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  1. This will be a helpful piece of evidence for future apologists when the “Joseph Smith as allegorical and not historical” phase of enlightenment takes off.
  2. I don’t believe they put a cross on the Rome temple. There was an early animated computer model that had a subtle cross in the main doors, but I don’t believe that made it into the actual completion.
  3. Temples: 1. Jakarta, Indonesia. 2. Ulaanbaataar, Mongolia. 3. Kingston, Jamaica. 4. Dublin, Ireland. 5. Glasgow/Edinburgh, Scotland.
  4. No, but I also couldn’t name a single “non-believer” that’s gone on Mormon Stories since his ex-communication. I don’t believe Dehlin is particularly looking for “believers” on Mormon Stories. As there’s a rather wide swath of “believers” and comparatively few (singular?) people making invitations for Mormon Stories appearances, a “boycott” may be easier to organize on one end of that equation than the other.
  5. What is the Mormon Stories boycott? Those two had some kind of collaboration on something previously, maybe 8 or so years ago.
  6. Balanced only by a contingent of those very adamant about a fire never actually having happened.
  7. Likely the same reason I would offer many opportunities to my children for many things. If I were to find out that they’d eventually hate me or not have a relationship with me or would reject what we offer as parents, we would still make those same things available irrespective of whether they’d later appreciate it or not.
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