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  1. All the intelligences were also uncreated and have always existed. Therefor the Universe had no beginning and will have no ending. I personally believe the Universe to be infinite and the number of intelligences to be infinite. Thus the work, the generations, Eternal Rounds will never end.
  2. If the sample is to be truly "random" you would need to divide the world into maybe a thousand sectors. Each sector will need a staff to be able to "interview" those that are willing to participate in the initial screening process. The interviews will need to weed out those that are underaged, mentally incapacitated, that are not fanatically bonded to the "religion of their fathers" (such as moslems, hindoos, communists), etc. The participants would also have to agree to embark on a lengthy process of searching out as many religions as they are capable for a sufficient interval (say six months). I could go on for several more paragraphs of difficulties and hurdles. I seriously doubt your sample size of 2401 would be meaningful for the world as a whole. I have a bachelor of science in math with a couple of courses in statistics. Your proposal is chock full of logistical problems and will fail due to excess of unmanageable parameters. Here are the minimum requirements: https://www.qualtrics.com/experience-management/research/determine-sample-size/
  3. Thanks! I did notice that my ability to express my votes was mysteriously taken away a couple weeks ago. Have NO inkling of why it happened. Seems similar to the occasional bans of various other board participants.
  4. It throws you into a tizzy when the narrative does NOT go your way. Because you are in DEEP denial about the derangement of "woke" philosophies? Or maybe you are embarrassed with the antics of antifas which you have repeatedly expressed admiration for? Possibly your lack of "enthusiasm" for free enterprise? "Christian Nationalism" is a meaningless term for me. I subscribe to Elder Oaks masterful praise of Constitutionalism and the blessings that flowed from it to the whole world. Which you tried to fight back against by calling it idolatry.
  5. It throws you into a tizzy when the narrative does NOT go your way.
  6. "We The People" that honor and uphold the Constitution are citizen militia. We have millions of gun owners that are law-abiding, know and practice gun safety (unlike Alec Baldwin), understand the need for a moral people to obtain more fully the blessings of Constitutional governance. Eli responded immediately. It only took the perp a few seconds to kill the three but Eli was able to stop him plenty fast. What do you expect? For Eli to be a mind-reader? You are way overboard ridiculous. Better this than a 5 minute wait (at best) for police response. At Uvalde the police stood in the lobby for over an hour while the killer was allowed to keep shooting the little innocents (thank the Lord the off-duty Border Patrol agent independently charged in to put a stop to it). Gun free zones DON'T work! It only incentivizes depraved killers.
  7. Eli D#cken* was heroic and a very excellent example of the citizen militia. He lives in a farming community. Thankfully he was concealed carry and saved many many lives in the Greenwood Park Mall. *Reason for pound sign: the censoring software does not like the letter "i" in the surname.
  8. Only Americans imagine they are defenseless without a firearm. We are a cowardly people. Only stupid people would claim that there are no other options for self-defense. Not fighting with fists. Not using a knife. Not banging the perp on the noggin with a frying pan. But firearms are a God-send for women that are half the size of brutes intent on rape, pillage or depravity. The GREAT equalizer. It is a SHAME that you so persistently denigrate the decent and law-abiding citizens of this Constitutional Republic. The Second Amendment is CRUCIAL for assuring and defending the First Amendment. There have been TOO MANY incidents of government (any level) going rogue.
  9. Is it your understanding that British home owners are required by law to meekly submit to home invaders as they are being robbed and even violated? Why would the people put up with that?
  10. I have. It is a campy ridiculous version of Star Trek (along the lines of The Next Generation). ETA: Nehor would call it ABSURD.
  11. I wonder if a teenager was looking around the place. Most likely there was a security guard (nightwatch). The teenager could easily ascertain where the guard is and stealthily have a run of the place while keeping out of sight. The nightwatch is more likely to notice problems on the first floor so the intruder probably wanted to start a fire in a more remote area (upper level and closed off utility room). Let the fire simmer long enough to spread into the attic where it can burn out of control. Fortunately the smoke was seeping out the building so numerous people could see and calls quickly made to 911.
  12. If you had been a lover of reading and perusing the scriptures (daily personal study), you would already been familiar with the 144K way back when you were still wet behind the ears.
  13. Was Zerubbabel kingly/political? Were Ezra and Nehemiah priestly? Is that the kind of distinction you are trying to make? Endtime Servant is not really a familiar term to me. It would be helpful if you would have started this thread with at least ONE reference for the rest of us to begin our search.
  14. There are so many ways of making assessments. Women's intuition, what does it tell you. Understanding of history in various time periods. How they differ from our time. We can tell a great deal from seeing the countenance of every person. The scriptures has many references to countenance. There is an extensive spectrum of observations we can make. I stand by my statements, personal knowledge, life experience, etc. Sometimes just plumb personal opinion.
  15. I am not a 100 percenter on the photo. Give the scholars and historians and whoever time to continue the assessment and review. Just like President Hinckley was content to allow more experts to investigate the provenance of Mark Hoffman's dubious works. As it was, the investors put more pressure on Hoffman than did the scholars. I do like the photo though.
  16. His whole life was AWESOME from beginning to end. He died sealing his testimony of Christ's Restored Church. In between he went through so many incredible challenges. If he was a fraud, he would have quit long before April 6, 1830. He survived an attempted poisoning that dislocated his jaw. Which he reset on his own. Thousands of experiences just incredible. Exactly my thoughts. A couple of people on this thread expressed their opinion that the picture was too old for a 38 year old guy. All that does is point to the ruggedness and the heavy rigor of his life. His dedication and his steadfastness and his faithfulness! A true soldier and prophet. Like Elijah. Your'e just being a sourpuss. I am very grateful for JS' life and mission. And very privileged to be part of the Restored Church!
  17. Are you aware of stories of him out-wrestling guys bigger than him? Rough stone ROLLING! The Lord did wonders with him.
  18. The photo is an image of a really rugged frontiersman, the face of intelligence, lips set in tremendous endurance and the eyes of love, compassion and visionary seer.
  19. I read his article. Gordon Monson gives a shallow passing reference to the awesome power of the Atonement of Christ. He is oblivious to the mercy, grace, overwhelming love, steadfastness, zealous faithfulness of EVERY member of the Godhead. ALL things are possible with God who is almighty in EVERY aspect of His Work.
  20. Bravely kicking the can down the road but never really really solving the problem/issue.
  21. Honest interpretation: When was the last time the Catholic Church or other religious churches made a full court political press for Full-Blown Socialistic Massive Government in the US to help pay for these services? With its death panels, one-size-fits-all solutions, eliminating personal care-giving by actual charitable organizations and replacing that with a faceless bureaucracy with its binding regulations, etc? With one it is personal accountability and wise couseling. The other it is heedless hedonism and anything goes lifestyle.
  22. I would say it is very plausible that it was BOTH. I think it very likely that those who found the lost scripture did a careful reading and made comparisons with what they already had on hand. They may have determined what was on hand were corrupted by paganism of previous generations. Then they approached Josiah about the lost scripture. Which led to intensive months long seminars. Then Josiah with his court began implementing massive reforms of religious institutions.
  23. How do you account for this prophecy? The church IS the Kingdom of God on earth. It shall roll forth and eventually fill the whole earth. It is so peculiar that 80% of my children are NOT active in it. I am praying that someday they will come back into the fold. While simultaneously removing all peculiarities. I think you know better than to say the absolute "removing all peculiarities". Apostle Paul had this to say: The church is reaching out to ALL people. That includes showing kindness to ALL people while still standing firm for the standards of the Gospel.
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