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  1. FM places the quote in this context later in the link, just an FYI.
  2. There is some question as to the accuracy of the quote: https://www.fairmormon.org/answers/Joseph_Smith/Narcissism/Boasting#Question:_Is_the_quote_of_Joseph_Smith.27s_.22boasting.22_of_keeping_the_Church_intact_accurate.3F
  3. And not just their own. If you put off getting a vaccine, it means everyone around who has no immunity (had covid or vaccinated) is at risk...and many won’t have a choice to protect themselves from you through a vaccine for several months.
  4. The only difficulty is he was retired for some time before it was made public. If something is not public, there must be something wrong or intended to be sneaky, right? Or so some seem to believe.
  5. I am wondering if there might be mandatory retirements for staff and admin at BYU. Hummm..... not too late to call friends, but it has been awhile...think I will wait till husband gets home and see if he knows about BYU retirement policies. He tends to make good friends with the staff and adjuncts and some of them work at BYU on something’s or have.
  6. It can be, but not always speaking from experience.
  7. Especially if they are looking for ways to help their family have a better life. ‘It is a righteous desire, so one will be blest’ logic.
  8. I will believe it when I see it. This recording where the prosecutor is telling the sister of LVD they may even go for the death penalty is from months ago before she was interviewed by police and is, IMO, an attempt to get LVD to turn on Daybell who apparently Wood believes was the driver behind the deaths. There has been nothing else actually announced. I think this was a sensationalized headline to grab attention.
  9. I wonder what the rate is for the US. “A COVID denier expressed regret from his hospital bed. Chuck Stacey, an IT firm owner from Inlet Beach, Florida, had ridiculed doughnut shop workers for wearing face masks to avoid catching coronavirus. Now on oxygen battling coronavirus, Stacey posted a video on Twitterfrom his hospital bed pleading with nonbelievers to wear masks. “I didn’t wear a mask. I should have,” Stacey said. “I may have to be intubated if I get any worse. It’s so hard to breathe.””
  10. From EDH; “Hospitals in Los Angeles are rationing oxygen as supplies run low. The LA County Emergency Medical Services Agency issued a directive Monday telling ambulance crews to conserve oxygen by administering it only to patients who have oxygen saturation levels below 90 percent. An investigation by the Los Angeles Times revealed that some Los Angeles hospitals are struggling with shortages of oxygen to treat COVID-19 patients. COVID-19 patients typically require 10 times as much oxygen as non-COVID patients”
  11. As long as everyone else stays awake and solves all the problems.
  12. Going to sleep for 12 months and waking up in 2022?
  13. Have to admit it is not a great start. The good news is my latest disorder is only going to last 5 to 15 years rather than the rest of my life...which might be an additional ten.
  14. But what you do as a limited individual mortal and what the gods do as an unlimited community may be quite different things.
  15. This is brilliant. Her other video, the Corona poncho...she crocheted a perfect circle for a pie chart. Killer crochet skills.
  16. This assumes a God/god must have sole dominion over their own universe, correct? What if gods simply share dominion over this one? Since they are of one mind and one heart, having multiple leaders ‘at the top’ wouldn’t be an issue. While there might be differences in nuances, no one would be making decisions that conflict with others.
  17. I was confused if you saw a problem with it or thought it was just strange.
  18. Justin Lum has a detailed report on the hearing and content of the recorded conversation between prosecutor and sister of LVD. Rather interesting imo. https://www.websleuths.com/forums/threads/id-joshua-vallow-7-tylee-ryan-16-rexburg-sept-2019-arrests-55.551256/page-25#post-16549811 Two big issues appear to be Woods discrediting Means, LVD’s attorney, to a witness. If it had happened in front of a jury, it would have been misconduct and they would be removed from the case apparently...even though he is completely accurate imo. Second is what level of influence of the sister,
  19. Do you mean nonhuman angels?
  20. Then state it as an opinion rather than fact because you get stuff wrong and don’t correct it sometimes. If you state something as fact, it could mislead someone into thinking you know something when you don’t because there is a lot you are knowledgeable about and they may assume this is another area you have researched or have experiences in. I don’t issue CFRs because I don’t like what someone says, I ask if I don’t see a foundation for something. Many times I am interested and want to be sure it is a fact so I can then share it with others. But I don’t want to share what is only
  21. The same people work on them, I believe, so there are likely huge overlaps. Saints Unscripted is one of the reasons FM set them up to make videos for FM. I don’t know who is producing each of them, should be easy to find out. It is a small community doing these podcasts and they likely all know each other well and choose to work together because of shared interests. I only know one of the individuals of the community so can’t say for sure. The director and host of Midnight Mormons directed the FM videos and was a host at least on Stone. As far as why there aren’t others...there may
  22. I don’t see Rhodes having been moved to a limited post and then being under investigation for two years as that abrupt of a retirement. CFR that Stott, the police chief retired to avoid testifying as how would that prevent him being called as a witness? Plus the guy had worked in law enforcement for 47 years according to the report of him retiring, so good chance he just hit 65 and decided to retire.
  23. Are there really? Or do the small amounts of extremes just get noticed more? Serious question. Anyway to find out? Like comparing arrests rates or something? Something not dependent on media in its tracking? I know there have been a lot of weird confrontations the past year, but could it be that they happened before and people now instinctively get the phone and record rather than just gawk?
  24. CFR please. The honor code issue started in 2016 (https://www.mormondialogue.org/topic/68211-byu-police-department-colluding-with-the-honor-code-office/ ) and Denison/Bishop was public in early 2018 and iirc the BYU police got involved in Dec 2017 in interviewing Bishop, but it could be later.
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