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Churc History Department and Women


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In the past bit the Church History Department has hired now a total of four women to focus on the history of women in the Church.


"The compensatory approach is the idea that women have been left out of history in the past, and that we need to recover and make women visible, we need to compensate for the lack of women in the record by focusing specifically on women and women's history. The impetus behind having women's history specialists, like we do here in the department, is that we've got to have some balance, and that women's history has got to be an area of focus so we don't lose sight of that." - Lisa Tait


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1 hour ago, bluebell said:

It makes sense.  If an area of study has been largely ignored in the past, then it will have to be focused on double-time in the present and future to get it caught up.

Fortunately, I think we have the technology, scholarship and resources to catch up quickly.

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We hijacked your thread in the Mormon feminist thread. :ph34r:

As I said, the church is really trying to catch up. They don't get enough credit.  Creating balance is all about getting the information out and there is no better place to start than the history dept.

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