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  1. Maybe this explains why Ahab’s relatives in England never receive the Christmas presents he’s been sending for years.
  2. Scott, are you trying to tell us you’re starting a new 10 year countdown clock? Mike Reed will be happy. 😁
  3. From an academic perspective I wonder if it would be better for Kent Jackson to base his upcoming paper on the hundreds of examples in Professor Wayment’s paper, rather than just the 16 examples?
  4. I wonder how many 8 year olds are truly capable of understanding the ramifications and magnitude of their baptismal covenants?
  5. Not to derail, but Roger K. Young is still very involved with AVOW. There are 19 discussion threads on AVOW so far this month started by Roger. He is one of the most active participants and has been for the last 10-12 years.
  6. Could somebody with legal training or experience weigh in on this?I'm seeing claims that the Church has been advised by their legal team that to prevent people from showing affection in a public venue among outdoor and indoor settings could be a violation of free speech. Especially, if BYU is allowing this expression for heterosexuals but not allowing the same expression for gays. Is freedom of expression a constitutional right to that includes hand holding and kissing? To restrict gay people from expression that is allowed for heterosexuals in a public setting a potential violation of the Con
  7. With all of the conflicting opinions on here and elsewhere, yesterday I called the Honor Code Office at 801-422-2847 and asked a nice lady named Kim if it was now okay for gay people to hold hands, kiss and date on and off campus. Kim told me the Honor Code Office has been flooded with questions about this and BYU’s position is that same sex kissing, holding hands and dating are not in violation of the Honor Code. If anyone is still confused about what this means then please call the Honor Code Office yourself at 801-422-2847. This should provide some clarity to all of the confusion surroundin
  8. The case just keeps getting more and more bizarre. It looks like there are now witnesses who recently saw Lori’s daughter, which would seem to contradict any theory that the kids are dead: https://www.idahostatejournal.com/news/local/indiana-woman-believes-she-saw-missing-rexburg-teen-tylee-ryan/article_fdb86c78-8d82-5dc9-93ab-278ba05bee8e.html
  9. It looks like Daniel Peterson's next installment of Hard Evidences for Pre-Columbian Horses is now up. The comments are interesting and there are some comments challenging Daniel on some of his basic claims. It will be interesting if Daniel decides to address these challenges in Part 8. Very fascinating discussion on this thread. PART 7
  10. Scott, I'm sure if the rate ticks back up, it will be reported somewhere? Church News? Deseret News? Trib?
  11. The Trib is reporting that 2019 recorded the slowest growth rate for membership in Utah ever recorded at 0.25%. Utah’s population increased by over 53,000 in 2019 but only 4,409 in Utah joined the Church in 2019. Does anyone have additional information beyond what the Trib is reporting? https://www.sltrib.com/religion/2020/01/05/utah-sees-latter-day/
  12. The Salt Lake Tribune is now reporting more details: 1. Only the First Presidency or Prophet has access to info about the EP fund; 2. The EP fund refused Boyd K. Packer’s request for info; and 3. BYU fudged the numbers so they wouldn’t have to disclose its connection to the EP fund. https://www.sltrib.com/religion/2019/12/22/excerpts-show-how-lds/
  13. It would have been very helpful a couple of months ago when our Stake Patriarch cautioned us against giving our children soy products because it's a leading source of homosexuality 🙄 due to the high estrogen content in soy. We all just sat there in silence not knowing what to say.
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