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  1. Another possibility is Satan was simply lying about being able to abolish the law for everyone and still be able to get them into a glorified state/heaven. This to me is more consistent with his current playbook.
  2. Thank you, will keep that in mind…
  3. Probably not the best time for us either, but we can put off the bathroom if we have to. Carpeting and painting is essential for January though.
  4. Back when he was first heard of, some were making a big deal about him being involved in a stupid contest that led to a woman’s death, but apparently not his idea though he could have been more active in stopping it once they were warned by a couple of callers it was dangerous. He describes it as a tragedy for the woman and her family first, so he sounds sensible and balanced. https://www.insideedition.com/lori-vallow-daybells-radio-dj-brother-was-investigated-in-womans-death-book-details-59305 The only weird thing about him imo is he wrote a bio at such a young age. https://www.amazon.com/CRAZY-RADIO-LIFE-Adam-Cox/dp/1095060023
  5. My husband has always known ‘someone’ with every other renovation we have done, but is drawing a blank. Since it will be my master bathroom post renovation, I am assigned to find someone. Anyone have advice to give a rookie? Not only how to find a good company, but what is needed afterwards (new everything).
  6. And the one most cited as positive could be a fraud…resulting in throwing off meta analyses. https://grftr.news/why-was-a-major-study-on-ivermectin-for-covid-19-just-retracted/
  7. Weird source for a story about murder, but I think someone was curious about this earlier… https://www.realtor.com/news/celebrity-real-estate/daybell-idaho-home-new-owner/ Sounds to me like the best idea is to sell to the city which then bulldozes the house and turns the property into a memorial park or something else easily supervised. I would be covering the area with CCTV and motion sensor lights myself to warn people off. I think the change of venue is best for his kids…while some at the trial still will drive the 4 hours to see it, there won’t be daily pilgrimages and such I am guessing. I wonder if allowing his kids to stay in the house is a pressure/gratitude tactic by Prior to keep them loyal to CD or if just mutually beneficial as who is he going to sell it to at this time as is (can it be altered substantially before the trial as it is a crime scene)? My guess is they are the only relatively normal ones who would want to stay there for now. The backyard is probably hard to be in, but the house is where the happy memories with Mom and Dad are from what has been described, at least five years or so of them… padded: the date of selling the property to Prior is wrong, it was the day after the kids were found, 10 June 2020. I don’t believe Prior became his attorney before his arrest when the bodies were found.
  8. Hopefully those who jump on this will keep to the low dose and not think more is better. I would be taking it normally (daily low dose was recommended as not a bad idea for another thing years ago, but I can’t handle even the buffered version).
  9. I wonder if they will be able to include this in the trial: https://www.ksl.com/article/50259060/lori-vallows-brother-suspected-charles-vallow-was-not-her-first-victim
  10. Relevant to the VAERS discussion, it seems vaguely familiar so it may have been posted before; https://sciencebasedmedicine.org/vaers-preprint-debacle/
  11. I needed a current one iirc since a few years ago.
  12. I have posted about this before, but this may make it easier to get you more details and it is crucial Imo in establishing likelihood that CD killed Tammy. https://mobile.twitter.com/GarnaMejiaKSL/status/1446872307926921221
  13. Why did I think you lived in California? Just curious…Could you say you could give an impartial viewing of evidence, etc.? (Don’t have to say if you don’t want to). I am thinking while I think if there was some evidence for doubt, I could be fair and recognize it, I would have to admit that my familiarity with the case puts me strongly in the view of both being guilty, especially with the latest releases filling in gaps. It would take a lot to make me believe they were innocent and unless they exclude a lot of the info published so far, it is pretty much beyond a reasonable doubt for me at this point, so thinking ‘probably guilty but the case isn’t prove ‘ isn’t likely to happen. Plus my legs and Meniere’s would never allow me to sit that long anyway, lol. Jury Duty is likely something I will never experience. I am slightly disappointed asI really rather not have that power over someone’s life. Did get called up for it once back in the days where I allowed anxiety to overcome sense way too much and I just ignored it, justifying that idiocy by not being able to serve and knowing doctors would be backing that. Nothing happened…..in no way is that meant to be encouragement for ignoring jury duty calls.
  14. Reading the screenshots in the timeline, looks like LVD was in Hawaii when Tammy died. Seems like SOP for her. Even though she was present when Charles was killed, I think it likely she had planned with her brother, Alex, a couple of attempts on Charles that fell through where she had a solid alibi of being in a very different place. I think she was only present at the murder of Charles because there was no more time to wait given Charles had contacted Tammy about the affair (it is unknown though if Tammy read the email or deleted it without reading it) and had planned an intervention that day with her other brother, Adam and probably knew that Charles was planning on flying up to meet Tammy…which would have put CD in a panic, imo. LVD would have known about the prior filing for divorce and might have assumed if she didn’t recant her beliefs and behaviors, that Charles would then go through with the divorce now he had knew she was cheating on him. added: looks like LVD’s mom, Janis Cox iirc, was likely responsible for Charles dropping the divorce and giving LVD another chance as well as supporting her and others (he had apparently shut down the numerous cell phones he was paying for, after talking to Janis he turned them back on and put them in LVD’s name). She was apparently convinced he was going to hookers, but since she had a good relationship with him and he had been good to her, she told LVD she wasn’t going to judge him as bad.
