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Pioneer ancestors


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1 hour ago, Calm said:

So sometime if you want pictures of the graves, let me know as I am next door in Mapleton.  I assume no big deal since distant, but just in case...

Thanks Calm!   I'll ask my sister if she'd like some.   She has done a lot on our immediate family but is very into researching genealogy which is why she's now on more distant lines so she may appreciate it!  I think it's cool that I have even a distant connection to the early Church.

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9 hours ago, sheilauk said:

My sister who does all the family history research in our family has informed me that a couple of distant cousins (unrelated, on different branches) went out to Utah in its early days and one of them has a lot of descendents buried in Spanish Forks cemetery!  And I used to think I was the first and only member of the Church!

I thought I was the first member in my family, but it turned out I had a distant cousin who married an LDS lady back in the 1940s, and they raised their children in the Church. So I now have cousins who are also LDS.

And just recently learned that a man in my old ward whom I have known for 30+ years turns out to be a 10th cousin in another branch of the family.

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Imagine my surprise, Sheila, when as I was doing genealogy work I came upon temple work having been completed on part of my extended family... I was sure I was the only one... 


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      Greetings,  I am not a Family Search expert.  Hopefully someone is on the Board.  I agree with the 110 year barrier for doing Temple work for the dead.  The big problem I see coming is that it will tick up slowly.  I will try to explain the issue please bear with me. Right now if I find a family wtlh 6 children that are all born before the 110 year barrier I enter all the information  and book the Temple work sharing it with the Temple to be done as and when they can.  My understanding with ordinances shared with the Temple is that it will get done and does not expire.  So I have many many names waiting for the Temple to do,  so many that I cannot track them the Temple must do this.  So basically book with the Temple and go on to the next families.  So what happens when I run out of pre 110 year names.  I cannot go to each family and book the next years people as the 110 year window moves.  So this is the issue it would be a nightmare to go to each family and book whoever was within the 110 year ban over and over each year. For me this would run into very high numbers each year.   I am not angry but this will become an issue.
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      As I sit here watching the Days of 47 Parade and enjoying the Pioneer Day tributes I though we might want to take a moment to express our gratitude for everything the pioneers went through to keep our Church together and establish the thriving Mormon community in the middle of the desert that allowed the Church to grow.
      After rewatching 17 Miracles the other week it is amazing what they went through for their faith and how hard they fought to keep it.
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