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  1. There are very sound and loving precepts in the Proclamation on the Family and the answers Elder Bednar gave are very encouraging. What are we missing? The Gospel of Jesus Christ is NEVER a "waste of time."
  2. Thanks. We have very different perspectives. It comes down to interpretation of scriptures. And receiving revelation from God. I read it. It is reiterating what you quoted in your previous post. I get the feeling that this description is based firmly on Catholic teaching of the Trinity. It can not allow for a God that can have an "appearance" or "form" of an anthropomorphic being. I have had discussions on this board with @MiserereNobis and @3DOP about the Trinity. I am a lifelong reader of the KJV. I know that there are hundreds (maybe thousands) of verses that declare the distinct personhood and image of members in the Godhead. @MiserereNobis agrees that the Catholic Trinity is NOT explained in the Bible but was derived externally. Some by a committee put together by Constantine in the council at Nice and including "thinkers" from the previous century.
  3. tell that to Longview Feels like there is so much heat and little understanding. I think that the link @CV75 just posted will do wonderfully in clarifying what we are talking about. He only put in 3 paragraphs of Elder Bednar's talk in Chile but I am going to post the entire transcription that someone made from the comment section (I have bolded in red some parts): from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BQ4_wTGv8Ao thanks CV75!
  4. Apparently you are choosing to blur the distinctions between: [1] demonstrating brotherly love, gratitude, admiration (the respectful kind); [2] sexual stimulation, romantic dancing, dating (as opposed to just being friends). Yes, I would have to say that you are trying to "chip away" the standards using all kinds of rationalizations and get around "keeping the spirit of the Law". You are mistaken about the PoF. There are plenty said about Heavenly Father wanting EVERYBODY (that includes you) to reach the highest degree of the Celestial Kingdom where a man and a woman must enter into mutally dependent COVENANT to do the work that God is doing and DESIRES us to do the SAME!
  5. This has already been covered earlier by someone (I forget who) that quoted scripture where God should NOT have to command in all things. Not only should we search the scriptures and try to understand the "relatively few letters of the Law" but also be seeking to "KEEP the spirit of the Law". If the Pharisees had tried to have the spirit, they would not have come up with weird rationalizations in making compromises with the Law. Such as declaring their property as "Corban" and free themselves from their obligation to supporting their aged parents. See Mark 7:11. But ye say, If a man shall say to his father or mother, It is Corban, that is to say, a gift, by whatsoever thou mightest be profited by me; he shall be free. 12. And ye suffer him no more to do ought for his father or his mother; 13. Making the word of God of none effect through your tradition, which ye have delivered: and many such like things do ye. It should be obvious that homosexuals and trans cannot have it both ways: [1] believe in and sustain the revelations contained in the Proclamation on the Family; [2] engage in flirtatious or romantic behaviors with same sex people; [3] trans modifying/mutilating/drugging their bodies.
  6. The quote within the quote is from St. Catherine of Siena. It looks like the catechism is conflating the term "image" with terms "able to know" or "knowledge" or "capable of self-knowledge" and a whole lot of circular reasoning. Definition from the Google: im·age /ˈimij/ Biblical Rhetoric noun 1. a representation of the external form of a person or thing in art. "her work juxtaposed images from serious and popular art" Similar: likeness resemblance depiction portrayal representation statue statuette sculpture bust effigy figure figurine doll carving painting picture portrait drawing sketch artist's impression Note that the Genesis account doubles down by using both words: image and likeness. Which directly relate to the APPEARANCE of GOD: chapter one verse 26: And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness. When I do a scan of the Bible for the word image, the results pretty much have to do with mainly the appearances or representations and NOT primarily having or gaining knowledge.
  7. Because radical social engineers want to keep their steel grip on the narrative? To honestly answer questions about the basic understanding of human nature having two fundamental sexes would cause them to come face to face with logical absurdities. That would be tantamount to schizophrenia.
  8. It seems apparent that Lori and Chad worked together in a conspiracy to do away with their respective spouses. She involved her brother Alex Cox in killing her fourth husband Charles Vallow. I believe she gradually warmed up Chad into giving Tammy slow increments of poison.
  9. From the link it is stated that Mark E. Petersen and Marion G. Romney made a list: I would love to see that list!
  10. Also, both versions did drive the money-changers out of the temple. Holy war referred only to the spiritual, not the physical. Jesus was a direct descendant King David of the tribe of Judah. Therefore a Jew in all cases but did give the higher law in most dispensations (i.e. Christianity).
