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  1. Actually, most of us who aren't worried about COVID understand that even the CDC reports on their COVID-19 Mortality Overview page (in the fine print) that only 5% or fewer of the reported COVID deaths are "of" COVID as opposed to "with" COVID. That makes the already miniscule death rate even smaller and nothing to worry about assuming they can even pin a rate down. We are dumbfounded that the corporate and social media would collude so much to suppress information, even scientific information from reliable sources, about the ineffectiveness of masking, social distancing, the vaccines and the effectiveness of other treatments. Such censorship only lends credence to the notion of tyranny and oppression. The doctrine and scripture of the Church itself is against such things. C.f. Alma 30:7 for example. We understand that President Nelson was a surgeon and a medical researcher of no small consequence in the past. But the Church recently put a premium on using the right sources and I think Nelson hasn't had the time to see that many once reliable sources of news, information, and even science from years past are now corrupted. I'm quite sure the First Presidency prayed about it and I believe they believe they received an answer. However, and I know it's hard for some people to understand, a prophet can be fallible and still be a prophet, even a good one. I have no such qualms and such does not present a stumbling block to my faith. Even so, considering that the statement also says... “We can win this war if everyone will follow the wise and thoughtful recommendations of medical experts and government leaders,” ...I don't think I'm in conflict with the First Presidency at all because I am indeed following "the wise and thoughtful recommendations of medical experts and government leaders". They're just not necessarily someone else's preferred experts and leaders. In a similar vein, I think the Church has gotten so good at walking a fine line between sides on highly politicized issues that statements like this amount to equivocation. Besides "which experts and leaders?" we might also ask "which policies?" or "which immigrants" etc. etc. I think the Church needs to stand for something and risk offending some of it's members. By not doing so, it loses much power and influence. I know, I know. Criticizing Church leaders, steadying the ark, and all that. But it's what I believe and I have no problem expressing these things to my local and regional Church leaders. There are quite a few who agree.
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