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Pioneer ancestors


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1 hour ago, Calm said:

So sometime if you want pictures of the graves, let me know as I am next door in Mapleton.  I assume no big deal since distant, but just in case...

Thanks Calm!   I'll ask my sister if she'd like some.   She has done a lot on our immediate family but is very into researching genealogy which is why she's now on more distant lines so she may appreciate it!  I think it's cool that I have even a distant connection to the early Church.

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9 hours ago, sheilauk said:

My sister who does all the family history research in our family has informed me that a couple of distant cousins (unrelated, on different branches) went out to Utah in its early days and one of them has a lot of descendents buried in Spanish Forks cemetery!  And I used to think I was the first and only member of the Church!

I thought I was the first member in my family, but it turned out I had a distant cousin who married an LDS lady back in the 1940s, and they raised their children in the Church. So I now have cousins who are also LDS.

And just recently learned that a man in my old ward whom I have known for 30+ years turns out to be a 10th cousin in another branch of the family.

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Imagine my surprise, Sheila, when as I was doing genealogy work I came upon temple work having been completed on part of my extended family... I was sure I was the only one... 


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