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  1. While I think you go too far with your criticism, I can also understand your point of view. For months there was ZERO contact from the church. Church was cancelled, online services were banned, ministering assignments were released. There has been no Sunday School. Temples were closed. Missionaries stay in their apartments and minister via facebook. Youth activities are non-existent except for an occasional zoom get-together. I haven't heard from anyone at church. The bishopric never even returned phone calls, emails or texts. I think they took most of the year off except for an occasional mas
  2. Our started out with a portion of the ward attending each week (between 50-100). Masks were optional. Then we had a ward member pass from Covid. Masks are now required but everyone is invited to attend if they are comfortable. In pre-covid days that would have been weekly attendance in the 200-230 range. It's much less now. Many choose not to attend. Some choose not to attend because it still doesn't seem safe with covid rampaging through the countryside. Some don't attend because they are required to wear masks. Some don't attend because the abbreviated meeting schedule hardly makes
  3. I was released as bishop 5 years ago. Time flies While there are definitely instructions that a bishop should NOT add to or omit questions there is also direction sometimes from area authorities/Stake Presidents given in training or PPI's to ask more "probing" questions in certain situations. The situations I recall being told I should be more probing were - individuals receiving their own endowment or sealing - mission worthiness interviews -Young adults and youth in general (to ensure they understood the questions) -More generally, I was taught to ask follow up q
  4. I wonder if it would be viewed differently for people who don't attend for different reasons. - Don't attend because high risk -Seems very acceptable. Statement about faithfulness applies -Don't attend because not comfortable due to virus concerns (for whatever reason) - Seems acceptable. Statement would seem to apply -Don't attend because they aren't comfortable wearing a mask (or just don't want to. - Seems unacceptable - Don't attend because just prefer shorter at-home church doing sacrament without having to get dressed up and drive to the church- Seems unacceptable.
  5. "If you don't stop doing that and start behaving better I'm going to send you out of this room!" via an agonizing death. Honestly, in addition to death, I also don't support banishment as a consequence anything except the most egregious violations. My father tried following God's banishment example a couple of times So the message from God is "Follow my example, except when I tell you not to". Really?
  6. Could just as easily be because masks had not been required. A lot of elderly and higher risk individuals have been staying home, and wisely so. Maybe it's just my area that is quirky, but our bishop still requires every household to get permission every single week if they are going to do the sacrament at home. Very weird...and a cumbersome process, especially for a bishop who struggles to respond to phone calls, emails, and texts
  7. Such a great song! Interesting question. I've seen/heard/been taught many times about the God V Adam and Eve parenting model. It's essentially a model of clear communication and then tough love. But if God sets the example of tough love and hard, painful consequences, and then someone like King George follows that example, is King George wrong? After all, the rebellious people of the revolution are only heroes because they won, and history declared their cause righteous, otherwise the rebellion and history could have likened them to Satan and his minions rebelling against God. Pers
  8. There are always movies and art pushing boundaries and I have no doubt there will be more. Blue Lagoon is the first example that comes to my mind. It's an old movie with very young actors/actresses. Exploitation? Yeah, probably. I only mention this to say that this isn't a new thing and I imagine some artists/directors etc are able to walk the line better than others. One might suggest that children should never be exploited and of course I would agree. But what does "exploited" mean? The meaning changes with the culture. I would imagine 1/2 the stuff on Nickelodian would be considered exploi
  9. It will be interesting to watch how some people choose to re-engage with church regularly. I've seen some fairly significant changes in some of our local families regarding Sabbath activities, church attendance (now that it's possible), and even some non-garment clothing options. These choices don't bother me at all but I've seen a general laxness creep in with many so I'm curious to see if people really bounce back to the way it was or if some of that laxness will stick. I agree. For the families I've spoken to it's a political statement. Personally, I'm much more comfortable tha
  10. Yes- We've had 1 death in our ward. It is suspected that the individual contracted the virus at church. With the new church guidance about required masking at church, it makes me feel a little more comfortable but it's interesting to witness the backlash against the policy. We have numerous families refusing to attend if they are required to wear a mask. I'm struggling to understand the rigid refusal of people to wear masks. These are some pretty staunch, leadership kind of people refusing to attend. I guess church attendance isn't really that important to them
  11. That makes sense. Thanks for explaining it. Still, it seems like some of the anti-netflixers are taking things a bit far in their claims and calls for bans and boycotts, but to each their own I suppose. I don't know how this movie would compare but the description reminds me of Little Miss Sunshine where the little girl participates in beauty pageants and does some suggestive/inappropriate dances. It's done for comedic purposes but I don't recall any outrage about that. Perhaps it's the amount or level of dancing that's the issue.
  12. I haven't seen the movie you're talking about but I've seen some crazy talk on social media calling for boycotts of Netflix because this film is considered p0rn. I don't know about that and I have no intention of watching but it seems like an overreach. I read a couple of reviews about it because I was curious and from what I can tell the movie is a social commentary about how society exploits children. I have no dog in this fight but I'm curious if the social media uproar is a severe overreaction and basically missing the point. Then again, maybe it's right. I don't know. But I'm not can
  13. Such a strange time we live in Music is such an important part of worship for me. Not being able to sing or even really hear some good musical numbers reduces the value of attending for me personally. Is your area requiring masks or were you just being responsible on your own? Masks are "encouraged" in my area but virtually no one wears one. Last time I was there I heard someone hacking somewhere in the background. I peaked when it wouldn't be too obvious. The guy wasn't wearing a mask. I really don't think I'll be going back for a while.
  14. It gets curiouser and curiouser I wonder what the logic is behind banning zoom meetings when no one is able to meet in person and then allowing them to do zoom once people can meet in person. So weird.
  15. I thought zoom/online meetings were verboten.
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