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  1. In our ward there have been 12 cases among active members of which I am aware. None of them have been contracted at church as of yet.
  2. I can see your point on this totally. I just think when a bishop says they "are not required" when, in fact, they are, is an invitation for people to disobey. It's a lot like saying "we want you to obey the traffic laws, but you don't have to." I think it is better to say, "please obey the traffic laws," and leave it to them to be obedient or not.
  3. I should add that we all should be a little more like Ephraim Hanks-- “On many occasions [Ephraim] Hanks was rewarded for his obedience to the Prophet, Brigham Young. One spring morning he was at work, building an adobe house in the city. The basement was almost completed and he was just beginning to lay the sun-dried brick when Brigham drove up in his carriage and said, ‘Ephraim, how thick is that rock wall?’ “Eph answered that it was eight inches thick. “Brigham said, ‘Tear it all down, Ephraim, and build it twice as thick.’ Then, as if to avoid argument, he turned his carriag
  4. From this bishop's perspective--Your bishop is wrong. The direction from Salt Lake City has been perfectly clear from day one--we are to follow the health guidelines when meeting together. Here are a only few examples from the church's recent instructions-- "A two-phase approach will be used, always following government regulations to ensure the health and safety of all involved." (https://newsroom.churchofjesuschrist.org/article/safe-return-church-meetings-activities) ------- "Sabbath Day Worship Services: "Phase 1 "Shortened meetings at the meetinghouse with
  5. Try this link: https://www.vox.com/2020/7/12/21321653/getting-covid-19-twice-reinfection-antibody-herd-immunity EDIT: Sorry, I didn't see that it had already been reposted. Sorry
  6. Don't ask me for a reference (because I don't have the time to dig), but I'm pretty sure Skousen has demonstrated that the word "required" in the Book of Mormon is usually archaic and actually means "requested." Does this ring a bell with anyone?
  7. I'm reading over the new Handbook. The term "disciplinary council" is replaced with "membership council." "Excommunication" is now "membership withdrawal." It looks like "disfellowshipment" and "probation" are replaced with "formal membership restrictions." Interesting stuff.
  8. I've found this thread pretty interesting so far. I've always framed the difference between management vs. leadership as one of vision like this-- A leader has vision and is able to effectively convey that vision to others (with accompanying "buy in"). A manager holds things together and is an effective administrator. Bishops (and other church officers) need both skill sets, but fantastic leaders have a strong sense of vision and purpose.
  9. I'm serving as bishop right now. I did a count of my mandated meetings for the month of January (a slower month than many) and counted 28. This doesn't include things like youth interviews or other interviews. That would put the count up to about 70. My counselors were in 24 of the 28 meetings, but did fewer interviews. I'd say their meeting count would be closer to 50. For some context, our ward has about 160 active members and a little over 40 active youth.
  10. 12 men on the stand?! I'm just curious as to whom that was. I'd imagine 6--bishopric and stake presidency, but not 12. I'm the bishop in our ward. Not too long ago the stake relief society showed up in our ward. I invited them to sit on the stand. The stake president was on his way to visit the ward that day and hadn't gotten there yet. When he showed up I told him I invited them to sit on the stand and asked if that was ok. He said it was. Then, at the end of the meeting, there was a little extra time. I suggested he ask the stake RSP to stand up and share some thoughts. He did, and it wa
  11. Elder Anderson has been quite transparent the last few years. He came to St. Louis, MO for a leadership conference in October 2018 and explicitly said changes were coming to the endowment regarding gender roles. He also hinted at modifications to ceremonial clothing. I took copious notes of his comments and preserved them. Of course, we've seen all of that unfold since then.
  12. I live in the Saint Louis area. I think the last time the deacons were used to collect fast offerings here was around 1995, and it only happened once or twice. It isn't practical in an area like ours where the ward boundaries are about 50 miles north-south and 15 miles east-south, with members strewed from one end to the other.
  13. Which of the same three notes do you find the most satisfying? I am with Scott. 219 sucks.
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