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  1. Given the baggage with the word, applying it in this case seems likely to lead to misunderstandings as I suspect most will read it as saying they are in habitual protest against the Church or government rather than it being one, unique situation. In general, people think “Alexei Navalny” or “Liu Xiaobo” or someone like them when people hear “dissident”; in the Church probably “Kate Kelly” or “Sam Young” springs to mind.
  2. Hadn’t noticed it with my daughter in law...now I want to call her up and ask. Will try it with my husband first, though after 40 years with me, some of his pronunciations have changed as mine have. And he was never so ‘local’ as my dil, possibly because his mom had a strong Australian accent.
  3. Tried that one.slipped around too much. I use a memory foam one with a terry cloth cover. Very bulky overall, but usually doesn’t press against my eyes at all, which really bugs me even if lightly and is the only one where I feel like my skin is still breathing. On my third one. We have nicknamed it my “eye bra” for I think obvious reasons if you look at it. https://www.overstock.com/Luggage-Bags/Travel-Accessories/3106/cat.html?featuredproduct=16635736&featuredoption=27675336&kid=9553000357392&ci_src=17588969&ci_sku=22959881-000-000&cnc=US&guid=327845da-a7
  4. As someone who loves seeing the stars at night, light pollution is a big thing for me. Also affects my sleep. There was a neighbor that would keep their rather strong porch or something light on all night which meant if I slept with my window open (standard as it improves quality of sleep massively most of the year), the light would keep me awake. I compromised by sleeping with a mask, but that causes other issues like overheating. When I lived with my grandmother, it was nice looking out of the bedroom window and seeing the Provo temple (mile away I am guessing). But when it is bedti
  5. I have not labeled this specific effort “innovation from grassroots”. This is not innovation. I was speaking in a more global sense about how leadership has always allowed itself to be influenced by input for others besides God and giving two parameters I see among others to provide context. I also said “possibly devout members”...meaning we have no clue about their ongoing relationship with the Church, if any, so how can you know enough about them to assume they are dissendents? And if you view the whole thing as a zoning issue of people you have no idea about their religi
  6. Pogo, personal info question...my husband and I are debating if our daughter (diabetic, thyroid issues, other stuff) qualifies for a vaccine now here in Utah or does she have to wait. I am reading the requirements as having to wait. If he is right and she would qualify, do we have to get a doctor’s certification of her high risk status or do they take people’s word for it? —— On another note, he found out all his students in at least one class have had Covid...and he went out and got pizza for them to eat in class. I could have hit him for his carelessness, but I am trying to not
  7. From the=article... Even if not direct, the indirect declining funding is political meddling IMO. Rather than thinking ‘best medical practices’, decreased funding may have shifted the planning rationale to ‘most cost effective’, including what would be least likely to result in potentially costly legal issues.
  8. This is what I would hope they do. If they took off a hundred or two off the check and set that aside for incentive, I think that would help a lot. Make it worth people’s time and effort with enough extra that people who are borderline in deciding think ‘why not?’ while leaving the majority of the stimulus immediately available. But to do it when the vaccine is limited and difficult to get appointments...not a good idea. Will only result in people feeling the government is jerking them around IMO with offering money to do it, but then saying not available actually.
  9. But this assumes it is possible to maximize internal attributes. What if it isn’t? What if personal growth is always possible?
  10. Minority poor who have the most reason to distrust the medical establishment and therefore distrust the vaccine are also among those that need the checks most. They also need the vaccine, but forcing medical procedures on the community yet again? There is something wrong with that.
  11. All natural, the probability is so not there; we know Charles wasn’t and burying the two kids....I will be shocked if Tammy’s is ruled natural...but Joseph Ryan, Alex, and her Texan lawyer might be.
  12. https://mobile.twitter.com/jlumfox10/status/1352039370283393024?s=21 Joseph Ryan, Tylee’s dad, died of natural causes according to police findings. Case closed. https://static.fox10phoenix.com/www.fox10phoenix.com/content/uploads/2021/01/07-2171206_Redacted.pdf
  13. https://foxtrotalpha.jalopnik.com/the-pope-has-a-small-but-deadly-army-of-elite-warriors-1733268646
  14. “Share” should give you a link to post.
  15. And I think it far fetched to label possibly devout members dissidents because they were unhappy about a development plan.
  16. You really don’t get me. How can I approve or disapprove of behaviour without knowing more of how both came to their decision? And believing it can be appropriate for someone to voice negative reactions doesn’t require that I see those reactions as necessitating movement from others, though I think recognition is important. And I don’t see providing feedback on leadership decision as usurping leadership. I like that the Church has a balance of innovation from grassroots and top down over the years, from imo the beginning (Joseph sought revelation at times because of others’ r
  17. Same here. Plus don’t think such talks ever registered for me as ‘property of church members’ as opposed to something that changes the whole world and opens up new possibilities, which we can take advantage of to spread the Gospel, live it better.
  18. If they desire a good life for their family and friends, is that not altruistic? That they envision that life differently than you do doesn’t mean they are wrong for them. And is there anything inherently wrong with self interest? It is self interest to go to school to be educated. Would not God inspire someone to do that if we that appropriate to his Will? These people have not shared their process for deciding to protest. Why jump to judging them on such limited info? Doesn’t seem appropriate in my view. Or necessary.
  19. I was using “temple” to refer to the whole project, in part because the Church pulled the temple along with the development plan. You are correct that it was presented as the development that was the problem.
  20. What difference does that make? Not following you...
  21. As far as I am aware, leadership has not shared the particulars on how the site was chosen. Without knowing what the revelation actually was, I am hesitant to judge anyone’s worthiness on questioning it.
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