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  1. BYU will lose good professors because of this heavy handed change. Putting one's academic career in the hands of non-academic lay church leaders with no checks and balances is a terrible idea.
  2. I could not get past the paywall, and have not read the article so I will refrain from commenting other that to say this. Academic freedom is seen by most as an essential freedom. This is the reason for tenure, to guard professors from reprisals for what the research and teach. Throughout history one of the first things a totalitarian regime does is suppress freedoms. Freedom of assembly, freedom of speech. And they start at the universities. history is rife with examples, Russia in the 1920s, Germany in the 1930s, Iran and Ron DeSantis today. I am not saying BYU, which is my alma mater is anywhere close to this. It is not. But I do know by most standards it is a real stretch to say academic freedom is practiced there. In 1998 BYU was censured by The American Association of University Professors for violations of academic freedom. In the past twenty five years it has done nothing to address this. Tenure, or what BYU calls continuing status is not the protection it was meant to be at any church run schools. There is a long list of professors who have been pushed out, often for no other reason than a social media post supporting LGBTQ rights. These things have been noted by the press and by the academic community, and it hurts the reputation of the school. I am disturbed by this. And it seems that this is becoming more of a trend.
  3. I think it is all about transparency. People and organizations that have nothing to hide are usually transparent. To me it is a big red flag for a organization that elicits donations should be accountable to disclose what those donations are being used for.
  4. I believe a more equable approach would be to administer conservation policies fairly. Which would mean that farmers would need to cut back water usage just like the residential home owners have been doing for years.
  5. Spencer W. Kimball had an inactive son. I know this because he told me. I had just completed my missionary training and was at the SLC airport catching my flight to my mission area. It was 4:30 a.m. and the airport was pretty much empty. I looked down the hall and saw this little guy walking with what looked like a large body guard. As they got closer I recognized him as Spencer W. Kimball, the current prophet. I went up to him like a 19 year old would, and introduced myself. This made the big guy real nervous, but SWK was nice and took the time to chat with me. He asked what mission I was going to, and when he found out it was Illinois, he asked me to look up his granddaughter's family, who were inactive. She was the daughter of the inactive son. The whole interaction I had with him lasted just a couple of minutes, but I went away thinking he was a very kind grandfatherly person. I did actually look up his granddaughter and her husband. They were also nice but wanted nothing to do with the church.
  6. The police cared who was protesting.
  7. This isn't about thought crimes. No one is trying to take away anyone's right to their religion or their rights. They are just trying to guard the rights of others who want to visit a woman's health center without being badgered by fanatics.
  8. He was protesting. He was not praying. Why do you keep pounding on this one note. This isn't about religious freedom. No one cares who prays or not. The issue is with protesting.
  9. There are lots of places to pray. In your bedroom comes to mind. You don't need to go search out a Woman's health clinic and stand out in front of it to pray. That's not prayer, that's protest.
  10. seriously? How about stepping down from you righteous pedestal and actually addressing the issue,
  11. Okay, how would you feel if someone took the church logo, the one that uses Thorvaldsen’s marble statue, and replaced the church's name at the bottom with "Mormon" and then passed it off as the original?
  12. She was in a restricted zone, protesting. This is the reason she was arrested.
  13. Dude, you might consider adjusting your tone. This comes across as confrontational. That is not what this forum is about.
  14. From the article, I think a good example of activism was the reversal of the November 2015 policy of exclusion, which Nelson later said was a revelation. The church faced immediate and wide spread feedback on this, none of which was supportive. The result was a full 180 reversal three years later.
  15. I think they need to apologize to BYU and the Mormon community for this. It is not funny to mock someone's religion.
  16. I don't either. The few that I have seen were a very negative experience for me. Jaws was borderline.
  17. ^Truth^. The founding fathers took great care to make sure there was a separation between church and state. That separation as been eroded over the past two centuries. The current screech is religious freedom is being attacked, which is non sense. People exercising freedom of speech is not an attack on religious freedom.
  18. If this article is to be believed, then a big take away for me is if you are a church employee, then never open up to your Bishop at all. It seems the BYUs are promoting a snitch environment.
  19. I am not sure if this is authentic. There are a lot of typos.
  20. The latest news has confirmed that he is LDS. The church as issued a statement the said that he was not active.
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