  11. Irrelevant. If giant corporations want to go "woke" and many elite universities will fire their administrators and professors for the misfortune for having a small "slip of the tongue" in expressing opinions contrary to politically correct dogma, then there is way too much coercion being placed on most institutions. Including USA Swimming. I am opposed to "big-government". The solution is the Tenth Amendment where most of the Feds (giant departments) must be dismantled and power returned to the States or the grass-roots. I think there is too much abuse thru the mandates of Title IX. There should be many more private governing boards that will make their own rules. Which will allow more students and athletes to have freedom of choice in the kinds of associations, culture, levels of competition, academic standards, etc.
  12. That could be true for many participants. But for many girls, they want to train hard, compete with other females, set goals for improvement, and aim for the "playoffs". They want the excitement of battling for the championship. It really is deflating for them to put in whole season of hard competition only to have that taken away by trans stealing their venue with total dominance in the playoffs. The ONLY fair thing to do is for trans to have their own appropriate classifications.
  13. I have read a biography of Geronimo years ago. It was fascinating to learn he engaged in a large scale battle with Mexican soldiers down south. He fought so fiercely that the soldiers greatly despaired and they took to loudly pleading for help from their patron saint Jerome. This is how he got his name!
  14. Geronimo was a fierce warrior. He had plenty to be angry about.
  15. Many years ago in a church sponsored marriage relations class, it was taught that anger is a secondary emotion. We must stop and think about why we are feeling the anger. It may be due to the initial emotion of surprise, disappointment, or even something rooted in experiences of early childhood. But I am not a psychiatrist or a counselor. Elder Bednar gave a terrific talk about being acted upon as opposed to choosing act with thoughtful deliberation. There are many levels in which we can respond. Celestial people can be empathetic enough to know how to relate to telestial people in ways they can understand and have a better chance of peaceful resolution.
  16. @cinepro provided a scientific illustration that clearly shows the overwhelming physical capabilities of biological males in outperforming biological females. The female bell curve is to the left of the male bell curve in terms of athletic capabilities and occupations requiring brute force. There is some overlap of the right tail of the female curve with the left tail of the male curve due to the obvious fact that some unhealthy men are unable to keep up with the top tier of biological females. It looks to me that 85% of the males outperform 90% of the females. Why would you say it is a fascinating question? What it is - is an important observation to keep in mind. At least 95% of the population know this to be true. It is only extreme radical social engineers that would try to deny the obvious. It is stunning that you would condemn those people that will NOT shy away from defending the obvious. For you to say they are acting in bad faith places you in the position of opposing the truth. Yes. There are many issues that involve a great deal of subversion that traditional and conservative people find objectionable. What do you mean? Sounds disjointed. Who wants that? Only extremists. A couple years ago I saw kick boxing match between a female and a trans. It was horrible. It was off the chart murderous. There are good reasons for weight classifications in boxing. A featherweight should not be pitted against a heavyweight. No amount of hormonal treatments for the trans is going to make it fair for biological females. It is NOT an issue for trans-male to compete against biological males except maybe the institution could be made liable for harm done to the trans in the male arena. Maybe classifications could be set up where trans-men compete against each other and trans-women have their venue?
  17. Sadly you do not always serve the truth. No driveby insults!
  18. Incorrect. Joseph did not assume. He prayed for insight on ancient cultures including that of polygamy. That was among those the Lord commanded to be "restored" as part of the "restitution of all things."
  19. You and I had a discussion about a Universe of many dimensions several months ago. What if there are 24 dimensions as some scientists speculate? What if we are only able to discern up to 6 dimensions through some kind of laboratory work (Large Hadron Collider)? And the other 18 dimensions could only be explored using mind-bending advanced mathematics? What if our "6 dimensions" were originally empty or non-discernable? What if God started the process of transforming something from the "other 18 dimensions" to create/organize our current visible universe?
  20. At the bottom of the title page is the "signature" of Joseph Smith. In the 1830 edition, Grandin inserted "By Joseph Smith, Junior, Author and Proprietor". But the church modified it to "Translated by Joseph Smith, Jun." I have seen several comments on this board about whether JS translated from ancient script or wrote through the inspiration of the Lord. My conviction is that he did it through inspired transcription.
  21. Which means you have to be well versed in all the conspiracy theories. And understand who is the abominable church of the devil. And identify all the conspiring men.
  22. One common element is we watch the semi-annual world-wide general conference the first Sat/Sun of April. There are plenty of talks about the Risen Christ.
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