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  1. And to be “unsullied”, “without a spot”...when Christ comes thankfully nations will be purified as people are. The US needs it as much as any other IMO (massacres of its own people, slavery and oppression, mistreatment of mentally ill, inequalities based not on choice, but birth when all are to be alike before God, etc) and quite a bit of its sins were perpetuated in the original Constitution.
  2. The point I believe he was making was early deaths mean exaltations...more males dying before 8 means more males exalted through that process, based on that fact. There may be other factors that raise numbers for one sex or the other, but as far as I am aware those suggested are subjective judgments on the spiritual value of certain behaviour that may or may not be relevant. Given we believe opportunities not available in the lifetime will be available in the next, adult men marrying less than women in some cultures seems unlikely to me to be a factor.
  3. Indeed. Given how widows often remarried now all their husbands are sealed to them, it is going to be very skewed.
  4. I know Americans who may not see it as a free pass, but more like they have a reservation at the front of the line. Or that because they were born in the States, it means they have more insight, spiritual as well as others, into what the Gospel really is. American Saints, are seen as the fount of noble Saints meant to lead the Church. No other country will ever have the same influence on the Church in their view. I have no problem with America as the birthplace of the Restoration given it had to start in a small, limited area and then grow and it is silly to pretend at that time
  5. You mean like trying to shut down fellow Saints by using the scare label “socialism”, no right thinking Saint would dare to be associated with that!
  6. I didn’t prohibit it, did I? I am not a mod and can neither prohibit or allow topics boardwide. I merely commented your post had already violated the rules you were asking others not to break. So ask the person who made the rules if you can bend the rules while you tell others not to. And it wasn’t opposition to socialist dogma that I think is partisan politics, but the implication of who was using socialist dogma and therefore is aligning themselves with evil. Bolded by me... Then there is the whole implication that a good Saint would never be a good socialist,
  7. And it took the Magna Carta and a number of other political developments over the globe to lead to the US Constitution. It did not arrive in a vacuum, just as the USA is not something that exists and survives on its own, but from the beginning was interdependent with other nations.
  8. Yeh, dementia doesn’t make elders childlike so much as childish. And an adult with childish self control (meaning eventually little to none lasting), probably paranoia (a symptom of dementia) which means more lying (my mom who never lied in her last few years would tell me she would do something intending not to do it; she told my sister in law when I left the room she wasn’t going to because she didn’t have to) and attempts to hide stuff, and less understanding of consequences, AND a history of child porn...dangerous combination since sexuality is likely going to be expressed with his ‘norm
  9. While dementia can cause sexual deviant behaviours, I would be very skeptical of someone who had in the past not controlled himself suddenly using the excuse of dementia. He was iirc plenty crazy at times beforehand when posting stuff on FB, correct? Push for his getting an escort if the bishop says it is dementia causing it. That implies even less self control than before even if he isn’t fully accountable for the behaviours. It doesn’t mean he is less capable of offending at this point, but more. And It isn’t going to matter to his victims that he has dementia while he is abusing them a
  10. This should go to the travel section in the handbook. If it doesn’t, see section 20.6.24 https://www.churchofjesuschrist.org/study/manual/general-handbook/20-activities?lang=eng#title_number42 There is a form for nonemployee travel reimbursement. I assume that is the one you would use, but I am guessing many leaders who do submit expenses just hand in the receipt for fuel and don’t do the calculations which should cover wear and tear.
  11. There are cultures where men are more involved in church than women, so I didn’t want to make too wide an assumption.
  12. But cheaper activities without the paraphernalia could have easily been done, but were not in many cases. For example, my leaders never had us gather at their homes or drove us to the beach for a party, which would have been minimal cost. We had our weekly lessons and Girls Camp and on occasion a fun joint activity. That was considered sufficient to keep girls involved...just expect them to be there and they would be. And often they would be. But spiritually committed to the faith because in part they had opportunities to practice it as a class, to know they were seen as an integral and im
  13. This is more stalking behaviour that is not at a level to be illegal. There is no restraining order as MS was proactive to prevent a crime with her family and ward imo and if iirc (I know a bit about it in the past). The guy is pushing the limits that the previous bishop put in place after MS was able to convince him there was an issue and the predator claiming he had repented and changed his life was a mask and giving him the benefit of the doubt was not protecting his past victims nor potential ones. I personally think it better to tell the bishop upfront and give him a written li
  14. And if someone is not, but only assumed to be? Then their needs are neglected. Women are more social in our culture and therefore in the past when church was one of the social centers of life, it is hardly surprising that women were more engaged in church activities, especially if they couldn’t afford doing the civic clubs and such. In some churches, women could also become leaders, even powerful if allowed to take charge of the supportive activities (from what I have read about church committees in other faiths that handle finances, choose pastors in some faiths, etc). High in act
  15. It was an example to help explain the issue, similar to how I might say “think of it as saying men are more beautiful than women”...I did not say people actually said that. But my experience in my family was somewhat similar as we (all the siblings) were expected by parents to get good grades (they had, Mom was valedictorian or something) and it was no big deal unless we had issues and then we got attention, so it is easy for me to extrapolate the idea to greater society and then limit it to one sex. For a real world example, the belief that women are more spiritual than me
  16. There was actually a study done on this a number of years ago, iirc. Maybe when Romney was running and it was the “Mormon moment”. Will try and find it. added: Wow...that was a lot easier than I thought it would be. https://universe.byu.edu/2015/04/28/skin-texture-glow-distinguishes-mormons-from-others/ http://tuftsjournal.tufts.edu/archives/1627/spotting-the-faithful https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2998417/ PS: not saying this is the sole reason, especially since they only used pictures of faces which is only a part of how we comm
  17. I love this epidemiologist's FB page as I think she explains issues and policies very well. She addresses this here: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=227219035567420&id=110965280526130
  18. A tweet warning about Sullivan back in November: https://mobile.twitter.com/RebellionBaby/status/1331902008765206528?s=04&fbclid=IwAR3qbHGRmvRlvzs6wcKr2-CP8sv3ULDAZhFqIehK-W7h8ziM6xjSbtLdqyk More info in tweet
  19. Insurgence has 284 likes and 303 follows. Bet a number of the latter are curiosity due to the shooting and now riot. Otoh, BLM Utah has over 3500 likes and follows. Not seeing him much as a leader there. Just read all the comments on his FB site and in 5 months he had only one positive comment. The rest were condemning him...not that many of those either. This is not the site of a “leader”.
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