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  1. Some of us, when we were kids, went around with holes in our shoes, and some of us have suffered actual malnutrition. Those who have been there can understand the difference between poverty and wealth. I still think very gratefully about that night I didn't have anywhere to stay and the Union Rescue Mission in downtown L.A. gave me a free bed & shower one night -- with free breakfast the next morning. I never forgot that kindness, and when I was employed I used to make sure that they got a nice annual donation. For those who have never seen Skid Row up close and personal that may n
  2. Whether he is either or neither, he is indeed a polarizing figure, which certainly increases his popularity and the bottom line. Should be a win-win from his POV.
  3. As I said: "Everything is relative." To the have-nots, that kind of money seems like a fortune. To the millionaires, it is nothing. We had people on this thread poor-mouthing it for mere travel to and from Kansas, as though this was some sort of horrible imposition, which it most certainly was not. My quip was that Dehlin had a fortune and could (not should) foot the bill (and possibly declare it a business expense). Travel expense was merely a smokescreen for those who wanted to paint the LDS Church as patently unfair at all times and in all ways, which was silly in light of the facts.
  4. We have had a number of discussions here of Dehlin and his podcast over the years, and whenever anything critical was said about him and those podcasts, this was often made out to be unfair -- as though he was a victim instead of a fair subject for critique.
  5. Everything is relative. For the Brethren who are millionaires (not all of rhem are), the stipend they receive is nothing at all. For Dr Dehlin, who no doubt took on debt to get through college to his doctoral degree, he is now riding the gravy train. I have never seen money like that, and to me it is a fortune. What astonishes me is the sudden claim that such income is nothing. I guess not, for some people.
  6. Since LDS theology rejects that Judeo-Christian God and teachings, you may be on the wrong blog. You are correct that the Judeo-Christian God is beset with the problem of evil (theodicy), and that His existence is absurd and illogical. That same mainstream Judeo-Christian tradition considers LDS theology to be a major heresy. LDS theology does not teach that God creates everything, including evil. LDS theology teaches an anthropomorphic, naturalistic God who was once a man just like any of us. Even Richard Dawkins had no quarrel with the notion of god-like beings who had achieved their g
  7. Of course you did. For us poor folk, a "fortune" is relative. You are fortunate to have a very different POV. I will never know how that feels.
  8. You need to get off your high horse, buddy, and stop substituting emotion for rational analysis. I am fine with Dr Dehlin making lots of dough for his hard anti-Mormon "work," and I am fully in favor of it being a matter of public record, just as I am for it being a matter of public record for all churches and clerics. I don't understand why you get so upset when his source of income is pointed out. Actually, Dehlin is quite lazy and conducts very sloppy interviews. He told everyone that he deliberately failed to read up on issues so that his interviews would be fresh and spontaneous,
  9. Sounds very realistic to me. This is made to order for OSF, and I predict that the donations will increase. Which is just fine with me.
  10. I did not say he should, only that he could -- and even write if off as a business expense for OSF. Someone raised the matter of the expense of Natasha traveling back to Kansas, which should have been a non-issue. That has nothing to do with the very small stipend which the Brethren receive (other clerics of their rank make far more), and some of them are very wealthy indeed with large pensions from previous jobs. I am sure that Pres Nelson and Oaks have very large pensions from their universities and other jobs they have held. And, yes, the LDS Church manages its money particularly we
  11. Sorry that you don't believe in telling it like it is, Harry. When someone lies, it gives me no joy to call it what it is. You could have asked what I meant, instead of assuming the worst. The context of excommunication trials might have told you something, since so many of them have been for sexual abuse (not just in the Roman Catholic Church, but also in the LDS Church), and I have spent years indexing them. I only brought that up in the context of venue and witnesses, which should have been self-explanatory to a member of the bar. I did not know that Natasha was a sex therapist, did no
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