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  1. We had a Euphonium solo in our ward last Sunday of "O Holy Night." It was beautiful. This was approved by the bishop (who I happen to know really, really, really well....) before the handbook was updated. It was very exciting to see the handbook changed after the decision was made but before the solo happened.
  2. Has anyone published or commented before on the obvious creation theme in Mosiah 2? I'm a bit puzzled as to how there are no footnotes pointing back the many allusions to Genesis 1-3. The illusions to "the beginning," "day," "walking before God," "breath," "living souls," "mother earth," "commandments," free "will," and "forever" are really striking to me given the story of the creation and fall as recorded in Genesis 1-3.
  3. You may have already seen this, but Elder Bednar attempted to address some of these questions a number of years ago: https://www.churchofjesuschrist.org/study/ensign/2014/03/faithful-parents-and-wayward-children-sustaining-hope-while-overcoming-misunderstanding?lang=eng
  4. Hi, friends! It seems a member of the FP or the Q12 recently (last ten years?) taught something along the lines of 'It is good to be consecrated. It is better to be consecrated and capable.' I don't know if I even have the right words, but the concept, as I recall it, was that the Lord wants not only willing, but able disciples. Does this ring a bell? I have scoured the internet looking for it, but have had no luck.
  5. Two predictions: 1. 150 temples will be dedicated in the next five years. There may be a big increase in the number of temples announced. 2. Dallin H. Oaks will address the concern of many people not returning to worship in person out of complacency or laziness.
  6. Her membership record will indicate that. She should be able to see that on the Tools app, or by asking the ward clerk.
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