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  1. If there is any hesitancy among LDS to attend other religious services it might have deep roots in the notion that God told Joseph Smith that all creeds were an abomination in his sight (JosephSmith-History 1:18-19).
  2. I want to know what makes you the authority on what this Brant Gardner fellow thinks. 🤡
  3. Robert, I just saw the movie and your criticism's are valid. I wanted to see more character development for the 3 witnesses. Their characters were undeveloped and shallow. In real life the witnesses were very complex and interesting individuals. I wanted to see real characters and not just shallow cardboard cutouts.
  4. Steve, you should read the article I posted in my comment above. Missionary work was shut down from 1939 until 1945 during WWII. At least in 2020 there were tens of thousands of missionaries still converting people through online means. The internet and social media were obviously not available during 1939-1945.
  5. Scott, I was able to find this article about missionary work in WWII. It looks like LDS missionaries were evacuated starting in 1939 from all foreign countries until the end of WWII in 1945: https://scholarsarchive.byu.edu/etd/4542/
  6. Steve, I could be mistaken but I was under the impression all missionary age men would have been subject to the mandatory military draft during the years of WWII? And, I don’t think many countries would have accepted our missionaries had that not been the case? Large parts of the world were at war with each other.
  7. Scott, during WWII what was our missionary program like compared to 2020?
  8. I think a good comparison would be to look at the numbers from 1919 and 1920. Those were the years the Spanish Flu was in full pandemic mode. Also, you could look and compare the numbers during the years of WWI and WWII when we didn’t have much, if any, missionary program and many nations were completely shut off from access. Similarly, the Korean War or Vietnam years.
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