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  1. I think most would agree that polygamy while Joseph lived was a bit of a mess and eventually became more of a " well regulated procedure " . On a tangential note, I read somewhere that Brigham was quite lenient when it came to the ladies wanting a divorce in polygamous marriages. Can anyone confirm ?
  2. All these were very bad at keeping secrets , seeing that all the miracles made it into the scriptures.
  3. Consider: Joseph Smith JR. watching from the premortal spirit world. Joseph of Egypt watching from the post mortal Spirit world. Joseph the carpenter father watching from a hill or keeping Joseph of Egypt company. Let's not forget Joseph Smith Sr. and Nephi's brother Joseph and the tomb owner Joseph and all the Josès elsewhere in the world. 😁
  4. It is possible that all three watched from a distance.
  5. I think Joseph was out of the picture , otherwise why give Mary's care to John ?
  6. Note that the word 'without ' does not specify order. Had the word ' before ' been used then your argument would carry more weight.
  7. Those who protest by opposing the sustaining always have the option of starting their own religion and many have done so , especially after a vote to sustain a new President,. Those opposed should have PERSONAL knowledge of serious sinful behavior of the person being sustained. Differences on politics is not enough.
  8. A priest ,a minister and a rabbit go into a bar. The bartender asks the rabbit, " What are you doing here ? " The rabbit replies, " Obviously , I'm a typo ! " Sorry, I was triggered by the quote. Perhaps only Kenngo69 will understand.
  9. Just curious, did Moroni wear leather wrist bands ?😶
  10. It is called " sober second thought " , although sober may be a bit of an oxymoron .
  11. Could that not lead to a " fruit of the poisonous tree " problem with other evidence ?
  12. Then there are the folks who take it one step further back and say , " God made me this way so it is His fault.
  13. I also recently heard that Ben Shapiro's wife is a doctor . 😁
  14. D&C 64 : 9 - 10 , I personally find to be a hard doctrine.
  15. Sorry, I quoted him within your quote of him. ( slaps back of hand )
  16. Does this statement not need a NOT after the second 'does ' . I see that my 'my' needs an 'a ' for may. Pot kettle syndrome ! No
  17. You my want to edit this portion. BTW a close relative has MS. It may not be wicked but it is malevolent. Yes , I know , apples and potatoes.
  18. For the overtime speaker, the Bishop should cue the organist to do like the Oscars does and start playing a hymn. I suggest , " The Time is Far Spent " .
  19. I wonder if there were those in the days of Moses who questioned the idea of burnt offerings where flocks were literally turned into ash when the meat could have been used to feed the poor. Yes, I know some offerings were used to feed the priests and others .
  20. I have not watered my lawns for over 30 years and they are about as green as my neighbor's who waters weekly. The key is to force the roots deep so the lawn can resist dry times better. Of course , one can always have an Arizona lawn made of rock.
  21. So you think Bill G does not arrange his finances so that he pays only the amount of tax that is legally required ? Corporations have tax laws that a regular joe can't take advantage of.
  22. Bill Gates and the church must have the same advisers. Bill Gates Farmland: Why Is the Billionaire Buying So Much? (popularmechanics.com)
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