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  1. I don’t think their paraphrase matches the quote much. Info on the woman: one accomplice that appears to be with him. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/01/caught-video-antifa-protester-john-sullivan-brags-posing-trump-supporter-breaking-window-us-capitol-building-riots/ Where is the video of the rally he had? This guy can’t resist publicizing himself. Where is the video of him at 11 with all of his buddies showing they had planned to be there with him instead of a few just showing up because they knew of the Trump rally? We get a video of just him talking and so
  2. And did anyone actually show up for it who was left wing? Is there any evidence that Insurgence is more than just him? There is nothing that indicates he was with anybody iirc from the affidavit which described in detail what you could hear on the video (though it may have left stuff out).
  3. Blast it. I was hoping to get back to the therapy pool in February if I can manage to keep the vertigo at bay. And not worry about my husband teaching and getting sick. It does feel like it has turned the corner from it being unusual for extended family and friends to be sick to hearing someone else has it every other day. I am finally I think getting bugged by the isolation. I have never hated January before, feeling I was already so over winter. I like hibernating now usually.
  4. From what I have seen, there is as much an issue that Mom doing major work (laundry, shopping and cooking, cleaning the home) is just expected rather than appreciated...except when talking to others about it and then there is gushing. Actually trying to help by looking around and doing ‘her’ chores on a regular basis so that life actually gets easier for her or allows her to do outside the home for herself stuff, actually realizing how much effort it takes and not looking down on her when making a home is all she can manage, including caring for herself and instead she puts on weight after 4
  5. The Church is a unique organization. To expect it to act like others is, IMO, unrealistic.
  6. I have seen problems leading to people leaving the Church because of being treated poorly as well as nonAmerican Saints being turned off by American Saints insisting their government is the only one anyone should want. But I agree there is also the problem where a member is deciding not to go to church because leaders aren’t doing what they think is right politically speaking.
  7. I completely agree as long as we are mostly allowing people to decide for themselves...and hopefully most will be realistic about it and not make excuses. I see too many assuming that someone of a different political party than them can’t also be truly a faithful Saint if they are also committed to the party.
  8. Likely would have felt the same way about them going to the restaurants on those streets as well though I am guessing, so not really religious.
  9. Or because the shooting was across the street from the Temple. It is not like the protest was staged in front of the temple. It just was blocking a major intersection. From what I could tell in the video, there were more people on the opposite sides of the street, probably due to the traffic flow pattern (cars were stopped there due to waiting for light to change).
  10. Possible, but I don’t know of anyone who was more “steeped” in such than my mother and not really interested in Utah till she moved here in 2015. Also knew a couple of Canadians that were real church history buffs and even rather Americancentric...but not Utahcentric. I don’t believe I ever met any Saint who was Utahcentric who wasn’t raised there or married to someone who was. No doubt there are some, but would be surprised if even a significant minority.
  11. I never doubted you would. Temple property is across the street from the shooting. Which may be a result of you being a native Utahn. I was raised in California and Illinois, went to BYU, more or less lived in Utah from76 to 85 minus some summers. Parents were both born in Utah, but raised outside of it and even though Dad went to UoU and tons of family lived in Utah, I never felt any particular fondness for Utah from my parents. No dislike either, just didn’t talk about it. When we were in Kansas and then Canada, I definitely did not feel the interest in Utah in the ne
  12. I hadn’t see him inside. So wrong. Maybe I didn’t see it because I couldn’t last through the video, it is cringe material for me. Thanks. Google only brings up about 20 hits when I searched on “title of liberty” “Capitol” and limit it to a month. I haven’t seen anything on his background, have you? (Moroni brings up problems in Comoros).
  13. There was the discussion about the Capt Moroni figure and the title of liberty, but not much is known about him or being said in the news as far as I have seen outside the first notice.
  14. I agree. I didn’t have a problem with him at first when he claimed to be only there to observe and document (though given his involvement in the Provo shooting I wondered if that was all it was). I think that is important and usually recognized by society at least as something different than being a ‘member of the mob’. But he did way more than that. He contributed to ramping up the level of violence, encouraged and even led criminal action (breaking into the room).
  15. For me, it denigrates women’s efforts and commitment to be obedient to God against their ‘natural man’, carnal inclinations.. Think of it as saying women are naturally smarter than men. Then a woman getting straight A’s is not that big of a deal as it comes easy to her, never had to study for tests, etc. while a man who got straight A’s obviously had to work hard, make sacrifices, tame his less disciplined self. The man getting A’s is admirable, the woman...it is expected of her and it isn’t a success story, only failing is notable.
  16. Calling the Provo protest and incident a riot is ridiculous IMO. The shooting was shocking, but blocking traffic and even hitting some cars is not a riot.
  17. Could just be dependent on if it got reported and if the mods were around. A mod might intentionally stop in after hearing about the Capitol riot knowing what to expect, but might not have heard about the Provo protest that quickly.
  18. Given the greater story I can easily see suspicious circumstances. However, the reactions to police, insisting on going through a lawyer, etc. can also easily be explained by their prepper/antigovernment suspicions. The whole elopement and not telling the son or daughter about it could also just be a result of embarrassment or discomfort on Pasternes’ part because her son or daughter mentioned she had a lot of live in boyfriends in the past, she is apparently a convert, but it doesn’t seem like her kids were. I can see them either being less than enthusiastic about yet another man or making
  19. Not that I know of, I just haven’t driven there much since they finished the major overhaul a year or two ago (no sense of time, could be longer, could be shorter). And I never turn there, but use one or two streets over if I want to get on to Center for some reason. With my fuzzy memory and lack of need to pay attention to that corner, it could have been a no turn lane for several years without me being aware of it as I drive through the intersection. I am usually in the left lane as well as I turn left a few intersections past that one typically. Logistically I would be very, very surpri
  20. It is primarily the Utah connection, IMO. Makes some of those of us who live here more curious about him than others who have been arrested. I have been reading local newspapers to some extent and they all are giving more column space to locals involved. My original curiosity was how much this guy could be tied to BLM given the protests this summer (where I noted BLM had distanced themselves as uninvolved iirc in organizing the Provo protest). And then it became like watching a train wreck happen. I figured if he could be tied in any which way, he would be to support the lie that anti
  21. Unless it has changed in the latest redo, it is a turn lane, just not dedicated (you can go forward or turn right). I am trying to remember if I checked after the shooting...I think I did, but I may have only thought about it.
  22. EDH: “One dose of Johnson & Johnson vaccine produces immune response. The New England Journal of Medicine on Wednesday published trial data suggesting that a single shot of Johnson & Johnson's vaccine candidate was enough to produce an immune response in both young and old adults. The study, involving 805 participants, also showed the vaccine to be safe, causing very few side effects. The most frequent adverse event was fever, although subjects experienced fatigue, headache, and myalgia (muscle pain). By day 57, all volunteers had produced detectable neutralizing antibodies, regar
  23. Almost made it to second page: police interview with Alex Cox Paternes’ widow (he took her name for some reason) and report on his death Alex had gone to Mexico on the 7th to pick up new prescriptions for the two of them. Wondering what they were now https://m.facebook.com/kimpowelltv/?ref=m_notif&notif_t=group_activity&__nodl&refsrc=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.websleuths.com%2Fforums%2Fthreads%2Fid-joshua-vallow-7-tylee-ryan-16-rexburg-sept-2019-arrests-55.551256%2Fpage-31&_rdr Weirdly Melanie is mentioned living in Idaho, but not his sister and her kids or her new
  24. I believe this is the same one as the opening post.
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