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  1. Shake him down to the paradise city, where the grass is green and the girls are pretty.
  2. Why is that your impression of the phone call? Is that what he said or are you assuming this? His own words say he told the dispatcher that the people he was reporting ‘are financed by the Mormon church.’
  3. Do we know what Cardon knows about the timeline, and if he would have any reason to know when Dehlin called 911 in relation to sending him that message on the same day? I’m a little confused why you’re saying he ‘painted a story’ about that. John Dehlin called 911 on the same day he reached out to someone and you seem to be stretching for a reason as to why this makes sense from Dehlin’s perspective.
  4. 1. So Dehlin sees the video Friday night, Saturday mulls over the possibility of calling police, sends Cardon a private message wanting to be on his show, then decides to escalate to 911? The more you explain this, the less sense it makes. 2. Where have you heard that it’s appropriate to call 911 for non-emergency? Sometime within the past 10 years Utah even came out with an ad series against this with a slogan that was something like (paraphrasing): “Save a life, stop a crime, or report a fire.” Something like that, trying to emphasize when it’s appropriate to call. But I suppose if we t
  5. He posted asking if he should call the police. And if this were just to give police ‘something to have in their file,’ why did he call 911? He called 911 because either he thought this was an emergency or wanted to make it look like it was one, or he called because he is incredibly dense about why it’s not appropriate to call 911 if you’re looking to just “put something in someone’s file.” There really isn’t much middle ground. In any case, my response was to someone saying that he called police not because of Kwaku or Cardon but because of the threatening comments from others. This i
  6. So why then is Dehlin‘s detailing of the 911 call that he reported those specific individuals and mentioned how they ‘belong to a non-profit that is funded by the Mormon church,’ if his concern was really the commenters? This again encapsulates a lot of issues I have with Dehlin. When he finds out his actions don’t land well with others or the way he intended/hoped, he just retrofits another narrative. I hate to overuse the term goalpost shifting, but...
  7. I think it depends on how you define “exMo world,” but I don’t think “his brand” suffers much. There have already been many of these same complaints among many other former members, in particular the more progressive members. But John Dehlin appeals to the “everyman.” He’s an average, boring guy. Kind of like the average, boring members who are just trying to go about their life and survive. They’re not academics, but also don’t consider themselves niave, but have spent a vast majority of time and money within the church and don’t know a lot of its history or possible controversial issues. Not
  8. So if they thought it was funny, and knew what they were referencing when they said TITS, but they themselves didn’t intend to name the show that, they never would have retweeted it? If a church leader retweets an interview or article that makes reference in it to being a Mormon, does that mean they approve of the name again?
  9. He said he called 911 (and not just local police). On page 8 someone posted him saying that.
  10. The question regarding whether it came from them was regarding the TITS reference.
  11. Did someone affiliated with their videos make the meme or did they share something someone else made/shared? If it was someone affiliated with the show then yes, it backs up your point about invalidating discussion regarding the acronym. But if not...
  12. I think this kind of encapsulates my view of Dehlin’s abilities to scrutinize information, navigate situations, and respond accordingly: Whatever one’s opinion regarding the meme, he didn’t just contact the local police department — he called emergency dispatch. He apparently felt it important to crowdsource the answer to the question as to whether or not he should call police, so I’m not certain there’s an argument to be made regarding the justification for utilizing emergency dispatch rather than the non-emergency line. But to top this off, he tells the poor individual fielding this eme
  13. Yesterday, I forget who, but one of the speakers showed a piece of art that, I believe, they said came from the Saints book, where there was an artistic amalgamation of numerous different areas related to the church. For instance, it had a congruous geographical landscape that encompassed the Salt Lake Temple, Nauvoo, Bern, etc. Does anyone know the source of this or have a link to the actual image?
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