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The Ark of the Covenant Discovered in Panama


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The recent archaeological discovery in the mountain Volcan Panama of the ancient cave and tomb of Cacique El Quibían Malchia and the Ark of the Covenant discovered with ancient ceramic and gold artifacts as well as a pure gold gilding covered tomb and chest.

What makes this discovery so unique in Panama is because most of the gold artifacts including the pure gold gilding covered chest are from Phoenicia.

According to the Phoenician history the Ark of the Covenant was secretly taken out of Jerusalem around 600 BC and transported to Tyre Phoenicia.

Malchia and his family brought many Jews with him to escape the Babylonian invasion and they all boarded three Phoenician ships in Tyre Phoenicia.

The Ark of the Covenant was also on board in one of those three Phoenician ships and was transported through the Mediterranean Sea.

Those three Phoenician ships past several ancient civilizations that was located around the Mediterranean shores that were greatly influenced by their proximity to the sea.

 Sailing through the Mediterranean Sea it provided routes for trade for the Phoenicians,

 but also a perfect escape route for the Jews to carry the Ark of the Covenant to a safe place hidden from Babylonians soldiers.

Once the three Phoenician ships made it to the end of the Mediterranean Sea at the point Iberian Peninsula they headed out into the Atlantic Ocean.

In the items found from the tomb of Cacique El Quibían Malchia were ancient hieroglyphics written on the sarcophagus and ancient writings on the parchment of goat skins in rolls stored in ceramic pots next to the sarcophagus.

The translation of the words Cacique El Quibían Malchia,

  the words El Quibían, or Quibían, means king or great chief of the Ngöbe peoples and Cacique means noble ruler

Malchia is his name of the mummified king found in the tomb.

According to the archeologist & linguist Dr. Samuel Aron Weinstein,

(who specializes in ancient Egyptian dialects) he mentions in his translation of the parchment of goat skins found in the Cacique tomb,

 that the skins were brought by Phoenicians, who wrote a detailed account on the goat skins about their voyages from Phoenicia to their arrival in the land... “now called Panama.”

The Phoenician ships departed Phoenicia with various passengers on board and some of those passengers were escaping Babylonian soldiers.

A passenger on board of one of the Phoenician ships was called Malchia and he left the nation Phoenicia with a chest of gold and various gold relics from the region of Phoenicia around 600 years before Christ.

Malchia seems to have been in exile escaping from the Babylonians with his treasures.

Once Malchia arrived in Panama he formed a group that was also passengers on the Phoenician ships and he set himself up as a king over them.

The mummified body in the tomb is Malchia and his corpse was placed in the tomb with the golden chest and other Phoenician artifacts.

According to the ancient writings on the goat skins,

 Malchia set sail with the Phoenicians and there were three Phoenician ships full of immigrants.

The three ships left Tyre, the largest and most important city-state of Phoenicia, located both on the Mediterranean coast as well as a nearby island.

Their voyage went through the Mediterranean passing Carthage and then from Cádiz Spain and then the three Phoenician ships set sail across the North Atlantic Ocean until they anchored in laguna de Chiriqui Panama.

After the three Phoenician ships landed in Panama all the passengers carried Malchia´s treasures to Volcan Baru and there they made a village they called Saraivla.

After the death of this great King Malchia his body was placed in this tomb found in the mountains of Volcun and with his mummified corpse were placed rolls of parchment of goat skins and many other ancient relics.

This is the video of the opening of the Ark of the Covenant





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unfortunatley the ark of the covenant in Ethopia was never revealed to the public and since then it has been proven that the Ark was not there at all.

However, there is now pyhsical evidence that the Ark of the Covenant was indeed discovered in Panama which has a scroll mentioning Nephi and Jacob as well as Mulek.

It is an amazing discovery that proves the Book of Mormon is true after all.

The archeologists that discovered the gold plates in the tomb have also found scrolls with the names of those in the Book of Mormon.

The webiste of the discovery is found at http://www.fortdavidmuseum.com/

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Lamanites wearing after market Crocs means they are humbled and can´t afford Nike

I remember in Alma the Zoromites would judge the poor and would not let them into the temples because they had no shoes. I believe James said the same thing in James chapter 2:3 And ye have respect to him that weareth the gay clothing, and say unto him, Sit thou here in a good place; and say to the poor, Stand thou there, or sit here under my footstool:

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Joke or serious, that last remark makes me think joke.

It has been reported before on occasion on the board, but I have never been able to find any collaborating announcement.  Something from an official government department or credible university would be best.

