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  1. That family tree would be pretty diverse by time it got to Tom. It seems more likely it would have been one line and it would only take a grandparent and father for it to be seen as passed down. Plus it is highly unlikely they kept records. My line had a daughter that was put in a girl's home. It was eventually figured out that she had been substituted for dead mom by dad so she was the one that had to be disposed of. This was never in writing but close enough that my grandparents knew. It takes another generation or so of the stories about what a deliquent she was for people to figure out wha
  2. I think it fair to say that some situations unintentionally provide predators hunting grounds, that is going to happen wherever children gather. That is a valid observation. But I have seen too many outright statements that the church causes sexual abuse and maintains it as if they stand apart from the rest of society. I think we have all been on a learning curve about how prevalent this is, I think it is natural to want to find some excuse for it. People can lament the break down of society and such, but we are becoming so much more aware and protective of the vulnerable through hard learned
  3. I am interested in why you see this "I am not interested in details, what I am interested in is the difference in reactions to the same behavior when it occurs with practicing Mormons as opposed to critics of Mormonism." as maligning those who have left the church. Are they immune from inspection? Why? Do you say this about them criticizing the LDS church for their failures? Seriously, isn't it time for the concern to be centered on the victims and how we can protect them than demanding one group be exempted from any examination?
  4. I have yet to see valid research that has not shown that religious beliefs contribute toward well being. What always gets left out in attacks on religion (as in it creates more suicide, etc.) is religiosity....one had to be practicing religion not just identify as a member for there to be benefit.
  5. What a group of impressive children! I thought the way this difficult situation was handled was extraordinary. I am also a widow and cannot imagine having to deal with what you are on top of that. Bless you.
  6. That is the standard in the post/exmo community? What number of victims is required before it counts? How many protests is a victim allowed before she is labeled nutty? It's almost like there never was a MeToo movement that addressed all this....
  7. What is next? That her skirt was too short? She was drinking? What a perfect example of the problem I am trying to address.
  8. So sorry to hear about your situation. I can't even imagine being punched like that. It seems that sometimes those who are the worst are the most initially charming. I had to sue a ward member who took advantage of me financially after my husband died. When I moved, I bought a house in a cul de sac, the end of which had been moved into another ward. Come to find out that the previous homeowner couldn't let go of a dog biting her kid (who likely provoked it) and ended up suing the ward member. She lost, there was no real injury and like your story, I began to hear unpleasant stuff about he
  9. Speaking of groups, I recommend you spend quality time in Exponent II and get educated in women's issues before you dig any more holes.
  10. This is the second time that someone has assumed what groups I belong to merely because I don't agree with them. Odd. But....you are on this forum using closed groups, which are confidential, to support your anti-woman tirades. More bad form, James. Keep to what is public.
  11. Getting too emotional and hysterical, is she? I'll bet Park is hearing some of that from men, too. From what I can deduce, the objection to her blog is that she called out a particular man because none of her advice on how to deal with predators even relates to these labels. Now call me an old fashioned MeToo backer, but that is the very reason that women have been afraid to come forward and why the Harvey Weinstein moment happened. Why is only the man being believed in this instance and the woman accuser attacked?
  12. None of which has a thing to do with your anti-woman outburst here. Everybody agrees with me...somewhere else... is not a compelling defense BTW. And I'm trying to imagine Mormon Studies scholars I know even getting involved with this. So I remain interested in your definition of said group.
  13. You aren't even making sense. It was one woman's opinion, who does have the credentials to say it. I don't know what is going on with you but it has nothing to do with what we have actually seen. Get a grip maybe? I'd be interested in who you include in "The Mormon Studies" group.....
  14. I like this summary. It is possible for women to have different methods, personalities, strengths and weaknesses without demonizing either because of it.
  15. I'm trying to make sense of this. A statement that one woman is lacking the training to be involving herself in a situation is a diatribe? Where is the diatribe in the two accounts of these women? Two women disagree and it is toxic? Sorry, but all I am seeing here is a difference of opinion between two people. Men do this all the time but when it happens to be two women it becomes a matter of toxicity, diatribe and whiplashing? What is next, cat fight? Why can't these two disagree without you going into an anti-woman rage?
  16. This is what people/orgs do when they are trying to solve the problem. Mormon History Association t5Stpoonrsoredh · Last week, we announced and expressed our sadness that a longtime MHA participant and former board member had died. Several hours after posting, we began learning that this individual had taken his own life in the midst of allegations of sexual abuse that were recently coming out against him from some of his family members.
  17. I've reported the male tears. Go pass out hankies in your own threads. This is mine. Seriously guys, get a grip. This is why women have to resort to women only folders so they can discuss things that pertain to women.
  18. I do find it interesting that in Mormon spaces, rather than blaming other groups for worse behavior, it inevitably turns into a defense of men. On this forum, at least, there is an almost primal reaction to the idea that females are victimized by males at much greater rates. It's so so weird. I could post that women make up over 70% of the victims of domestic murder and men would jump in to insist that a small percentage of women have killed men partners. Nor do they account for the self defense factor, which is real, in female domestic violence. Hopefully, this is specific to this forum.
  19. If you are talking about rape, you are undercounting, 82% of all juvenile victims are female. 90% of adult rape victims are female.6 https://www.rainn.org/statistics/victims-sexual-violence
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