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  1. Well, there was that Adam fellow. Oh , you are thinking of the modern church, sorry.😜
  2. The Church " invests " in mother hood . Some will find that problematic. Side note : Boeing ? Hmmm !
  3. Back in my day when we walked uphill both ways to Church ( in a snow storm ) , I got one letter every couple of weeks if lucky. The Central American postal service was iffy at best. ( pitiful violin plays poorly ) BTW my parents did see me off at the airport in SLC.
  4. Don't say that to Will Durant or his wife. I think they wrote about 13 2 inch thick volumes. 😁
  5. And then there is this. Justice or not ? Canadian Serial Killer Robert Pickton Dead at 74 After Prison Assault (msn.com)
  6. I am currently rereading " Rough Stone Rolling ". History is messy but interesting. For some , leaving the Church was a long and difficult struggle. For others , all it took was a misspelled name or a sideways glance from Joseph. When I read about those who had marvelous and extensive spiritual experiences and yet left ( some returned ), it reminds me to keep a watchful eye on my testimony.
  7. And the endless appeals will begin. Remind me, how is the death penalty carried out in that State?
  8. In my area we have the Lotto 6/49 in which 6 numbers are chosen from 49. Thee odds of getting the 6 number match is about 1 in 13.9 million. What is interesting ,being that any 6 number combination has the same odds, no one picks (123456) or any other straight.
  9. How about ' Mormon Doctrine ' ? I no longer have a copy. I do remember it spoke about playing-cards .
  10. I'm old enough to remember when the Relief Society would have raffles for nice quilts they had made to raise funds for activities the Church didn't cover. No longer allowed or needed for that matter.
  11. Careful out there in Utah How 'Mormon cricket sludge' is causing chaos across this state (msn.com)
  12. If I personally contract with a business owner to do a specific job for X dollars and I am paid that amount there is no wage theft on the part of the owner. There IS wage theft that happens between the gross amount and the net amount which someone else contracted for without my personal involvement. πŸ™„
  13. I wonder if the first edition of the GHI had something on gambling/ tithing , as back then gambling was illegal in most places.?
  14. I don't know if it is still true, but a few years back, only the US church members could fully fund their fast offering requirements . Other countries had to get FO funds from Salt Lake. Seeing that a large %age of members now come from quite poor nations, if one has extra funds to donate , FO is a good choice. The Brethren have asked us to give a ' generous ' FO.
  15. To be fair ,life is a gamble .That is why we buy insurance. If you buy a rental property , you expect to make money to pay off the mortgage , hoping the renters don't trash the place. A farmer plants his fields gambling against hail and drought and pests. Pick a job and there will be be an aspect of chance involved.
  16. Ouch. Lotteries run by and for the government are just another way to tax people, particularly the poor who can be desperate .My government says it uses lottery revenues to pay for public services like heath care , woman's shelters etc. so you might think that buying a ticket as charity. Right !! As far as I know the church does not accept gambling money for tithing. That said, there are several other lines on the donation slip one could use eg. humanitarian etc where it could be put .
  17. The problem with using sources outside LDS materials is the tendency of humans to follow " given 2.5 cm will take 1.5 km " rule . First thing you know there are candles on the sacrament table . πŸ˜‡
  18. 🏚️ sale . I just scrolled down the list of emojis available here and, my goodness , I had no idea of the massive variety .
  19. This reminds me of a scene in " Jurassic Park " when they came upon the "sign " that a big dino had passed by.
  20. That reminds me. Have you heard of the new game called ' quiet tennis ' . It's the same as regular tennis but without the ...racket . ( sorry ,was triggered by a word )
  21. Are we being asked to follow an open ended ' Law of Christ ' ,when we have had such a hard time following a more structured ' Law of Moses ' ? Personally . I try to follow the second great commandment . I rarely feel the need for a visit from anyone. Hence... πŸ™‚
  22. Anti- Catholic tracts should be kept off the forum. That said ,deaths caused by religious thinking pales by comparison with deaths caused by followers of atheistic philosophy.
  23. RFM refers to Radio Free Mormon podcast ? The guy's actual name can be provided by others . As was said , he was a member here under 'consig' as in consigliere .
  24. If there were spiritual pianos to practice on before mortal life.
  25. Please explain how this could be his affidavit and not hers.
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