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  1. Yesterday, I forget who, but one of the speakers showed a piece of art that, I believe, they said came from the Saints book, where there was an artistic amalgamation of numerous different areas related to the church. For instance, it had a congruous geographical landscape that encompassed the Salt Lake Temple, Nauvoo, Bern, etc. Does anyone know the source of this or have a link to the actual image?
  2. Another Moroni-less artistic rendition released today for Port Moresby Papua New Guinea. As a side note, I do have to say that the church is really knocking out a lot of these designs for smaller temples. The 10,700 square foot cookie-cutter temples from 20 years ago I’ve always found... somewhat aesthetically unappealing and asymmetrically odd. But, starting with the Port-au-Prince temple, they’ve been designing some really appealing and sleek designs that are around 10k square feet.
  3. It is, but I don’t have anything worthwhile to respond with. I’m probably not alone.
  4. Another Moroni-less temple rendition released today for Davao Philippines Temple:
  5. If you know bureaucracy and government, you can be certain that this really meant all the world. There’s a decent chance that if you go back to the Hebrew that the original word was universe.
  6. Anyway, we’re so used to viewing the worlds as so different that we often forget that Moroni was a contemporary of the early Catholic Church. Had his “wandering whithersoever I can” encompassed instead crossing the seas and delivering the plates to Ancient Rome, the Christian world would currently have a much different canon.
  7. You’ve missed all of the temples with artistic renditions but not yet under constructions. That’s where the real “trend” is. A few I see: 1. Taylorsville 2. Tooele 3. Orem 4. Pago Pago 5. Neiafu, Tonga 6. Brasilia, Brazil 7. San Pedro Sula, Honduras 8. McAllen, Texas 9. Bentonville, Arkansas 10. Alabang, Philippines 11. Auckland, New Zealand 12. Moses Lake, Washington 13. Cambodia 14. Bengaluru, India 15. Coban, Guatemala 16. Okinawa 17. Mendoza, Argentina I haven’t read the whole context of the thread, but
  8. Well, if nobody else published it, then it is exclusive.
  9. Perhaps a discussion we could have is if Joseph Smith jumped the gun on his revelation of the temple in Jackson County, or if the Savior was premature about his statements regarding the rebuilding of the Jerusalem temple. Any neophyte could tell from a cursory view that these are improbable and it’s certainly possible the Savior was being publicly optimistic for the masses and thinking less about the actual situation on the ground, which could more accurately discerned by our current vantage points than by his wishful thinking.
  10. Here’s my quote from April 5.
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