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  1. I have NO knowledge that the Saints needed chastising. I do not even hold this as an idea. In 47 years of membership I have never seen the following: Temples closed down for a time. So many talks in General Conference about suffering and the suffering of members. General Conference with only the speakers in attendance. Never been so cut off from other members than during Lock down. Never seen so many members be weary and acting strangely after Church started up again. Many who were hard working and self reliant ended up on Church welfare. There is more but it is enough to make the point. Nothing is now anywhere near normal and it is not over yet. I am sad that persons and or families are leaving the Gospel, it is crazy time out there.
  2. 36 Jesus answered, My kingdom is not of this world: (John 18:36)
  3. WOW! I guess then I will be staying home a lot more. With this and the six month booster shot I want a better vaccine. I had the Astra Zeneca turns out now better than nothing.
  4. I do not want to give you grief but you may want to edit the line right after "" Don’t know much about them.""
  5. Lets play make believe that the Church refunds all of Mr. James Huntsman's donations. Would this not be a nightmare? Would he have to restate his tax returns?
  6. I was not aware that these existed, apart from very famous members in the past. I have read of Heber C Kimball mission in the UK. But it seems to be part of his whole story and not just the mission.
  7. I wish I could write like you. My version of the above is "We are in a bad place". Infections in the UK seem to be rising slowly also people in hospital rising slowly, too early to tell if it's a trend. Any direction but down is bad.
  8. In your picture they are wearing eye protection. I mentioned this way back in the thread. Here is a quote from the medical journal the Lancet. Eye-protective face shields have been proposed to prevent community transmission. A large study showed that 19% of health-care workers became infected, despite wearing three-layered surgical masks, gloves, and shoe covers and using alcohol rub. After the introduction of face shields, no worker was infected. The whole article is free at https://www.thelancet.com/journals/lanmic/article/PIIS2666-5247(21)00040-9/fulltext
  9. Yep I am going to cut down on my reading. If covid does not get me the stress of knowing too much will.
  10. I will try to add something. If someone says to me I was wearing a mask and caught Covid anyway I would say 2 things. The doctor who first detected Covid in china said you can also get infected by exposure of the eyes. Second the news in the UK now says fully vaccinated persons can spread Delta Covid. So this may go a long way in explaining the power of Delta. So to be really clear some fully vaccinated people are getting Covid in the UK and they become spreaders. If you do not live alone you may get covid from those you live with even if they are fully vaccinated. I am not an anti vax person. My whole family is vaccinated, but now it seems there are always odds at play.
  11. You sound as a person that values the meaning of words and precise language. Just like myself.
  12. It is part of my Indian heritage. I feel it strongly. Here is a quote. In his book Indian New England Before the Mayflower, Howard Russell writes:
  13. Well as strange as it is I do not read very much fiction. I could never finish should a work as War & Peace. I do not remember how I came across What men live by. It is the most spiritual short story ever written. It is about a fallen angel who reconciles with God by living with humans for a short time, a masterpiece that is good for anyone who has some faith in God.
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