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  1. I'm very confused by MS. I know of one very prominent (ex BYU and NFL football player) that has been donating for the last few years. This person and his family are very active in the Church. I've always though MS was very critical to our faith, but it seems like some members have the impression that it's worthy of donated to.
  2. I don't think you will find a single person who lives in Utah that hasn't had zucchini or other vegetables left on their porch. I think it's great.
  3. Just move to Utah. In the Spring and Summer you will have more zucchini on your porch than you can shake a stick at.
  4. I was unaware of this. So several years earlier during the First Vision, Joseph recounts that he saw "two glorious personages who exactly resembled each other in features and likeness" but then several years later it was being taught that the Father is a actually a personage of spirit? What happened during those years from the First Vision to Lecture 5 that changed the Father from being a personage to a spirit?
  5. Maybe you might feel better with the term “educator” instead?
  6. Dan McClellan doesn’t strike me as the type that would change his beliefs or behavior for anyone. I just signed up for his upcoming online class. When I signed up it looks like I am the 13,147th person. Registration was $25 to $50 and that means Dan will be making a minimum of $328,000 for his class. This is his second class taught this year. It’s not h unreasonable to assume he is making around 1 million dollars per year from just his online classes. I guess my point is that Dan probably isn’t too concerned about his job. I’m proud of Dan for building such a large audience. His audience and influence for good will continue to grow. I don’t think the LDS Church has every seen an apologist have this much success and influence before. Welcome to the digital age.
  7. David G. Stewart, Jr., of UNLV who operates the cumorah website published an article last week showing the Jehovah Witnesses and Adventist missionary programs are having more success in finding converts than the LDS. He gives some reasons and possible solutions. Has anyone read this article? Thoughts? “Trends point to continued underperformance of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints compared to its competitors. While a range of possibilities exist, the default path is for further decline of growth rates. The LDS Church is unlikely to regain its former growth trajectory. Prospects of becoming a major world faith have faded and are likely beyond reach.” http://jmssa.org/stewart/
  8. Craig, that’s a very inspiring story. I agree with Calm and hope you will seriously consider sharing this to a wider audience. I know a couple of missionaries that didn’t see a lot of success in the mission field even though they were great missionaries. I think your story can serve as a reminder and encouragement to many LDS and returned missionaries that you never know what fruit your efforts might bear, even 50 years later.
  9. Maybe this time will be different. Elder Bednar could just offer a quick apology for any oversight and pledge to do better. I hope there are no further deflections, excuses or shooting the messenger. I guess we will soon see.
  10. It would be a genuine miracle if someone could finish Skyrim in under a month. After a year of playing this I’m about ready to give up.
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