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  1. Teddy, I read the study you mentioned, which showed that 3.5% of those who had surgically transitioned were treated for suicide attempts, compared to 0.3% of the general population. There are studies that have presented evidence and statistics which explain that the higher suicide rate is probably linked to: -- A lack of recognition and acceptance of transgendered individuals -- Political and religious motivated attacks on transgendered individuals -- Bullying, discrimination, increased stigma and prejudice -- Related exposure to minority stress All of which also contributes to higher rates of substance use and suicidality among transgendered people.
  2. Teddy, You might find this interesting. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=DZ4aBaofwDc
  3. Analytics, This came across my feed the other day. I was wondering what your thoughts were, about these recent findings by the James Webb Space Telescope? It looks like there have been several new peer reviewed papers on these recent findings. Dark matter - Wikipedia
  4. That's crazy. Nehor, there are actually verified users who left reviews for that $2,000 spell. You have got to be kidding me. I think I need to be selling stuff on Esty because it looks like people will buy anything.
  5. They really should let the women remain on the stand. Especially if it makes the women in those Stakes feel more empowered and included. I've said my peace.
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