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  1. The newest update to the Handbook comes out against energy healing. Sad that it was necessary. It will be interesting to see what the fallout is.
  2. My district is another that is committed to in-person learning for all who want it. Middle school and high school attend in-person four days a week, with Mondays online. Most teachers just give assignments instead of a formal class that day. Elementary are off every other Monday. We have an online school that predates the pandemic. The families that don’t want in person school can enroll there, or the elementary kids can get a packet of assignments each week. The main request is that a family stick with an option for an entire trimester. So far, contact tracing and quarantine for th
  3. Considering that next year’s SS curriculum has a lesson on the Proclamation on the Family, I expect it to be officially canonized. If not in October (since it’s going to be virtual again), then in April.
  4. Except in cases of self-defense, killing a child’s other parent is an act of abuse. Yes, murderers absolutely should lose custody unless and until they are judged innocent.
  5. I work in a kindergarten, and those kids do NOT social distance. However, requiring them to wear masks or face shields is completely reasonable. Little kids are pretty flexible about meeting new rules if the parents are not undermining the school. There was a Facebook post going around recently about a kindergartener with cystic fibrosis who had to wear a mask to school if he didn’t want to end up in the hospital. His classmates were totally on board with “we need to keep our friend safe” and washed their hands and stayed home if they had any sniffles. The teacher said she had never h
  6. I have read many statements from truck drivers saying that if a road is blocked by protesters, they will not stop. They remember Reginald Denny all too well.
  7. She had been studying Captain Moroni’s Guide to Diplomacy.
  8. And masks are allowed. I predict a cottage industry of fancy white temple masks.
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