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    • By Robert F. Smith
      Karissa Neely, “Adapting a Global Church,” A5-6.
      Genelle Pugmire, “Church Doctrine vs ‘Mormon Doctrine’,” A8,10,12,14.
      Two excellent articles in the Provo Daily Herald “LDS Guide Fall 2018,” Sept 30, 2018, special section A, online at https://www.heraldextra.com/special-section/lds/fall2018/lds-guide-doctrine-vs-culture/article_831989e7-919b-55e8-a206-110084ffec4d.html .
      A good way for everyone, including Bill Reel, to prepare for Conference this weekend.
    • By Five Solas
      Thinking about BYU losing the US Air Force ROTC program it has hosted, almost since the inception of the Air Force (as a separate service from the USAAC).  Although some will play down the move to UVU – I think this could prove a watershed moment for BYU and for LDS.

      For over half a century the Air Force played by the rules of the LDS authored “Honor Code” at BYU and found officers willing to work within its constraints.  In return, BYU supplied thousands of competent officers. 

      And whatever the exact equation of costs vs. benefits for Air Force officer recruitment/training, one thing is certain: The LDS Church and its flagship university aren’t as valuable as they used to be.  They used to be worth accommodating--and now they're not.  LDS influence stands diminished. 

      A couple years ago, Daniel C. Peterson wrote an article that was perhaps prescient—

      Growing up in the fifties and sixties, it was easy to assume that American society respected Latter-day Saints. We might be out on the theological fringe, regarded as a bit quirky, but American civic religion was at least theoretically pretty much on our side. For example, Americans seemed to honor ideals of faithful, heterosexual marriage, with fathers taking the lead and mothers caring for children. Society was, in other words, largely in sync with, and supportive of, fundamental, practical Mormon values. In fact, Mormons seemed quintessentially American — which, in the postwar era of the Pax Americana, benefited our church not only in the United States but in Europe and Japan.

      Today, though, Mormonism and Western society seem to be parting ways in crucial respects.

      What do folks think?  Is the Air Force ROTC departure from BYU related to a broader trend Peterson wrote about in 2015?  

    • By HappyJackWagon
      Yesterday in Priesthood opening exercises the HPGL announced that ward and stake leadership has been made aware of upcoming changes to the full-time missionary program. This is what he said...
      1- In addition to regular 2 year or 18 month missions, Bishops will have the option of recommending missionaries to serve 3 or 6 month missions.
      2- If the missionary is doing well and would like to extend after the shorter 3-6 month call, they will be able to.
      3- There will be more emphasis on service based missions for the shorter 3-6 month calls
      These are some changes I've been hoping for and I think there are some really great implications IF these changes are accurate. Has anyone else heard anything else like this being announced in their local meetings? I thought it was an odd way to announce it. There wasn't a First Presidency letter read introducing the change or anything like it, yet ward leadership seemed totally confident in making the general announcement.
      ETA- this announcement was about young Elders and Sisters serving, not Senior couples
    • By DragonLancer
      So, in our Stake Conference yesterday, a letter from the First Presidency was read, about the fact that the Church now wants us to form Family Councils in immediate families (kind of like Ward Councils) for major decisions in families.  And to go along with that, they want us to form family mission plans.  I am not good for relaying details of things that I hear for the first time, so I'm wondering if the letter from the first presidency that was read has been posted online so I can read it again, and if anybody else has seen it yet.  There is a lot about this that I don't understand exactly yet, and I was left walking away with a number of questions about it.  I was kind of left with the questions about how this is supposed to be implemented.  I'm wondering if they are going to leave it to the Stake Presidents and Bishops to give direction to families about the actual implementation details of this stuff.  Does anybody have anything else they know about this?
    • By BCSpace
      I found this localized article while perusing several news lists with more exposure including realclearreligion.org and thought it curious that such mundane details would be of wider interest.
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