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  1. The Idaho Falls temple originally didn’t have a Moroni. I was sort of hoping they’d take it back off as part of the renovation; IMHO it’s too large.
  2. My husband served his mission in Argentina in the early ‘80s, when it was very common for women to go around topless, or even take off their shirts in the middle of a discussion. He got very good at keeping his eyes on their faces. A compassionate and practical mission president told his missionaries that one inadvertent look was just seeing, a second quick look just confirmed that they saw what they thought they saw. Anything more was “looking at a woman to lust after her” and should not happen. I believe this is how we should be teaching all the young men, and women, to deal with their hormones. As far as modesty goes, I appreciate that the clothing standards are technically the same for men as for women. What I do not appreciate is how those standards are not equally enforced. If girls have to wear clothing that would cover temple garments, then boys should too.
  3. I had several friends in college who were into the occult (all non-LDS, some Wiccans, if it matters) to greater or lesser extents. Some of them did tarot and runes and other methods of divinations. None of them would do ouija boards. They had all had experiences that led to the conviction that they were bad news.
  4. If children are going hungry “because of tithing”, then there’s a problem- not with tithing, but with fast offerings. The bishop should have the funds, whether from his own people or Salt Lake, to ensure that no one is in that desperate of circumstances.
  5. Meh, Keebler Grasshopper cookies are just as good, and a lot cheaper.
  6. The bishop’s storehouse has to get its food from somewhere. It is far more cost-effective for the the Church to produce it rather than buy it.
  7. One was from my daughter!
  8. The thing I saw was comparing this past conference to one in 1972, I think, to show that “nothing has changed.” I rolled my eyes, because in the ‘70s I’m pretty sure we didn’t see as many persons of Color and speakers from outside the USA, if any. I suspect we will see more women speakers in October, including at least one from the new Area-level calling.
  9. The newest update to the Handbook comes out against energy healing. Sad that it was necessary. It will be interesting to see what the fallout is.
  10. My district is another that is committed to in-person learning for all who want it. Middle school and high school attend in-person four days a week, with Mondays online. Most teachers just give assignments instead of a formal class that day. Elementary are off every other Monday. We have an online school that predates the pandemic. The families that don’t want in person school can enroll there, or the elementary kids can get a packet of assignments each week. The main request is that a family stick with an option for an entire trimester. So far, contact tracing and quarantine for those potentially exposed have kept things under control. The superintendent has said that we won’t close as long as we can keep the necessary staff.
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