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    Is your tag (avatar) name a play on "Moroni" ? Cute!
  2. The best way to "invoke" her is to use the AT sign - - - {background noises and rumblings and thunderings} @Raingirl ! ! ! You are hereby SUMMONED ! ! !
  3. The sound system is horrible in my ward house. Both me and my wife are hearing impaired. My wife has an app on her phone that will do live captioning. Very helpful!
  4. In SLC Utahns were famous for heading over to Snelgroves for ice cream after sacrament meetings.
  5. You do jumping jacks while standing on your head.
  6. Could not feel the spirit? What kind of testimonies did you write in your mission journal? Maybe you are now in a state of complete lethargy?
  7. Years ago I read a story about a guy that was visited by missionaries. He felt the spirit and was convinced of its truthfulness. But he deliberately chose to refuse baptism because he did NOT want to give up the pleasures in his life. Kind of like the rich man who was invited by Jesus to donate ALL his possessions and follow Him. The rich man had a simple choice. He probably was touched by the spirit but was very loathe to lose the comforts and the renown of elite circles. Too bad he did not understand how brief temporal life is. There is incredible glory and vast dominions to be gained by the faithful in Eternal Realms.
  8. True scientists should be very wary of what you describe as "orthodoxy". Too many fields of science have been corrupted politically motivated funding and on-going narratives carefully maintained and "enforced". Such as climate hysteria, gender studies, evolution, etc. Even cosmology! No assumption here. We do not necessarily need to understand what "matter unorganized" means. We either wait for further revelation or we will understand in the next world. Good chance we knew this in the pre-exisence but in mortality the "veil of forgetfulness" has been placed over our minds.
  9. But you have not really addressed the increasing contradictions as more observations are being made. That Big Bang proponents are scrambling to cover for by inventing new cosmological features such as Dark Energy and Dark Matter for which they have zero evidence except with contrived mathematics.
  10. It might be plausible if there are multiple Big Bangs. Infinite parallel universes? But there will still be a ton of questions. Pre-conditions for each Big Bang? I am inclined not to pursue this angle. I will just follow up and point to Heavenly Father's instructions to Jehovah concerning a space where there is matter unorganized.
  11. Over the many years I have been on this board, I would usually question the science (especially if it is being pushed by a persistent narrative that seems contrived) and explore scientific alternatives. Sometimes I would follow up with religious perspectives simply to give a doctrinal overview (not necessarily to PROVE my scientific arguments). I would invite you to review Stephen Meyer's work on evolution (which is deeply insightful). Hopefully you also gave yourself a chance to understand the work of Eric Lerner.
  12. I don't think the story was evolving. Its just that you had a beam in your eye and used wrong judgment and got bit by your bias.
  13. I’m confused. How does the Big Bang suggest a universe coming into existence out of nothing? Because Big Bang proponents have not a clue about the pre-conditions for the Big Bang? You were affirming what @InCognitus was saying: "What the James Webb telescope shows, according to a NASA source, is that the universe doesn't originate from a single point: "The Big Bang happened everywhere at once and was a process happening in time, not a point in time. In other words, there is NO definite location within the expanding universe where the point of singularity can be found (I can agree with that). However Big Bang proponents had been using the "Red Shift" phenomena as evidence for, well, the Big Bang! Please review my post above for alternative cosmologies ably presented by Eric Lerner. He shows how Big Bang proponents are madly scrambling to account for ever more contradictions as more observations are being made. I said "How so compelling!" to express my sarcasm. The Big Bang can only produce a finite universe (with finite number of intelligences) and definite starting point for time but an uncertain ending point (a possibility for finite time?). The point of singularity is finite. The resulting Big Bang cannot be infinite. On the other hand, we have the Gospel as restored by Joseph Smith. It definitely teaches of endless generations of the Gods and the work will NEVER end. Therefore the universe has to be infinite and the number of intelligences has to be infinite. It is even taught that ALL intelligences (you, me and future spirit children) are co-eternal with God). It is the purpose of God to invite intelligences to participate in the Plan of Happiness and thus enable ever greater dominions and endless generations forever and ever (no end to infinity).
  14. In other words, the universe came into existence out of nothing and has been expanding ever since. How so compelling!
  15. You make him sound like a gadfly but there are many solid institutions and sources that give Eric Lerner a lot of credibility. Here is an impressive overview of his career (see https://www.plasma-universe.com/eric-lerner/) Here is an open letter explaining the contrast between plasma cosmology and steady state model with the big bang theory (which is having to deal with more and more contradictions as new observations are being made, see https://www.plasma-universe.com/An-Open-Letter-to-the-Scientific-Community/). Note that this letter is co-signed by over 250 eminent scientists around world (their names and affiliated organizations are listed at the bottom: Here is another example of a work by Eric Lerner published at Harvard (see https://ui.adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/1988LPB.....6..457L/abstract) This is an amusing statement to be made. Similar to anthropologists who try to evade questions by saying abiogenesis is NOT the same thing as evolution.
