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Found 1 result

  1. I understand - from conversations in the halls of chapels - that some potential missinoaries aren't called to certain places - such as countries where they or their parents were born whose national governments require mandatory military service from people around the average age of missinoaries. Also when certain military or intelligence careers of potential missinoaries or thier parents influence or remove the possibility of missinoaries serving in some countries, how do you process that as a local leader? For you current and former bishopric and stake presidency and other missinoary-related callings, how do you evaluate if a missionary should serve if they've had prior run=ins with law enforcement? Are there certain crimes other than the obvious (rape, murder) that disqualify a person from serving as a missionary? If a person was indicted but never convicted of something like involuntary manslaughter (I'm writing a short fictional story about this), how would local leaders process that person's missionary application? Also, for local leaders specify/suggest/disagree with some potential missionaries' request deployments? For example say a high functioning person with mild autims wants to serve prosyltizing mission but you feel a service / Temple / Family History mission would be better. What do you do?
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