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John Hunstman Drops Out. Endorses Romney.


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Washington • Former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman will pull out of the presidential race on Monday and endorse rival Mitt Romney with a nod that he is the most electable Republican in the race, a campaign source confirms.

Huntsman, who has struggled in his White House campaign and faced long odds in the upcoming South Carolina primary, will make a surprise announcement in Mrytle Beach, S.C., Monday morning that he is dropping out of the race, the source said.

A Huntsman adviser says the former governor will say that he made a great showing in the New Hampshire race but that Romney is the Republican who can move the party forward.

"He is proud of the race of the race he ran, but he is not going to stand in the way of the man who can beat Barack Obama," the source said on condition of anonymity because the announcement was not official.

Jon that is, not John. Would be great to be able to edit our typos in thread titles.

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In the last election.

Don't think it is about the best Candidate, but about who is the best to beat the Democrat!

Hmmm. Depends upon one's definition of "best" candidate. To some, the "best" candidate is the one who can beat the main opposition, which in this case is the Democrat. This may be Mitt in this case. To others, the "best" candidate is the one who will get trounced by the Democrat. In this particular case it would probably be Ron Paul.

As to which of all the choices on all sides would be make the best President.... well, that's also a matter of partisanship.

Some people define "best" as "the one with whom I agree the most". Last time out, for me, it was Fred Thompson. And he has a really great speaking voice, too. This time? I've been all over the map this time. At various stages I was in favor of Huntsman, Pawlenty, Christie, and I really hoped Bobby Jintal would get into the race, but in the end I guess I have settled for Mitt.

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The lunatic conspiracy theories on that blog are... highly entertaining!



Tell me about it; some of the wacky tin foil hat wearers out there even claim that Mitt is not eligible to become President because his parents weren't even born on American soil! :crazy:

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I just dont understand why. His campaign was sending out emails yesterday morning touting a huge endorsement and that evening he's dropping out. Why?

Maybe he's getting called as a GA in April conference or perhaps as a Mission President! I HIGHLY doubt it but it would be interesting!

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I just dont understand why. His campaign was sending out emails yesterday morning touting a huge endorsement and that evening he's dropping out. Why?

A distant third in NH (where he spent a lot of money and time) and no good news in the SC polls with nothing in FL, either, it's no wonder. He should have done it a long time ago. It was just not in the cards this go 'round.


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...And in another political development, if anyone is interested- Newt's second wife got interviewed by ABC recently, and apparently there's a bunch of hype about it because Marianne really dragged Newt through the mud in the interview.


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No big surprise there. While I expect Romney to eventually get the nomination, there is still a considerable effort within the Republican party for a not Mitt candidate. That will probably last through Florida, or mid April at the latest. Gingrich is gaining in popularity while Romney is loosing his popularity in SC. In the unlikely event of a brokered convention I expect to see a 3 way contest between Romney, Gingrich, and Paul as a distant third.

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I don't care much for "tell all" books or interveiws. For me Newts' actions while in government are more telling of what type of man he is. That he was fined $300,000 for ethics violations, and forced from the Speakership is far more important.

Yes, but for him to have baggage all over; Republicans will be blowing their right foots off if they pick him as the nominee; Obama would mop the floor with Newt.

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