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  1. Why on earth would it be seen as that? How would we even know where someone is married if we didn’t ask? not to mention we never treat converts as though their marriage was second class though they are sealed later. Why would this start now?
  2. It’s a wise move. We have Seers in the Church
  3. https://www.thechurchnews.com/living-faith/2021-05-22/tad-callister-fence-cliff-ambulance-strong-families-213923 Elder Callister is getting some flack for his article from last week. Church news made some statements backtracking but i don’t see anything wrong with it. People are angry because he is arguing for the Family. Most of the outraged seems finding offense at things he didn’t say
  4. When will the baptism numbers for last year be released? I’m curious how the Covid restrictions affected our missionary efforts
  5. The more I think about it the more I’m convinced that niceness is satans counterfeit for kindness.
  6. Christ was quite clearly that that way is strait and narrow. Why don’t you tell me what other righteous path is there? Why do you think we spend so much time doing missionary work and redeeming the dead if there is another righteous way? someone asked Joseph if only the “Mormons would be saved” and he said yes and many of them will be condemned too unless they repent and follow Christ
  7. Why is loving the Kingdom of God toxic? Isn’t that what we are supposed to do?
  8. “We also declare that the gospel of Jesus Christ, restored to his Church in our day, provides the only way to a mortal life of happiness and a fullness of joy forever.” I think that sums up my point nicely. Thank you
  9. I found Dehlin completely condescending. and found it ironic that after that video he called the police & FBI on a black man for retweeting a lame meme
  10. Which is precisely why they need to see it. people shouldn’t be afraid to hear hard things
  11. I agree it is an interesting discussion but I’m a little confused what it has to do with the thread. I’m sorry
  12. You don’t want people coming back to the Church because it embraces loyalty to the Kingdom of God? why not?
  13. Christ said there was one “I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” John 14:6 So again, what other righteous path is there?
  14. Do you know a righteous path other than the covenant path with Jesus Christ? Because I don’t
  15. Nothing in this post is meant to encourage violence. If you call the police on me, you will be laughed at
  16. Felt like I should add a couple of deznat user podcast. You’ll zero white nationalist nonsense. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-narrow-gate/id1509551645?i=1000472330431 https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/spiritual-arson/id1527950386?i=1000488920350 both are really good. Spiritual Arson is really really good imho
  17. I’m 100% certain Robert and kwaku don’t get along. Robert is pretty much a troll
  18. I’m thinking we need to stop filtering ourselves and just say what we are trying to say. how many times are we filtering out the Spirit?
  19. And yet I’ve seen dozens of inactive members come back to Church because of the deznat hashtag content. I’ve seen many decide to go and leave on missions because of it. I know people who are being baptized and supported by a community of Saints in a time when we can’t meet in our wards. I saw the deznat community raise $40,000+ for a young sister who lost her husband in a tragic accident a couples months ago. I know of at least 2 absolutely stellar podcasts come out of it. I think it’s a lot more effective than you realize. The deznat style is extremely effective. It’s why kwaku, despite some issues with the tag, has been effective in his videos. I don’t know if you guys have talked about the Reddit response to the CES letter videos kwaku made but the exmormons there were completely melting down. Some were expressing doubt whether the decision they made to leave the Church was correct. People can complain about style from here to Jerusalem. But the fact is too many of us are refusing to actually fight back and defend our beliefs. I don’t mean violently fight. But fight nonetheless. We are too worried about being seen as nice or the right style that we aren’t trusting the Lord and putting ourselves out there. The Lord said He would thresh the nations with the “weak and foolish” of the world. Not the “nice & scholarly” maybe we don’t need to be nice. Maybe we can fight for our beliefs. Maybe we don’t have to say the perfect things or make the perfect argument. Maybe all it takes is for us to open our mouth and trust the Lord
  20. From my observations this is one of the main reasons they don’t like him. He won’t tow the line. Dehlin even did a rant the other day how unbelievable a young intelligent black man should be defending the Church. Kwaku has a lot of white progressives mad at him for defending the Church instead of their viewpoints. And he calls them out in it.
  21. I know he has gotten grief from the more progressive members in Provo since they expect him as a black man to attack the Church and he defends it. my brief interactions with him make me think he is a young man who believes but also really likes attention. Not bad per se but that can get you in trouble
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