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  1. Looks like combined. “The evening session on Saturday, October 3, at 6:00 p.m. will be for all members and friends of the Church.” https://www.churchofjesuschrist.org/church/events/october-2020-general-conference?lang=eng
  2. Yep. We haven't met since March 8th, but a few of us went in to clean the building on March 21st (since it hadn't been done before we stopped meeting). At that time, I cleaned the kitchen thoroughly myself. Two weeks ago, my husband (serving as bishop) and I went to the church so he could do a batch of tithing and checks with his clerk, and someone had left a whole bunch of dirty dishes soaking in water in one of the kitchen sinks. Literally looked like someone had a party with cake and ice cream and failed to wash any of the dishes. So someone had been in there serving food to a group during the time we were not supposed to be using the building.
  3. That article was an April Fools day joke. But I’d love to see that stuff replaced. My daughter ran into a corner in a dark church hallway and had a set of “stripes” on the left hand side of her face for quite a while.
  4. Last I saw her Facebook, it was mostly activist and political with the occasional anti-Mormon snark. She’s rabidly pro-abortion. I don’t follow her, but I’ve looked to see what she’s up to a few times.
  5. I think this varies by area. Our area authority specifically instructed us not to try to replicate church meetings online. But I know from some Facebook groups I belong to that members in other areas are very much doing so. We also happen to live in a very geographically large ward with members spread out and lots of rural area. Not everyone has reliable internet access, and a good chunk of the membership is elderly and not tech-savvy. We are pushing CFM and digital/phone ministering.
  6. I’m so very sorry.
  7. The ones I’ve been involved with were both indoors.
  8. The youth speakers did great! That must have been a daunting assignment!
  9. We watched it on the Saints Channel on Roku with zero problems. In the past we’ve had some issues with freezing and reloading, but it was clear and smooth today.
  10. Not in my area. They are obeying the shelter-in-place order and, since the mission sent home 49 missionaries the other night, they are covering 4 wards by doing electronic lessons.
  11. I’m in CA. The two Elders serving in my ward are both being sent home. They’ve both been out just over a year. I have one of their mission brothers on Facebook (was in my ward, now serving in another area) and he’s going home as well after a little over a year. I don’t know yet if it’s the whole mission or just some of them.
  12. I’m in my ward’s RS presidency and a surprising amount of questions about this came up, to the point that my bishop hubby actually addressed it in the email he sent to ward members. Direction from our Stake Pres is that only worthy priests and Melchizedek priesthood holders can administer. I don’t expect that to change barring a major policy change announcement from SLC.
  13. Ours are business as usual as far as I can tell. They wanted to come over Sunday night to give us a message, but one of my kids is sick with a terrible cough so we declined.
  14. I just read St George had a 5.9 in 1992
  15. I thought the Q15 passed the sacrament at their weekly meeting in the temple?
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