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15 hours ago, Calm said:

Joke or serious, that last remark makes me think joke.

It has been reported before on occasion on the board, but I have never been able to find any collaborating announcement.  Something from an official government department or credible university would be best.

 I am serious it is no joke as I said about Harrison Ford being used as a pawn, Hollywood has done a great diservice attacking not only Mormonism but Christianity in general. The movie, (September Dawn) for example: was used to demonize Mitt Romney. Steven Spielberg in his movie has a Jewish agenda to promote the Ark of the Covenant and not Christianity but rather Christians in American and German society were seen as theives "Raiders" of Jewish religious relics. The report mentioned in the past regarding the Ark of the Covenant discovered in Panama reference to the link http://thearkofthecovenantdiscovered.com/ 

it must be understood that there is a team of archeologists working on the archeological site in Panama, and they are working with the Univeristy in Panama as well.

The management of the Fort David Museum foundation presented a special exhibition of the artifacts found in Tomb 13 called the Cacique El Quibían Malchia.

In the Cacique tomb the archeologists found the sarcophagus of the Cacique El Quibían Malchia. The sarcophagus is a large rectangle wooden box that was covered in gilded gold. The layer of gold varied in thickness from heavy sheet for the face and wings of the two cherubs to a thin layer of sheet of very finest gold leaf over the sarcophagus.

After the discovery of the Ancient tomb, the name given by the archeological department in the Fort David Museum to label the identity of the tomb was “Tomb 13”.

When the ancient Panamanian “Tomb 13” was discovered inside the tomb was the sarcophagus of a pre-Colombian King with the name of Malchia. On one side of the sarcophagus was the Ark of the Covenant and scrolls. Some of the scrolls had been written in ancient Egyptian, Phoenician and Hebrew languages. The official file registered to this item is “ALPAC 2b” and this ancient archaeological specimen dating back around 590 years before Christ was one of thirty rolls discovered in the excavation site “tomb 13.” According to the archeological translation of the ancient text written on the alpaca-skin roll “ALPAC 2b” our archeologist team was able to identify the history and name of the king found mummified and dressed in ancient Hebrew royal robes wearing a crown and jewelry on the body.

The professional linguist Dr. Samuel Aron Weinstein specializing in ancient Egyptian dialects has also been a great help translating the ancient scrolls. Various records of a continual timeline of different authors (scribes) preserved on the  “ALPAC 2b” alpaca-skin roll (which is one of thirty rolls discovered in the excavation site “tomb 13).”Starting with the 590BC  (Before Christ) the King´s son identified as “Malchiah” العاهل שָׁלִיט יָחִיד

The name of the mummified king has been identified as “Malchiah” العاهل שָׁלִיט יָחִיד and from what we have interpreted so far in this archaeological specimen “ALPAC 2b” the Ark of the Covenant was smuggled to Mesoamerica by Malchiah, his wives and his priests with their families using the Phoenicians to migrate.

The findings of the items found in Tomb 13 excavation we have divided them up into two groups the first group of ancient artifacts that were shipped in from Phoenician ships and the second group of items are those ancient artifacts made in Panama.

The first group of ancient artifacts consists of rolls of the ancient Phoenician texts written on a mixture of skins. The older rolls are also Hebrew text handwritten on gevil  with the vellum parchments made from calf skin, and also parchments made from sheep that are not from the Americas but were from the Middle East brought in with the Ark of the Covenant.

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Hmmm...the only place Weinstein's name comes up is on this message board.

Again do you have a link to any official government or university website that posts this information.

Anyone can create a website and make claims.  There is as much evidence here for your stuff as there is for the Hollywood version.

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2 minutes ago, Calm said:

Hmmm...the only place Weinstein's name comes up is on this message board.

Again do you have a link to any official government or university website that posts this information.

Anyone can create a website and make claims.  There is as much evidence here for your stuff as there is for the Hollywood version.

Hello Calm,

yes there are various archeologists from Israel that have been participating with this find and there will be news releases soon including BBC and National Geographic and other famous well recognized investigation institutions.

I can asure you in the near future this world will have a full knowledge of this discovery and the reviews from credible sources just as they did when the Dead sea scrolls was discovered but as for now

Here are just a few of those involved below:

Fort David Archaeological and Anthropological Science Museum



Fundacion Castilla del Oro

Cristobal Colon XX

Pascual Monañes

Archaeological Team of the Fort David Museum

Linguist specialist in ancient languages Dr. Samuel Aron Weinstein

Forensic Archeologist Dr. David Moses Ben-Zvi


List of the team Archeologists

Dr. Levi Avi-Yonah

Ephraim Tsafrir

Amos Epstein

Jacob Bar-Yosef

Benjamin Kochavi

Nathan Finkelstein

Avraham Horowitz

Shabtai Sheftel Abulafia

David Cohen

Aaron Yahalom


This is some of the team and institutions working on this archeological find you will have more information in the future given to you as more interested parties are involved.


but for now I ask this question.

