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  1. Lets see - - - you have demonstrated animosity to the Constitution (which has been documented many times on this board). She is stalwart in the defense of the Constitution. She would agree it is a Heavenly Banner if we were to describe Joseph Smith's statements about it. You have squirmed in attempting to disregard President Oaks' glorious defense of the Constitution. She is courageous in asserting her natural rights to defend herself and her family and community. You would abandon yourself to an Orwellian State.
  2. I would much rather have one of her than a thousand of you.
  3. Yes, it is very concerning. I moved from Utah to Colorado back in the 80's. It has drifted steadily from reliable conservative to being dangerously deranged social justice knee-jerkiness. The Republican Party is no longer accountable to the rank and file members. One of the few bright spots is Lauren Boebert who won her first congressional seat in CD3 (west slopes).
  4. I noticed that in profile you can still see the actual number of posts AND the number of "likes".
  5. What kind of work do you do? Would you consider moving to Nebraska? Seems like housing costs there is 1/3. Some can make the move due to being able to "telecommute".
  6. I suppose it has to do with the drastic scale in which the entire world was killed off except for one family and selected creatures. There were probably billions of people living before the flood. The people building the Tower of Babel were very much concerned about the repetition of worldwide flood (despite their scriptures stating that God's assurance of the token of the rainbow promising to never again bring the floods). The separation of land masses may have occurred over a period of decades or centuries. Making it less likely for the proles to be overly concerned about it.
  7. No. God would not wipe away anyone's memory. He wanted them to remember Adam and Eve. But they became perverse and apostatized. He wanted the Egyptians to retain their gratitude for His servant Joseph for having saved the Middle East from a VERY severe 7-year drought. But in 400 years, a new Pharaoh arose that knew not Joseph. God sent Moses to demand that he allow the Hebrews to go free. But they were too prideful and remained stubborn. With all the amazing plagues that were unleashed on that nation, would you not expect the entire nation to keep a faithful record of what transpired? Sadly they did not. Thankfully we have the accounts in the OT and other scriptures. No doubt some records were kept. But how long were they preserved and faithfully transmitted? Makes us wonder how Laban (circa 600 B.C.) obtained the Brass Plates? Did the tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh maintain this record? Were they concerned about long term integrity of records? Is that why they etched important histories onto metal sheets? More evidences - - - https://pubs.usgs.gov/gip/dynamic/historical.html "The belief that continents have not always been fixed in their present positions was suspected long before the 20th century; this notion was first suggested as early as 1596 by the Dutch map maker Abraham Ortelius in his work Thesaurus Geographicus. Ortelius suggested that the Americas were "torn away from Europe and Africa . . . by earthquakes and floods" and went on to say: "The vestiges of the rupture reveal themselves, if someone brings forward a map of the world and considers carefully the coasts of the three [continents]." Ortelius' idea surfaced again in the 19th century. However, it was not until 1912 that the idea of moving continents was seriously considered as a full-blown scientific theory -- called Continental Drift -- introduced in two articles published by a 32-year-old German meteorologist named Alfred Lothar Wegener. He contended that, around 200 million years ago, the supercontinent Pangaea began to split apart. Alexander Du Toit, Professor of Geology at Witwatersrand University and one of Wegener's staunchest supporters, proposed that Pangaea first broke into two large continental landmasses, Laurasia in the northern hemisphere and Gondwanaland in the southern hemisphere. Laurasia and Gondwanaland then continued to break apart into the various smaller continents that exist today."
  8. Thanks to @InCognitus @Calm @Kevin Christensen for their perspectives. How can there be a need for CFR if everybody pretty much have their opinions? Several years ago I watched a PBS show (maybe it was NOVA) where it was told that a certain scientist looked at a hillside next to a coast in England and developed a theory that geological processes occurred at a steady gradual rate. He called it Uniformitarianism. Then decades later another scientist visited the same locale and saw evidences of major upheavals. He called it Catastrophism. Who was correct? I am inclined to believe that God can easily cause the earth to undergo massive changes in a very short amount of time without too much violence in the shock waves. Such as venting enormous reservoirs of water from deep underground for the purpose of baptizing the earth. Nothing is impossible for God. Not even skidding continents around. See my signature block below.