  16. I'm sure the DoJ has their rubber stamp ready. The DoJ SWAT team will be ready (just in case).
  17. Spontaneously? No pre-conditions? No clue as to what "set off" the Big Bang? How did that "infinitesimal point" come to be? Out of nothing? Mathematically illogical. An empty set cannot produce a non-empty set. According to the laws of science? The Big Bang Theory is just that. Not yet proven. Only feverish imaginations and lame extrapolations. It has been said that there is NO "outer boundary" that encloses the entire universe. Also that a "spacecraft" will have to travel in a straight line continually until it eventually comes back to its starting point (kind of like seeing the back of your head). It will need to travel at "ludicrous speed" in order to get a more accurate measurement of the distance traveled. Do this every billion years it will be able to determine if the universe is expanding, contracting or remains static. The universe would have to be finite. Otherwise there is NO way to do the measurement. I don't think the "Red Shift" can provide the "last word" on the expansion of the universe. Infinitesimally small? Point of singularity has NO size. Dense black hole? You must mean infinitely dense. If it has NO size, then the density cannot possibly be measured! If it had ANY mass, would the amount of matter issuing forth from the Big Bang be infinite? Black Holes have varying sizes and varying masses. I suppose their densities can be measured based on the diameter of the event horizons (side to side) and the amount of mass can be calculated based on its gravitational effect on objects orbiting around them. Black Holes exist IN time. Point of singularity is oblivious of time. This makes me think of the joke about how many psychiatrist does it take to change a light bulb? Just one but the bulb has to WANT to change. For a point of singularity to exist, we are forced back to the question of pre-conditions (see above). Although I earned a bachelor of science degree in Math, I am leery and skeptical of the various theories propounded. Don't ask me to review the math.
  18. All the intelligences were also uncreated and have always existed. Therefor the Universe had no beginning and will have no ending. I personally believe the Universe to be infinite and the number of intelligences to be infinite. Thus the work, the generations, Eternal Rounds will never end.
  19. If the sample is to be truly "random" you would need to divide the world into maybe a thousand sectors. Each sector will need a staff to be able to "interview" those that are willing to participate in the initial screening process. The interviews will need to weed out those that are underaged, mentally incapacitated, that are not fanatically bonded to the "religion of their fathers" (such as moslems, hindoos, communists), etc. The participants would also have to agree to embark on a lengthy process of searching out as many religions as they are capable for a sufficient interval (say six months). I could go on for several more paragraphs of difficulties and hurdles. I seriously doubt your sample size of 2401 would be meaningful for the world as a whole. I have a bachelor of science in math with a couple of courses in statistics. Your proposal is chock full of logistical problems and will fail due to excess of unmanageable parameters. Here are the minimum requirements: https://www.qualtrics.com/experience-management/research/determine-sample-size/
  20. Thanks! I did notice that my ability to express my votes was mysteriously taken away a couple weeks ago. Have NO inkling of why it happened. Seems similar to the occasional bans of various other board participants.
  21. It throws you into a tizzy when the narrative does NOT go your way. Because you are in DEEP denial about the derangement of "woke" philosophies? Or maybe you are embarrassed with the antics of antifas which you have repeatedly expressed admiration for? Possibly your lack of "enthusiasm" for free enterprise? "Christian Nationalism" is a meaningless term for me. I subscribe to Elder Oaks masterful praise of Constitutionalism and the blessings that flowed from it to the whole world. Which you tried to fight back against by calling it idolatry.
  22. It throws you into a tizzy when the narrative does NOT go your way.
  23. "We The People" that honor and uphold the Constitution are citizen militia. We have millions of gun owners that are law-abiding, know and practice gun safety (unlike Alec Baldwin), understand the need for a moral people to obtain more fully the blessings of Constitutional governance. Eli responded immediately. It only took the perp a few seconds to kill the three but Eli was able to stop him plenty fast. What do you expect? For Eli to be a mind-reader? You are way overboard ridiculous. Better this than a 5 minute wait (at best) for police response. At Uvalde the police stood in the lobby for over an hour while the killer was allowed to keep shooting the little innocents (thank the Lord the off-duty Border Patrol agent independently charged in to put a stop to it). Gun free zones DON'T work! It only incentivizes depraved killers.
  24. Eli D#cken* was heroic and a very excellent example of the citizen militia. He lives in a farming community. Thankfully he was concealed carry and saved many many lives in the Greenwood Park Mall. *Reason for pound sign: the censoring software does not like the letter "i" in the surname.
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