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  1. I will grant that I cannot prove that people in the 2007-2008 era were claiming places like BYU could still have an Honor Code. I will also admit that my memory of more recent discussions was in error. I apologize for the accusation of gaslighting. Given the difficulty of doing searches for specific comments, not to mention the possibility of technological changes making searches beyond a certain time, I will screenshot this post of yours because I do expect that we will see that happen given the trajectory to this point.
  2. If my daughter attends a state school that discriminates against Christian student groups, she is eligible for Pell grants and other research grants. Now, if y'all get your way, if she attends a religious university that requires students to adhere to their religious code of conduct she cannot. She is denied those same opportunities. I didn't say that it felt like oppression. I said there is a harm. Further introducing the concept of privilege is misleading here. Currently (for the past many decades) the Law - not some IRS regulation - grants an exemption for religious institutions.
  3. Again, I did not make any claim about the verdict, nor did I even say I disagreed with the decision. I'm not sure why you seem to need me to fit into this box you have created.
  4. I am not claiming anything about the decision other than the undisputed fact that 4 Supreme Court justices joined a dissent. The decision was not unanimous or clear cut like you are trying to make it. So when you make a passive aggressive comment mocking someone for agreeing with 4 Supreme Court justices instead of the 5 you agree with, it comes across as petty and mean.
  5. Four Supreme Court justices did not agree with that decision. Apparently you think you know more about constitutional law than those Supreme Court justices, but it sounds more like a political opinion than a legal opinion.
  6. Then nothing I could say would make any difference to you. Have a nice evening.
  7. You are seriously asking how stripping the ability of any religious school that upholds a sexual ethic consistent with their religion to participate in federal programs could harm me or my children?
  8. Well, now I feel stupid for ever being conflicted about the Church's opposition to SSM. It just goes to show me how inspired the Brethren were in the first place. Thank you for giving me a very concrete answer for any time I am asked what harm gay marriage does to me. And thank you for a post like this so I can prove that "the vast majority of pro-LGBT posters" always understood that this is what would happen.
  9. I find the suggestion that "We told you all along that legalizing SSM would lead to stripping federal funding/discrimination lawsuits" to be the very definition of the word "gaslighting."
  10. So when we talk about the diseparate impact the BYU Honor Code (and by extension, the Law of Chastity) has on different students, why do we not also criticize the way it discriminates against marital status? At BYU a married student is allowed to have sex while an unmarried student is not. Isn't this every bit as unjust as what this law suit is about?
  11. I don't know how that is determined with Pell Grants and Stafford Loans, which are awarded through the school to the student. I am thinking more of research grants. In general, I think that the government really loses out if they no longer have BYU doing research for them. It's not as though the Federal Government is handing out this money as charity. They believe the benefit of the research being done is worth the (significantly discounted) cost of having universities do this research. And I admit that the students at BYU also lose out on getting the opportunity to do the research
  12. I absolutely acknowledge that. That is why my comment said nothing about all pro-LGBT individuals. I said it had happened multiple times. It would be equally false to imply that expressions of concern about religious freedom have never been dismissed as slippery slope hysterics on this board.
  13. But, @smac97, we've been assured multiple times that this would never happen. Any fear we expressed about this possibility was unfounded and unhinged.
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