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  1. This isn't about thought crimes. No one is trying to take away anyone's right to their religion or their rights. They are just trying to guard the rights of others who want to visit a woman's health center without being badgered by fanatics.
  2. He was protesting. He was not praying. Why do you keep pounding on this one note. This isn't about religious freedom. No one cares who prays or not. The issue is with protesting.
  3. There are lots of places to pray. In your bedroom comes to mind. You don't need to go search out a Woman's health clinic and stand out in front of it to pray. That's not prayer, that's protest.
  4. seriously? How about stepping down from you righteous pedestal and actually addressing the issue,
  5. Okay, how would you feel if someone took the church logo, the one that uses Thorvaldsen’s marble statue, and replaced the church's name at the bottom with "Mormon" and then passed it off as the original?
  6. She was in a restricted zone, protesting. This is the reason she was arrested.
  7. Dude, you might consider adjusting your tone. This comes across as confrontational. That is not what this forum is about.
  8. From the article, I think a good example of activism was the reversal of the November 2015 policy of exclusion, which Nelson later said was a revelation. The church faced immediate and wide spread feedback on this, none of which was supportive. The result was a full 180 reversal three years later.
  9. I think they need to apologize to BYU and the Mormon community for this. It is not funny to mock someone's religion.
  10. I don't either. The few that I have seen were a very negative experience for me. Jaws was borderline.
  11. ^Truth^. The founding fathers took great care to make sure there was a separation between church and state. That separation as been eroded over the past two centuries. The current screech is religious freedom is being attacked, which is non sense. People exercising freedom of speech is not an attack on religious freedom.
  12. If this article is to be believed, then a big take away for me is if you are a church employee, then never open up to your Bishop at all. It seems the BYUs are promoting a snitch environment.
  13. I am not sure if this is authentic. There are a lot of typos.
  14. The latest news has confirmed that he is LDS. The church as issued a statement the said that he was not active.
  15. You are correct, it was promised, but in the "far distant" future. Joseph Fielding Smith, Answers to Gospel Questions (Salt Lake City: Deseret Book, 1958), 2:188.
  16. Blacks were bared from the temple. There is no getting around that. For almost 150 years they were discriminated against. And, lo and behold, there was no revelation on this. Just a racist policy. The church needs to do the right thing and own their mistakes and apologize. The Presbyterians did, and it didn't seem to hurt their standing at all.
  17. Is that what the church is all about? Avoiding pressure for doing the right thing? What about the churches and organizations that were contemporary with the Utah church but opposed and worked against the evils slavery , such as the Quakers, Christian abolitionist movement, and the American Anti-Slavery Society (Presbyterian)? Additionally, many Methodist, Baptist, and Presbyterian members freed their slaves and sponsored black congregations. How does history remember these organizations? Much better than the LDS church with their 150 years of racist history.
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