I presume you are a member of the LDS?  or that you are a Book of Mormon believer?

It is important then if you are as a LDS member to do what Joseph Smith did and that was read James chapter 1:5 If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him. I suggest you pray about it. Do you remember the Anthon Transcript which was a sheet of paper, thought to be lost, upon which Joseph Smith copied sample "reformed Egyptian" characters from the plates of the Book of Mormon. In the winter of 1828, Martin Harris showed these characters to Dr. Charles Anthon of Columbia College (now Columbia University), and hence the name. Harris himself, and later generations of Latter-day Saints have viewed his visit as a fulfillment of Isaiah 29:11-12,which speaks of "a book that is sealed" being delivered to "one that is learned" who could not read it (PJS 1:9; cf. 2 Ne. 27:6-24; see also Book of Mormon, Biblical Prophecies About). His efforts apparently encouraged Joseph Smith in the initial stages of the translation.

I believe you are sincere and you want to know the truth and you believe if a famous scholar gave you a scholarly opinion about their authenticity of the Ark of the Covenant like Martin Harris wanted from Dr. Charles Anthon of Columbia College then you will be satisfied. The issue is do you know the Book of Mormon is true?  If you do how did you find out the Book of Mormon is true? was your faith made real when a archeologist proved the Book of Mormon plates were real?  Or did you receive an answer by prayer?  If by prayer then you have great faith on relying on God to answer your questions if by physiclal evidence then you must trust in the arm of flesh.

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It is your claims of scholars and archaeologists that I am challenging, not your spiritual claims.

When your doctor gives you a blood test, do you pray to get the results or get them from the lab?

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Several persons and groups of people have claimed to have found the Ark of the Covenant (Ron Wyatt,  Ethiopian Orthodox Church, South Africans). Even if someone finds such a thing how do you know it is the same one spoken of in the Bible?

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Given the other exhibition displayed on the official site, it looks like that area is part of the commercial side of Graceland Castle.  Dumping the Ark of the Covenant in the middle of the room with no special setup is ridiculous.  Even a potsherd would have received more attention.

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22 minutes ago, Calm said:

From the official website, notice the empty space in the photos along the bottom which is the room where the alleged ark looks like it has been photoshopped into:



there is no photoshop the Museum has items on display depending on the season and what exhibition is showing. The empty space you are refering to is a month when the floor of the museum was cleared for another event or exhibition. The Ark of the Covenant was only presented a couple of weeks ago to the public so that is why the new addition of furntiure or display cabnets exist in the Museum. If you see the video you can see the camera man reflection with crocs as that was good way to prove it could not be photoshop as Doctor Steuss had mentioned in an earlier post. As of the Foundation funding the Museum it is a government accredited foundation if you read in this link at http://www.fortdavidmuseum.com/christopher-columbus-exhibition/

the name of the foundation is Fundacion Castilla del Oro and you can find various credable News articles of the Muesum´s foundation in Spanish Noticies like this link at  http://laestrella.com.pa/sociales/gira-fundacion-castilla/23572997

Regarding the names of the archeoligists there are many listed in Hebrew and not in English. Please remember that this is a Spanish Judian discovery and those interested Speak Italian and Hebrew as well as Spanish they are listed under such different languages that it is very difficult to idenify names when translated in English. A good example the Pope John Paul II is not called that name in Latin America he is called Papa Juan Pablo II and in Italian he is called Papa Giovanni Paolo II (in latino: Ioannes Paulus PP. II, in Polish: Jan Paweł II, and this goes the same as those on our Museum list working and dedicating their lives to the archeology of pre-colombian artifacts.

so when attacking an institution or organisation calling people fraud, scam, hoax, these words are only suitable if you have proven without a shadow of doubt, because your limited investigation in English had not proven anything other than it has not come up with what you were searching for. Please remember the same poison is being used to attack the crediability of Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon by the anti-Mormon mob. Narrow mindedness causes discrimination and we need to always give people the benefit of the doubt until such time as we have undenial proof to judge and make a sentance on an organisation.

You will be amazed how much information is not registered in english on the internet about many issues Americans are oblivious to.

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