said that only females will be allowed into the Celestial Kingdom. But if you are male, don't worry, you will magically be turned into a female if you are worthy.
  15. It is comments like this that just push me further away from ever considering the Church in my life ever again. You know exactly what I am talking about yet you accuse me of misrepresenting and distorting very real distinctions that I see in the Church. The Utah Compromise has NOTHING to do with how gay couples are treated or looked upon within the Church itself. Maybe instead of constantly calling me a liar, you could explain exactly what involvement a gay couple and their children can have in a ward. Are they allowed to do more than to sit in the pew and keep their mouths shut
  16. Maybe I should ask what you think the Pope's message was about? Do you think that he is saying that those in civil union relationships would be welcomed in the Catholic Church? Certainly the structure of the Catholic Church is much different than the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, so I am not suggesting that those civil unions would be acceptable in Catholic clergy positions. None of these questions within either church is about doctrine. It is about how those families are welcomed into the church.
  17. So you are trying to tell me that a same sex marriage is perfectly ok in the Church and a person can be an active, participating member of the ward in such a family. They can hold callings and are treated just like everyone else. Good to know. But we both know that is not true and you know that is exactly what I was talking about. The Pope on the other hand seems to be saying that civil unions for gays would be something he supports. Not hearing that from any Church leader. maybe I missed the memo.
  18. What I am saying is that I see a lot of people on this thread and in the Church taking their position of authority from a position when no such authority has come from God according to their own church leaders. Not even any claims of such revelation, yet their position seems to be couched in a righteous understanding of the will of God. I am trying to point out that such a position has no foundation in a revelation from God, so how can they be so sure of the stance either the Catholic Church or the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has taken. If you are taking about me
  19. I guess I am only trying to present the perspective of what it is like to live as a gay person in organized religion. I hope that my comments have shown everyone that a lot of mainstream religions pushes gay families away from their religions rather than helps them in their struggles. It is like being gay and wanting a family becomes this monolithic wall that prevents that person from working within those religions on all the rest of their issues where they fall short of what Christ wants of them. So they are cut loose from that body of Christ. I am not arguing what the Catholic Church or
  20. That may be true, but for some gays, it is a message of hope that they too might be a part of a religion that they want to identify with. I don't know what you mean.
  21. I think possibly what the Pope is saying is that maybe we should let gays live in a civil legally binding relationship on this earth and let God sort it out after we die. But to allow them full fellowship and participation in the Catholic Church. Let them become part of the body of Christ instead of shoving them to the outside and having them view religion looking through a gate. Because that is how a lot of gay people view the religion that they were brought up in and now excludes them from full participation simply because they want a life with the same wants and desires as their heterose
  22. I agree with all of this. Now, show me a revelation outlining the will of God concerning homosexuals and what happens to them after they die, and whether they can stay with their companions they had on earth and you may have a point. But you certainly do not expect anyone to conform their lives to the extent that they make the sacrifices currently asked by church leaders where they are speculating on the will of God. How many times have Church leaders been wrong in the past about their speculations on God's will concerning this issue in the past in MAJOR ways. Remember when Church leaders
  23. So tell me, what is the other half of that perspective?
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