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Most Fun Date You Have Ever Been On

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I am looking for a creative, fun and preferably active date idea. Historically I have been a pretty bland dater. Lately, I have upped my game and I am looking for a date that gets me and my date moving a bit. I live in Salt Lake and have thought about snowshoeing, but I am not sure how much snow there is or where I would go. Would love to hear some of your awesome dates!

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I'm a fan of disco or glow in the dark bowling. Snow shoeing would be fun. I like hiking in the summer.

One of the funnest dates I ever went on was spelunking in a BLM owned cave that wasn't commercialized. It had a gate over it and you needed a key to get in and then you were on your own. However, I love caves in general, and the people I was with knew the cave very well and had been spelunking for years. I went rock climbing with this same group and also loved it, though again, they knew what they were doing.

One of the funnest dates I went on when hubby and I started dating was one that just let us be goofy. It was probably around nine at night (so it was dark) and he took me to a whole bunch of different playgrounds. We would play on one for a while and then hop in the car and drive to the next one. I loved it.

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Ok, not exactly active, but some of the fun things DH and I enjoyed. They have put DH out of his comfort zone, but he enjoyed them.

We went to a restaurant and had lunch. Then sat at the table and made cards with crayons, card stock and scissors. Then we anonymously delivered them - rang the bell and ran.

We dressed up and went reverse trick or treating (give the treat to them instead) in April.

We started on an adventure we never had - take pictures of an adventure you didn't have. We were creating our own version of Back to the Future, but we were both really tired that day so we didn't get far. We do want to try this idea again though.

There is good rock climbing wall next to REI by the South Town mall.

The hike to Doughnut Falls is good, but you may want to wait till the snow clears a little.

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I don't know if you'd consider it fun, but my wife and I determined when we were dating to make most of our dates gospel oriented (dinners etc not withstanding).


We went to the Beehive House, This Is The Place Heritage Park (where we ended up having our wedding reception), Temple Square, Pioneer Museum, Church History Museum, and things like that.


We figured if we started with the right focus we might actually be able to keep the right focus.  And it allowed us to get to know each others testimony and heart.


But then we aren't the most physically active people so outdoor activities didn't really appeal to either of us.  We rather take a peaceful stroll and talk.  One non-religious place we did go was for a nice evening exploration of the Thanksgiving Point Gardens.

Very Romantic!  ;)

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Whatever you do, don't go ice blocking down a hill!  It was a blind date and I was dressed in white pants!  Several grass stains later....


You mention snowshoeing, I went on a fun cross country skiing date before, that was memorable.  Mineral Fork canyon for snow shoeing, or Soldier Hollow for cross country skiing.  I have a brother in law that thrives at doing outdoor things like this!  And he goes with a group of single adults, most are divorced. I got these two places by looking at his FB.


I think it matters to find out what your date likes to do or is physically or mentally able to do.  Do you know anything about her?    

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When I was in college (1959-60 BYU), the absolute most fun dates, or just with some girlfriends, was the Arizona dances (dances sponsored by the Arizona club)... is there anyone here that went to BYU at that time that remembers those dances.  There were so many in attendance sometimes they had to split them up in two locations... I preferred to go with the girls because then I could dance with anyone who asked, and that was for every dance.  The next morning I'd get on the scales and would have lost 2 - 3 lbs!!! 


I was trying to think of "fun" dates with my husband... we would usually go out to dinner/movies... we liked to dance... we liked to play golf (he was a 12 handicap, I wasn't very good).  We would play tennis (I was good; he was not very).

We would go to sporting events (Rams football, when the Rams were still in Los Ang).

We'd go boating/fishing... hiking/picnics... to the beach in the evenings so we could build a fire and roast hot dogs/marshmallows...  just general stuff...





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Gosh, I know it sounds fake....but every date with my wife is the best.  We have such a good time together.  We laugh...a lot.  We joke with people....we just enjoy each other.


If I had to pick one..I would say when I was down in South Texas and she was in Arkansas on business..I called and told her to come to South Padre and stay in a condo on the beach with me.  When she got there, we went to a JP and got married.  No one knew ahead of time.


It was April 1.  April Fool's Day  We thought it was appropriate.  Of course, after we got married, we called our families and no one would believe us because it was April Fool's Day.....

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