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  1. I think what they really need is your church membership number. They should be able to look you up in the system even if you don’t have a current recommend.
  2. Judas called Jesus “Master” and kissed him as he was betraying him. I can see how someone could bow/confess in mockery. Those who choose perdition reject the gift Christ offers. They are, in essence, refusing to be saved. As for what that looks like afterwards, it’s all speculation.
  3. There's one where he plays a dead person in a coffin while his friends and family members talk about him and steal mementos from his casket. He can hardly keep a straight face. It's so funny. And I agree with you about the musical Hunger Games episodes! All the "laaaahbster biiiiiisque" episodes I could do without. Every time the word "bisque" comes up, my kids start it all up again.
  4. I hear that. My oldest was First Assistant in his Priest Quorum and had a seat on the stake youth council and was basically serving as an uncalled tech assistant to the ward, all while my husband was Bishop, so he had the added “Bishop’s kid” pressure on top of it all. He was super frustrated and burned out. The other two active boys would hardly even help plan activities, let alone carry them out. They’d show up and goof off instead of participating. He would come home some Tuesday nights very, very angry after he’d put a lot of effort into an activity only to have nobody show up or have people fail to carry out their assignments (including adult leaders). Once, the new Bishopric showed up with cupcakes to celebrate the birthday of a boy in the quorum. . . and completely failed to recognize that my son also had a birthday that week. The other boy was really acting out and I know they were trying to keep him hanging on. . . I get that. But for crying out loud, show some appreciation and recognize the good kids who are showing up and serving every week, especially if you want them to keep doing that. Especially in that ward, I often felt that in the rush to go after the one, some of the 99 got crushed in the stampede.
  5. Agree. A Bishop depends heavily on the other leaders serving in his ward to step up and do their job. If that’s not happening, it’s a real struggle. And it’s not always as easy as release-and-replace. Sometimes the people in there are the best (or only) people who are even willing to fill a calling of that size. Our last ward had a huge apathy problem. Dozens of people who wanted to show up to a fully functioning ward every week without having to contribute. And large, faithful families who were shouldering the workload were moving away in droves (including ours . . . which I felt bad about, but the prompting we got to move was very, very clear).
  6. Me too. My husband was serving as a Bishop when this change was made and he never really did find his feet with it before he was released. And he was stressed about trying to be equitable with his time between the YW and the YM. I feel like there was nowhere near enough guidance on that issue, and in fact a lot of ignoring the fact that the YW are part of “the youth”.
  7. I thought Rexburg was having a student housing crisis. I can’t imagine where they’d find room for an MTC 😄
  8. I recently moved from a ward that is still broadcasting church, even though they are back to meeting in person, mostly because they had people tuning in who hadn't been seen in the building in years. HOWEVER, we also saw a large part of our more regularly attending members get bored with online church quickly during the shut-down. Several of them stopped tuning in and just "did their own thing" at home, and some of those people were not so quick to come back when we started meeting in person again. We also had members who refused to use Zoom. We were fortunate enough to have a set-up that employed the Church broadcast link, but we were using Zoom for things like RS and EQ because the broadcast could only be used in the chapel. And even when we were back, I had two different relief society teachers (I was the counselor over education) flat out refuse to teach Relief Society *in person* until we stopped broadcasting it in any way. We weren't even asking them to touch the technology.
  9. My husband did it for a friend’s daughter when he was serving as Bishop. The local preacher she called was going to charge a lot and my husband said, “I’ll do it for you for free!” (I’m sure policy would have prohibited him from charging anyway!) He did run it by the Stake Pres first.
  10. I grew up in N CA and remember watching it at the Stake Center and/or on our local PBS station. When my husband and I lived in MO in the late 90’s/early 00’s we’d go watch it at the church, though it seems like at some point we got a cable package that had BYU TV. Maybe that was after we moved back to CA in 2001 though.
  11. N. CA. We’ve been back to 2-hr in-person since . . . March? Maybe February. Technically we can have 50% of the building capacity, but our entire ward attendance does not rise to that level. We started singing last week or the week before. Meetings are still broadcast through both the church broadcast link and Zoom webinar, and it’s likely to continue for a while; apparently they’ve got members tuning in who haven’t come in person for years and years and they don’t want to cut that lifeline. Masking is nearly 100% in our ward, but our Stake Pres has been pretty insistent about it. However, I hear from family that at least one other ward in the stake is not so compliant.
  12. Huh. I’m in CA, but we go to Oregon for YW camp at a church-owned camp. My daughter attended a YCL event yesterday. It appears it’s still a go here.
  13. I haven’t been asked in a while, but I did have to explain something to my kid’s teacher the other day and just said, “We’re LDS”. I didn’t even think about how I said it until after the fact, maybe until this thread . . . It’s a years long habit that is apparently going to be hard to break😄. In any case, the teacher knew exactly what that meant and we don’t live in an area where the church is prominent.
  14. Agency means we are free to make choices, not that we are free to escape consequences. When we make covenants, we agree to certain conditions and limits on our behavior—that is we make an agreement to use our agency in a certain way. We are still able to choose behavior contrary to those agreements, but we do not have a choice about what consequences result from that choice. Don’t conflate freedom of choice with freedom from consequences.
  15. FWIW, my husband is currently serving as bishop. I would bounce that ball right back to the bishop. “Ok, so if he’s now having memory issues, what is your plan for keeping ward members safe and undisturbed?” And escalate to the Stake Pres if it’s not handled. There are absolutely protocols and avenues for handling these things. Bishops are put in hard positions, yes. Part of the calling, comes with the territory. And yes, they are human and new bishops are definitely climbing a steep learning curve, and we should grant them some grace. That being said, YOU are not the one adding to the bishop’s burden. The person doing the boundary stomping is the one adding to his burden. You have the right to feel safe attending your ward.
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