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  1. It is my personal opinion that there is indeed life and inhabitants in other galaxies. One cannot gaze up into the heavens on a clear night sky and believe that we are the only inhabitants in the vastness of space and other "stars." I don't mean little green men, etc., but intelligent beings much like us... some ahead of us intellectually... some the same... and some behind us... the scriptures tell us that God created worlds without number... why create them if they are to be empty and useless... just look at how we have progressed since I was a child in the early 40's... At age 80, I love
  2. Mitchum was always controversial, but I really liked him as an actor... GG
  3. The last couple of days I watched 2 movies from 1940's that I am adding to my film library... love them both and remember going with my mom and sis to see #1... #1... Rachel and the Stranger... starring Loretta Young as Rachel, with William Holden and Robt Mitchum as co-stars... Rachel is a bondswoman, who is "bought" by widower Wm Holden, who marries her for "appearances" to be a mother to his son... a warm, funny, tender story... #2... The Farmer's Daughter... also starring Loretta Young, as Katie, a young Swedish woman in her early 20's with ambitions to be a nurse. Circumstance
  4. I watched "The Attic"... the story of the hiding of the Anne Frank family and the others with them... every time I see this story it breaks my heart... the whole inhumanity of the Holocaust is incomprehensible to me... this film focused on Miep, the office worker who took care of them until the Nazis discovered them. Mary Steenburgen starred as Miep... GG
  5. I just watched a movie I added to my film library... "Summer of '42"... a "coming of age" type of movie about 15 year old Hermie (Gary Grimes) and two friends living on what I assume was Nantucket Island... co-starring the lovely Jennifer O'Neal, with an award-winning musical score. Set during WWII with its effect on "Dorothy" (O'Neal) whose husband is killed, and life changing for Hermie. These movies always bring back strong memories for me because although just a child I was 3 - 7 years and events were very real and memorable to me... like I remember the innocence of the "times" and not
  6. Thanks!! I found it on my line-up, and it lists it beginning at 6:00 p.m. Yay!! It's on!! GG
  7. "Spotting a Mormon" ... I don't know what it is, but it is true... I think it has to do with our positive outlook and our standards, who we are and our potential... One day I was out and about and went into the local BurgerKing to grab a bite of lunch... as I sat eating, this family (mom/dad/4 children) came and sat at the table next to me... they were neatly dressed in beach clothes... the older kids helped the younger ones get settled while dad went to place the order, and they continued to help distribute the food with a general cooperation among family members. I watched with interest
  8. I had computer problems for a while... now I'm here and watching BYU sports... it's Thursday, Jan 1/21 and I'm going to check to see if there's sports on tonight, or at least tomorrow night... all is well in my household... my little Susie-cat has adjusted beautifully (got her from the shelter and absolutely adore her)... I am so blessed in my life... From the beach on a semi-rainy afternoon... GG
  9. My favorite Hallmark movie actors are: Andrew Walker and Lacy Chabert... The Hallmark movies are predictable, but they are a nice, innocent diversion that don't require a lot of thought... I watched another Hallmark movie... "Loving Leah" ... one of my favorites about a Jewish young woman, married to a Rabbi, who is suddenly widowed and she and his unmarried brother come together at the funeral... and circumstances cause them to enter into a rarely practiced Leverite marriage... where the widow marries the unmarried brother so the husband's name will carry on. They try to keep i
  10. I went to FL a couple times about 10 years ago... what I remember was the humidity. I've lived in cooler climes since 38 years old when we moved to San Fran from So Cal... In 1990 we retired here to the central Oregon coast... so the humidity in FL really hit me when visiting... We spent our time at the Villages, which is a lovely development with lots of activities. I noticed we would go from a cool/cold air conditioned store, etc into the heat, particularly in the car where it took a while to cool down... It's possible I suppose to become acclimated to the heat if living there... much l
  11. Tomorrow #13 BYU plays #18 Coastal Carolina, also undefeated with same number of games... Will this be our first loss? GG
  12. Lincoln City ward is not having our usual Christmas dinner, which is a shame since it was always a wonderful activity... ditto with our foregoing Thanksgiving... GG
  13. I would think they would want to/ have to... not everyone wants to stop and have to read a tablet or phone... I would hope most would want to take something home to study in their own time and space... GG
  14. Good Thanksgiving Morning... I tried to find a thread already opened but didn't see one so will wish everyone to have a wonderful holiday... This is always a difficult day for me because it was our day to gather with family at my girlhood home in So Calif all through the years. The house was warm, filled with love and the most delicious aromas of mom's dinner, pies, and all the trimmings... I would lie in bed in my old room listening to her bustling in the kitchen, pull myself up and sleepily stumble out to the kitchen to see how I could help. As I got older, left home and married, my h
  15. I think both... trying to make the most realistic sounds... GG
  16. Cougs won... 108 to 59... We play New Orleans tomorrow night... supposed to be a more real challenge,,, then a game on Sat. too... GG
  17. Waiting for the game to start... at 5:00 PM {Pacific time... GG
  18. Tonight is basketball... starting at 5:00 p.m. (gametime 6:00?)... on BYU-tv... Tomorrow also... not sure time... GG
  19. Tonight and tomorrow is basketball... tonight beginning at 5:00 p.m. (I think the actual game starts at 6:00 p.m.) on BYU-tv... GG
  20. I have somewhat of an applicable situation... Not far from my house is a center with a small group of shops bordering the highway. There is an intersection with driveway and traffic signal onto the highway... many times people on the highway are driving too fast, not paying attention, and come upon the signal and so they run through the light. One day I finished my shopping at the little center and headed home... I was leaving the center via the driveway... as I was about to proceed through the intersection on my green light, something told me to Stop!!... which I did... just as a car ran th
  21. November 21... BYU vs No. Alabama... Cougs win - 66 to 14...
  22. I'm sure you know that the important "rules" that the Church operates under should essentially be the same... there may be a few minor local/ward procedures (like if the Elders' Quorum helps people move, etc,) that are unique to the ward... GG
  23. The TV with cats was funny... I notice on top of the TV is a little "zen garden" in the black box... I gave one to a friend one time. It is the black square box, filled with fine white sand... the little wooden rake is used to rake the sand after making a random pattern in the sand... making the pattern is supposed to be relaxing... then raking it away... GG
  24. Approaching the Portland Temple, the road leads through a lovely residential area of upscale homes... the residents enjoy the beauty of the temple grounds, and when I'd leave after my shift was completed, I'd see numerous women pushing baby strollers, or joggers, on a wide sidewalk leading through one end of the beautiful grounds on the way to a running/walking path... there is a security station at the entrance with a guard on duty... when the temple was under construction, there were serious objections from residents... protesters stood on the corner of the road leading into the area shou
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