  15. Change of venue granted, recommended to move to Ada County https://coi.isc.idaho.gov/docs/case/CR22211623/Memorandum Decision on Defendants Motion to Change Venue.pdf and
  16. He apparently gave Alex a patriarchal blessing too (it is online if anyone wants to read it), he really took advantage of the LDS context to promote himself. I suspect he imagined much greater things for himself than Executive Secretary. I wonder if he thought moving to Idaho would give him a chance to get recognition as a church leader as well as recognition among the prepper group he was promoting/running. When reality didn’t match his dreams, he twisted reality instead of finding happiness in the gifts he already had (a wonderful wife and loving family). I suspect he avoided conflict with her, just came up with revelations to meet her needs without having to do much himself. She wanted unquestioning worshippers and exalted heights for herself rather than just being someone who was successful’s wife and he filled that need even if only through illusion while she filled his desire for glamour, superficial as it was.
  17. Hopefully they will wake up now to reality. I hope when (if?) it happens they won’t hold grudges and instead reconnect with extended family so they get support and love in a family context, something that probably was a big part of their life before (Tammy sounds like she was close to her family and they were living in Springville near her parents for most of the kids’ youth).
  18. Nice timeline of LVD’s actions with quite a bit new info. https://m.facebook.com/jlumfox10/posts/431077805049715
  19. I get the need for news to spread out the crumbs so as to keep people clicking, but it is getting annoying. Would probably be better to read the article as formatting is complicated and the article frames the info well, puts it in context. Some of this stuff was released before, but with the additions it makes more sense why LVD moved to having a direct hand in his murder (there is speculation that Alex was supposed to have killed Charles when she was in Hawaii or when Charles went to Texas), exposing herself to risk. https://ksltv.com/474057/police-documents-reveal-new-details-in-tammy-daybell-case/ On July 1, Charles Vallow also sent Lori Vallow a text message stating he had plans of going to Idaho to meet with Tammy Daybell.
  20. I need to dig out the quotes, but there were two that I think show dynamics between the two well. LVD playing her role as the drama queen she is tells CD a few weeks after Charles is murdered that CD should go back to his wife and family, that they will never be able to be together. I am reading this as pressure on him to now do his part, kill his wife as the second part of their plan to be together…and if he won’t, he won’t be able to have her, but it’s delivered in such a way so that LVD can feel all noble and self sacrificing. He must have reassured her or something as she is moving to Idaho soon after, even though originally she has expected him to move to Arizona. My guess is Idaho wasn’t as appealing to her, but he didn’t want to be the one to give up his support system and likely received ‘revelation’ she needed to move…or LVD figured out the Chandler police were viewing Charles’ death as a homicide and she wanted to get out of their reach and as a bonus to hurt Kay, Charles’ sister who got his $1,000,000 life insurance LVD was expecting. Another possibility is she needed to remove the kids from friends and family so they wouldn’t drop info about the murder. JJ hadn’t seen it and thought his dad was alive still, but he might have known of something else…or she might have already been planning to get rid of him as she dumped the dog that made it so much easier to care for him. She had already shown she didn’t care about JJ as she stole his meds and his tablet he used to communicate with family and friends when she took off, in order to punish Charles or soften him up somehow (she said something along the lines as she wanted him to know how hard she had it with JJ). Tylee likely would have insisted to go where JJ went or at least visit him a lot, so giving JJ to Kay to care for wasn’t really an option I am guessing because then Kay might convince Tylee to tell the truth about Charles’ death. Chad gets on board with moving the plan along after that veiled threat to withhold her favours and has a revelation that Tammy will die in a car accident on her trip to visit her parents…a visit he then pushes her to go on. He exclaims “I don’t want to wait” at the end of one text in regard, I believe, to them hooking up after Tammy’s death…he was pushing for a quick marriage, no concern about his kids or sorrow about losing Tammy. I do think LVD was manipulating him with her offer to sacrifice her love and needs for his wife and family, but he was all in on wanting out of his marriage…he just may have been reluctant about doing the deed himself. It would also appear that he believed his own fantasies and they just weren’t to draw in LVD, unless he was so certain Tammy would die in a car accident because he attempted to sabotage Tammy’s car, but failed.
  21. Sheesh…like I said “more and more bizarre”. https://www.fox5vegas.com/news/police-detail-cultish-beliefs-of-mom-charged-in-kids-deaths/article_e88e54b0-1040-5ab0-8693-1776f26443eb.html These tidbits were already known to the public, but in case someone here hasn’t been following the case that closely, another bit or two of bizarre:
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