  9. Essentially yes. The OT refers to all land as having been one contiguous continent. In the days of Peleg did that land mass separate.
  10. You live in a fantasy land. Nobody but the Capitol Police were armed. The Congress never were in danger (they were busy orchestrating the drama). https://www.frontpagemag.com/fpm/2021/02/fascist-democrats-fake-insurrection-david-horowitz/ "The January 6 mob scene, according to investigators, was planned by “Oath Keepers” – a fringe pro-Trump group - two months before Trump gave the speech for which he was impeached under the bogus charge that he had “incited an insurrection.” In fact, he had offered to deploy 10,000 National Guardsmen to defend the Capitol for the January 6 certification. Some insurrectionist! "Trump’s infamous speech was perfectly normal, law-abiding and democratic. It was given a mile from the Capitol and was an appeal to his supporters to stiffen the spines of Republican members of Congress so they would challenge the election result. This was something Democrats and their impeachment leader – the devious Jamie Raskin - had done at the certification hearings in 2017 after Trump’s election (and also in 2001 and 2005 after both Bush elections). Democrats’ hypocrisy apparently knows no limits and no restraints and evidently has no decency filter. If Trump’s supporters failed to stiffen the spines of “weak Republicans” as Trump urged them to do in so many words at the Ellipse, they needed to go back home and primary them in the 2022 elections. Totally respectful of the democratic process. "The reality is that given the three months of violent assaults by Black Lives Matter and Antifa criminals on 220 American cities last summer, January 6 was an unexceptional event. Where was the respect for government courthouses, national monuments, police stations and public order all summer? For three months and more, those violent insurrectionary riots were supported by Vice President Kamala Harris and the Democrat Party leadership, and even funded by them." https://www.frontpagemag.com/fpm/2021/02/progressives-cry-insurrection-and-treason-theyre-don-feder/ "All the left has to do is level an accusation, use the magic words “January 6” or “insurrection” and any one of us can find ourselves accused of treason. "Of course, when urban centers went up in flames throughout the spring and summer (property damage estimated between $1 billion and $2 billion), when cops were murdered, when rioters tried to storm federal buildings and when so-called autonomous zones were being set up, there was not a word of protest from the guardians of constitutional government. "Then candidate Biden insisted Antifa wasn’t really an organization but just an idea. He’s yet to say anything at all about Black Lives Matter, just nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, in perhaps the ultimate irony. And now he’s singing its refrain, when he bloviates about America’s “deep racial inequalities.” "Remember Antifa’s chant: “No borders. No wall. No USA at all.” What do you suppose that was about? A call for reform?"
  11. So you believe that the entire GOP are terrorists? Talk about painting with a broad brush! You have gone over the edge.
  12. I saw the video. It looked like a casual cold-blooded killing. There was no pressure on the shooter. The crowd was very light and a mixed bag of different backgrounds.
  13. This topic could closely be associated with the controversy of whether there was an actual violent "insurrection" in DC on January 6 and whether there were "false flag" operators. Comparisons should be made of this event with many violent riotings around the country. Chief among the questions is this - - - was Ashli Babbitt senselessly executed for the purpose of generating a false narrative?
  14. Strange twist you are putting on "affirmative action".
  15. Or the soft bigotry of lower expectations? Can be mortifyingly embarrassing!
  16. Looking beyond the mark can have serious consequences.
  17. Both of you have gone far into the weeds with so much speculation. There are only a few tidbits that we do know. Such as mortal beings have "flesh and blood" bodies and celestial beings have bodies of "flesh and bone". Apparently mortal bodies require blood but resurrected bodies do NOT. Instead some form of "pure energy" may flow thru resurrected bodies (I think I read that somewhere).
  18. The focus is on the alcohol content of wine. Which has to do with "sanitizing" certain microbes and tiny insects. Just what I have heard (so please no CFR, shudder shudder ).
  19. Pinky and the Brain conspiring to take over the world.
  20. Gates' financial managers are agressively buying farmland - - -
  21. In between was the continental telegraph. The plains indians used to put their ears on the pole and hear dits and dats. They did not know why but they were strongly moved upon in the spirit.
  22. Doesn't the redundancy make you fly to pieces?
  23. ♒ Oh? I shoulda used the spread fingers emoticon! ♒
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