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  1. Yes I have had a similar experience with a few bumps along the way.
  2. When I grow up I want to be able to write like you. Amazing work!
  3. Yes I can agree, just look at all the people that lost income because of covid in the first world alone. Motivation is only a part of the mix.
  4. Helping the poor is good goal. It is however complex. I forget who but I heard a talk from a leader in the Church. He said the worlds way is to try and lift persons out of poverty, our way is we teach them the gospel and they lift themselves out of poverty. This made sound simplified but it is really a way of saying that the poor who have no motivation will always be poor. I do not blame some for having no motivation Judge not lest you be Judged. Brigham Young said that there are the poor devils and also the Devils poor. I was a clerk for a long time in the Church many years ago. We
  5. Because of all the comments on the next life on the forum recently I reread some scriptures that I had read dozens of time. I was humbled for what I had never seen or understood. D&C 76: verses 96 to 98. Verse 96 & 97 imply that the peoples in those kingdoms will all have the same glory matching the kingdom there are in whether First or Second. Verse 98 seems to same that those populating the third kingdom will all be different. I had someone else check the meaning for me they also see this. What do you all think? Is this old news? 96 And the glory of the celesti
  6. This a history of the Manti Temple. I have read it and it is good. It can be downloaded. My native brethren deeded the valley to the Church. Also Brigham Young is reported to have said that Moroni dedicated the hill for a Temple. https://scholarsarchive.byu.edu/etd/5150/#:~:text=The history of the Manti temple%2C in a,temple would someday be built on this spot.
  7. I agree with all you say. It is more than art. It is heritage. I have a friend who has been to Manti, I will most likely never go there. It gives me pleasure anyway knowing it will be kept as best as can be without making it into a higher capacity Temple. It makes little sense to rebuild the Nauvoo Temple from nothing and then remodel historic Temples beyond recognition on the inside. My friend says that many went to Manti to be married before covid, it has a shade of pink on the outside.
  8. Duncan I have a lot of trouble reaching the Church newsroom site for some reason and it is not just with this link. It seems to on and then off alot. Does anyone else have this issue???
  9. Interesting idea I have never heard before. What I have heard inferred is that the only Kingdom with married person with be the Celestial. I really do not know that. What I really know is that all persons in the three Kingdoms will be happy. They will settle for what God will grant them. I believe the Scriptures about the three Kingdoms in the D&C point to this.
  10. Yes you are correct, I was watching a program about Orthodox Jews in Manchester UK. Now they have a rules based religion. I was amazed at all the daily rules they have to follow and I mean specific ones.
  11. The thing that holds my interest the most in all of human suffering is that when we understand what troubles us that understanding does not automatically free us. Understanding what emotions cause does not lead us into controlling them.
  12. I was watching a comedian not long ago. He clearly stated that he cannot do comedy for the average person because the average person is Chinese. Not many years from now India will overtake China in number of souls if projections hold. We think in families in the Church, but the Church really is people. If there was a day of Pentecost or some huge Spiritual event once the Gospel is in full swing in China and India even our imaginations could not match the growth.
  13. I seem to remember that the Church would self insure the buildings. Does anyone know if that is still in practice.
  14. I can tell what I found maybe it will help. When I say I want answers I really mean something that makes sense and I can accept. I now realise there are no answers only facts. God longs to share facts with us but the human record of accepting facts is a poor one. Joseph Smith said something striking, Christ had to overcome contradictions to fulfil his mission. Perhaps we cannot expect better.
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