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Wilford Brimley Dies at Age 85

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Wilford Brimley, Star of The Thing and Cocoon, Dies at Age 85

Remembering Wilford Brimley (1934–2020)

Learned some things I didn't know about him. 
"In addition to working as a blacksmith and ranch hand, he was a bodyguard for Howard Hughes. “He was a good guy,” Brimley, who was Mormon, told The Powell Tribune in 2014 regarding his famously eccentric old boss. Despite not being Mormon, Hughes made a point to specifically hire Mormon bodyguards, which aided him in getting the unusual gig."

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Condolences to family, friends, and colleagues.  He was a versatile actor.  He played a lot of good guys ... and the occasional bad guy.

"We know you'll do what's best for The Firm ... won't you, Mitch."

     —Wilford Brimley as William Devasher, head of security at The Firm from which the movie takes its title

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He sings! I never knew that!  He has the sort of speaking voice I could listen to for hours, but I never knew he sings!  (My respect for him, never lacking in the first place, has grown even more ... but of course, it's another reason to miss him! :(:huh:)  And it's surprising to hear him sing because the timbre of his singing voice is quite different from that of his speaking voice.



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Never heard of the guy before today. Now I have.

Sounds like he lived an interesting life. I checked his filmography on Wikipedia and he appeared in only on film I've seen: God's Army film-maker Richard Dutscher's Brigham City.  I guess I vaguely remember him from that film.

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