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  1. If the church issues guidelines for exceptions allowing for abortions in the case of the mother's precarious condition, then the choice must be made for the mother. However I question how can an abortion be done? By dismemberment? By poisoning the unborn in the womb? In my opinion, I think a C-section is the simplest and most expeditious procedure for ending the mother's pregnancy. At the same time, the child can be retrieved and nurtured with the best medical care. I have read cases of the baby as small as the palm of the hand live to become vibrant and viable. It is VERY rare for a mother to require emergency termination of her pregnancy. You cannot trust the propaganda from the abortionist lobby.
  2. You have injected an unnecessary absolute. I did not rule out abortion for mothers in danger. It remains my perspective that the most ideal situation is for couples (heterosexual) to honor the sanctity of the marriage covenant and follow God's will in bearing and caring for children.
  3. I don't think I am rationalizing God's Fallen Earth approach. If you don't think the Plan of Redemption is meaningful or important to you, then we just will have that discussion in the next world.
  4. Do you believe: there was a pre-existence in which we became spirit children of Heavenly Parents? that we eventually plateaued off in making further progress in our desire to be like God? at which point God offered a Plan of Redemption where we would be born into a fallen world to be tested in so many ways and learn powerful means for transformations into becoming like Him? in order for that to work, we would have the "veil of forgetfulness" placed over our minds? that free agency is essential for us to directly experience the effects of our choices? we will learn that although we are free to choose, we are NOT free to get the consequences that we desire (depending on our choices)? are you faulting God for offering us this bounty? Satan's plan simply will NOT work (making everybody behave like automatons)?
  5. All life should be cherished. Too many women consider abortion to be a very convenient form of contraception. I consider your phrase "embryos are potential humans" to be propagandistic. As I have already stated: all embryos have their distinct DNAs and fully human from the moment of conception.
  6. Exponentially? You are going overboard. Still no justification for murder. Fallen earth is NOT going to be a picnic. Your wish for "just laws and regulations" is NOT going to overcome human nature and selfishness of carnal man. In other words, man cannot create an utopia (despite the claims of communism). I know enough that despite the billions of "lessons" experienced by uncountable men and women throughout history, children and young adults are going to do what they want to do. Some will learn and be willing to listen to the wisdom of their elders. Others will have accidents. A number will choose to be hedonistic. But regardless, the unborn have a right to life and must NOT be subject to dismemberment. Yes, back alley abortion is frightful. But Pregnancy Centers can help. Why in God's Name is Elizabeth Warren demanding that Pregnancy Centers be censured and shut down? The woman's first option should be to visit those centers where resources can be provided that can help assuage the crisis. As I said above, mere humans cannot create an utopia. Actions have consequences. Both good and bad.
  7. I have answered your question in a very straightforward manner. If you did not understand, I'll say it again: "the toddler has first priority". Other considerations thus become moot.
  8. There was a "holocaust" in which the entire world was wiped out except for Noah's family and a ark full of animals. There was a "holocaust" in which Sodom and Gomorrah was wiped out after Lot and his two daughters were escorted out. Plus there were several destructions carried out by His people under His mandate. God even uses the wicked to destroy other wicked. All were necessary because of the gross violence committed by the condemned in brutalizing people around them and even their little ones. If you don't think God is a God of Justice then you are free to think like an atheist.
  9. You are using the word "potential" as an obfuscation in an attempt to justify murder. This zygote was human at the very moment of fertilization. Its DNA is distinct and unique from the mother (as well as from the father). Abortionists use abhorrent propaganda claiming that the fetus is just an organ in the woman's body. I reject your "thought experiment" on the fertility clinic but I will answer that the toddler has first priority. God will help with the rest, His Will be done. I am uncertain that God would approve of the business of fertility clinics in warehousing frozen embryos and sperm banks.
  10. Abortion is NEVER moral no matter what system of philosophy you cater to.
  11. As usual, you have defaulted to ad hominem slander and attacks. In other threads you have castigateed the Falun Gong but when I asked what your problem was with them, you never had a good reason. No one has even begun to explain just who the Q's and the Anons are. Just a flimsy and vague paranoid conspiracy theory on the part of the deranged left. Please cite any article in which Epoch has voiced support for the totalitarianism of Putin and his ilk. Which is strange coming from you since you have expressed numerous times your fondness for the antics of antifas.
  12. In your estimation. But you don't know every situation, do you? It is NOT an estimation but a realistic acknowledgement of the travails of mortality. Just because life is sometimes onerous and difficult and even devastating, there is NO justification for murder of the innocent. In very RARE cases, the church allows for abortion if the mother is in danger. What you are doing is parroting the propaganda of the godless communist social engineers and subversives remaking society into their image. Pregnancy the result of rape? My inclination is everyone involved should accept the new child and if necessary give the child up for adoption. Difficult as it may be.
  13. Situation does NOT justify murder or convenience. The unborn has self awareness, feelings, ability to listen to people speaking/singing outside of the womb, etc.
  14. "The Epoch Times" is a wonderful breath of fresh air and very insightful. They provide a weekly print publication as well as multiple web sources.
  15. Finally! A voice of reason.
  16. Among that minority is a radical fringe contingent that bald-facedly advocates for the right of "parents" to terminate the life of a child up to the age of eight years!
  17. Two key differences here: 1- inducing does NOT harm the baby (it merely hastens the birthing process); 2- if the mother is dying, all the more reason for extricating the baby before the mother's biological systems shut down.
  18. Interesting that you have no defense for bizarre transvestites from outer space prancing in front of innocent little ones.
  19. There is an avalanche of indoctrination. Not just in public schools but in the corporate world, colleges, dominant media, etc. Witness the extremes of Disney Corporation. The public is pushing back at them and Florida is finally rethinking the lucrative tax treatment of Disney's "amusement" parks. If you think that transvestites behaving weirdly and adorned in ridiculous paraphernalia grandstanding to the little ones in public libraries is NOT propaganda then you are off your rocker. The incidents of teachers behaving inappropriately with students conceivably could greatly outnumber those of the Catholic Church and other large institutions.
  20. Are you familiar with the works of Stephen Meyer? He does not appear to be a run of the mill knee jerk creationist but has extensively explored questions in the "fundamentals" of science. He styles himself as a Philosopher of Science. His website is https://stephencmeyer.org/ At the end of your youtube video, you touched on Adam and Eve. The question can be asked if the bodies of "pre-humanoids" were selected by God for Adam and Eve then were the spirit bodies of Michael the Archangel and some exalted female personage inserted into selected physical bodies? Did the "pre-humanoids" have spirit bodies also (contained within their physical bodies)? How did the Justice of God operate in those instances? What happened to those displaced spirits in the "pre-humanoid" species? Were the "pre-humanoids" subject to imperfections and death? Were the physical bodies of and Adam and Eve perfected in the Terrestrial sense and made immortal? What was the state of the Earth at that time? What was necessary before the Fall could be started and the Plan of Happiness put into operation? Many, many more questions can be posed.
  21. The use of the term "homophobia" was weaponized for the purpose of shaming people that express their reluctance to celebrate the lifestyle. @california boyuse of the oxford definition feels more like propaganda than a legitimate description of a segment of the population that are less than enthusiastic about various aspects of the lifestyle. As some would say, people can love the sinner but hate the sin. It is NOT always about hate. Joining "homo" with "phobia" has the effect of labeling people as being extremely irrational. This is outrageously unfair to people who have different perspectives.
  22. Our God is a gracious God. I have NO problem with children of all ages and abilities to obtain the SPIRIT as they read this greatest work literature and revelation IN ALL OF HISTORY. You need an attitude adjustment, bro.
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