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  1. Um...yeah. I'm aware. Yes, it is common for family to speak out, yet that doesn't mean they are infallible. Is it common for a sister to confide in her sister? Sure, I suppose. Might it also be common for a faithful LDS sister to try to paint her deceased sister in the most faithful light possible? Yeah. I think that's also possible. You can be offended in any way you choose. I can't stop you. Enjoy.
  2. This is asinine. We can't know. I'm curious how you think we can have a complete understanding of Brenda's temple experience. You think that is knowable? I have not granted Black any more license than I have Brenda's sister. I have merely pointed out that she is not the ultimate authority about every feeling Brenda had about the temple. That seems like a very basic statement, recognizing the limitations of Brenda's sister. Has Black interviewed anyone else about Brenda's feelings about the temple? What has Allen said about it? I have no idea. The only thing I am calling into question in the absolute faith some on this board are placing in Brenda's sister having a perfect understanding of Brenda's temple experience and feelings. Yet, I've spent way more attention to this topic than I care to since it's really not important to me. I'll bow out and let you keep being offended about how a filmmaker's depiction doesn't match Brenda's sister's statements.
  3. Very true. Ask any of the individuals depicted in Winning Time on HBO. Jerry West was particularly miffed.
  4. I completely agree with that. You may be right but you're assuming he has no evidence.
  5. I have no problem accepting her statements as an opinion
  6. Taken a step farther, some may even feel that some of the covenants have already been broken by the church. Now, it may be argued that the covenant is between the person and God, not the person and the church. And there is truth to that, BUT what I have noticed is that those who only feel betrayed by the church, as opposed to feeling betrayed by God, are still able to find a spiritual home outside of the church. Those who feel betrayed by God are often done with God altogether.
  7. It doesn't really make a difference to me personally one way or the other, except it seems people are upset about something that isn't really worth getting upset about. I guess I don't see how the sister's comments would prove that Brenda didn't also have some unease about certain aspects of the temple. The truth is we simply can't know how Brenda's feelings on everything and assuming her sister is the absolute authority on the issue may or may not be correct. As people often claim in reference to Joseph Smith's 9+ versions of the first vision, even seemingly contradictory details may not actually be contradictory, but simply a different focus for a different audience.
  8. This surprises me. Surely you aren't suggesting it would have been better for them to portray the entire ceremony. I'd definitely be curious if Brenda had any journals describing how she felt about it. Otherwise, it's pretty hard to know. It's also worth noting that her feelings about the ceremony could have changed over time, or depending on whom she was telling.
  9. 2 other quick comments about "pro-abortion" people. IMO there is a reason that "pro-choice" is a more accurate description and it's not just a PR game. 1- if you support abortion in certain circumstances such as rape, incest, health of the mother etc, should you be considered "pro-abortion"? I believe the VAST majority of people support access to abortion in certain circumstances. The differences come in where the line is drawn about acceptability. 2- I think it's quite common for people who are pro-life in their personal lives and decision and also be pro-choice in the public sphere. Many feel that even though they would not personally choose to participate in abortion they don't feel comfortable letting politicians or peers impose that kind of decision for someone else.
  10. Violent protests do more to harm a cause than to help it, generally speaking. So IMO violence, whether from the right wing or the left is not only ugly but also counter productive. I have no problem condemning either side. I don't think it's necessary or useful to compare and contrast 1 side's violence as better or worse than the others because that is only playing for political purposes and only further divides. Condemning violence doesn't need to be political and the fact that it is, even on this board with comments like Teddy's and Jaydes', only illustrates the massive problem we have with the radicalization of society.
  11. I knew a man who was called as a Mission President (10ish years ago) who had never been a bishop or Stake President, though he had been in bishoprics and even a counselor in a stake presidency. I also had a seminary teacher once who was called as a mission president even though he had never been a Stake pres or Bishop. So it happens. I think it would be MUCH more rare for a temple president to have never served in one of those callings.
  12. I've known a lot of people who have taken a break. Whether or not they go back completely depends upon how much loss they feel from not attending; loss of fellowship/friendship, loss of spirituality, loss of direction etc. If they leave and there is no loss then they naturally question why bother going back.
  13. The sky is falling. 1- I think its creepy that you seem to care so much about what consenting adults do behind closed doors 2- "queerify"ing children movies- have you considered the possibility that having queer characters is actually more reflective of society and real life? 3- Do you want teachers talking about God and religion? Do you want school prayer led by an administrator? I will be shocked if you really do. What you really want is someone teaching God and religion the way you see it. In an overwhelmingly Christian nation it may be easier for a Christian to want Christian prayer. But do you want you Islamic teacher teaching your 1st grader how to pray? I doubt it. Do you want a Jewish, Hindu, Scientologist, Sikh teaching about God and prayer to your grade school kids. I sincerely doubt it. My guess is you do want the Jewish, Hindu, Scientologist, Muslim students learning about God and how to pray from a Christian teacher.
  14. Should a K-3 teacher be allowed to talk about their husband or wife? Does the answer to that question depend on whether the husband or wife is same gender? Relationships are a part of life, whether same gender or hetero. Perhaps you should just homeschool your kids so you can control everything they see and hear. While you're at it you could probably conceal/carry to avoid any mass shootings. After all, trusting the teachers with guns is far more reasonable than trusting them with books.
  15. I think this is an interesting question and I'd be really curious to know if any research has been done about the accurate dissemination of church history to different generations. I say this because when I ask people of an older generation they often are aware of some of the things that were never taught to me in Sunday School or seminary. There seemed to be a big push (at least as I remember it) about only reading trusted books about the church and avoiding anti-mormon literature. It was like the boogie man when I was growing up and in early adulthood. A lot of that has changed now but I wonder if anyone else sees any kind of generational correlation regarding accurate church history. I am in my mid-forties and it seems to me like the 70's-2000 were very strict and fear driven. Or maybe it was just my particular experience based on family and location. I don't know. But there do seem to be a lot of people around my age learning church info for the first time over the past decade.
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