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  1. I want to be clear that in 600BC God cursed Judah (the Jews) and made Ephraim (Nephites and Lamanites) the chosen tribe of God. Israel is only 12 tribes of Abraham. We only know of 2 tribes. We know nothing of the other 10 tribes of Israel. I only know I come from Asher because I pray diligently and received personal revelations. But that would mean Asher mated with the English or Irish. The other 12 tribes of Abraham come from Ishmael. All 24 Tribes are Abrahamic and Abraham is basically our father. Ephraim is the only tribe that own blood rights to the priesthood (native Americans and
  2. Also, when Lehi commanded to get Ishmael, how do we know he was talking about somebody from the tribes of Israel. What if it was someone from the tribe of Bedouin? That would mean the Nephites mixed with Ishmael daughters blood, would create Ishmael and Isaac children. Children that are both lions and lambs, as Isaac was like a lamb, and Ishmael was like a lion.
  3. Thank you for some great insight, I agree with most of what you said, and appreciate the feedback. But this verse above I have a problem with. Hagar was Egyptian and took Ishmael back to Egypt. This is when Ishmael had twelve sons. The sons of Ishmael taught Egypt of a Messiah that will be born from a virgin. Why? Because Abraham taught Ishmael the prophecies of God. Evidence: Horas heard the prophecies of Abraham through the children of Ishmael (see Genesis 17:20 & 21:18). This is when the first false Messiah came. Horas claimed to be the Savior born of a virgin and made hi
  4. I've studied Mormon Scripture diligently for the last seven years. I know it comes from God. However, I have few disagreements with D&C Scriptures. D&C teaches that the 24 elders are the 12 apostles in America and the 12 in Jerusalem. But the Scriptures paint a different story. First off, I take God's promised as literal and not a figure of speech. God promised Abraham, "Behold thy seed will be equal to all the stars in heaven". Secondly, God strategically scattered all 24 tribes to breed with all nations so this promise will come to pass. God did this so everybody alive today wi
  5. Socialism is dangerous in the hands of natural men. But in the hands of our Prophet, you can see that it does a great thing and helps us build up Zion.
  6. "I am a priest", not "was". Sorry for the bad grammar. But I am still a socialist priest. Socialism is a part of my culture.
  7. For me, the law of consecration and tithing is similar to "true socialism". I say true because Satan has a counterfeit socialism which force people. True social is like my Temple Work or the Atonement of Christ, we do it voluntarily, we drink the bitter cup and murmur not.
  8. 1) The only person that should talk like this to children is the parents. A father should baptize and give the holy ghost to his children. And we should do the spiritual teachings and healings also. 2) You need to start where she left off. Don't advice her of anything. Read the Scriptures together. Let her share her thoughts with you, and then pray to God together. This will bring you and your daughter closer together. Right now, it sounds like your getting robbed of this spiritual blessing. 3) You are no longer bound to the mother spiritually so it's pointless to talk to her
  9. Can you be a socialist and priest at the same time? I was a socialist priest and got sealed in the Temple with my family. My stake president says it's okay. Why do members keep sharing talks from fifty years ago to persuade me into their Utah Culture? I love the Book of Mormon and it does not support unregulated capitalism. If anything my sacred scriptures support socialism. I will use the Book of Mormon as my evidence. If you leave a comment, I will not reply to general conference consider cultural doctrine. Use the Book of Mormon to defend your stance of why I can't be a priest
  10. Regular Christians believe Jeremiah 1:5 believes God knows our future. They don't believe that scripture is evidence that we lived with God in heaven. The regular Christians are correct to say God knows our future; however, the narrow it down to one future and we can't control what our future will become. Our God is more powerful than that. My God knows a million different possible versions of myself according to our choices. There is a million paths to take. If we want to become God's version of ourselves we must pray diligently and be guided by his hands. We must build up the walls of G
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