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Priesthood being active and dormant?

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Priesthood Authority =\= Priesthood power

I will also add, that sometimes some people have the faith to be healed regardless. Good can use sinners as well, but under different circumstances.

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On 3/31/2022 at 2:21 PM, nuclearfuels said:

My spouse shared that in the ward she grew up attending, a person was baptized by his older brother who had for years lived a lifestyle contrary to the principles of the gospel. 

When the bishop of her ward was asked about this, he said that the brother had the priesthood and the ordinance was valid - and that the priesthood was dormant during his time away from the church.

This seems odd to me. 

Is this a standard approach?

If I chose to live a lifestyle such as this man would the priesthood remain with me, just in a dormant manner?

If so this seems to equate sinning (significantly) to be less grievous than unrighteous dominion (Amen to the priesthood of that man), no?


Bishops have discretion in such cases, it can also be life changing turn around for that person. I have seen that in the much more common occurrence of bishops letting fathers give a baby blessing at church. But it seems there might have a misunderstanding of what unrighteous dominion is. 

Examining Doctrine and Covenants 121:34-46, one senses the implication that unrighteous dominion has any of at least three characteristics:

•It fails to honor the God-given moral agency of men and women. 
•Its objective is worldly acclaim and gratification of pride and vain ambition instead of divine approbation. 
•It emphasizes tasks and agendas at the expense of human relationships and the welfare of souls. 

Basically, using the priesthood for ourselves rather than in the service of others.https://www.churchofjesuschrist.org/study/ensign/1989/07/unrighteous-dominion?lang=eng

The priesthood never leaves you, you just limit your own priesthood power. Its just like receiving the Gift the holy ghost versus feeling it in your everyday life.

the full scripture says: Though he may have been ordained, the heavens will withdraw, the Spirit of the Lord will be grieved, and it will be amen to the authority of the priesthood of that man.

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