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  1. This is your only good quote as per Lamanites . Problem is Cain was not from the House of Israel as it did not yet exist.
  2. I am not trying to be difficult but do not understand the above.
  3. I read Brigham a lot how about some quotes. How about some quotes from Mark E Peterson, I heard him speak at the Palmyra Pageant.
  4. Interesting that no one wants to talk about what I posted above, I guess because it does not fit the narative. It might spoil the story if the descendants are not black but RED.
  5. I am half Native North American and since joining in 1973 I have never heard that one. Maybe I was just asleep in all those conferences and other meetings.
  6. I know this from personal knowledge the vision thing seems to be cultural. When the Church started Missionary work in Quebec Canada it did not go well. They would start with the First Vision and the standard response would be Oh yes my Mother, Father, Brother, spouse, friend etc... had a vision also. The missionaries had to adapt and start somewhere else and later bring in the First Vision to establish authority. I am sure there are still visionary cultures out in the world. I do not have any current knowledge of Quebec society apart from reports that they have become more secular.
  7. For what it is worth as a Half Blood I have always been puzzled by the black skin thing. I can post pictures from relatives that in a black and white picture appear blackish but I know they were reddish. When persons from the past spoke of Red Indians they were not kidding and I have seen Red First Nations Natives in Alberta up close.
  8. Well the only way I can reconcile it is that black skin overall is not a sign of divine disfavor or curse. But for the people in the above scripture it was used to help prevent inter marriage. We cannot disavow Book of Mormon scriptures that is just smoke and mirrors.
  9. I am not questioning the process of salvation I believe in the Plan of Salvation. Children are great at asking why over and over until adults get frustrated and say something like because that the way things are etc... We need to keep an open mind that there maybe limitations even in the next life about understanding why people did things in this life. A murder can say Well I got real angry and killed them. It makes sense to them when they say it, it does not make a lot of sense to me.
  10. I like your response because we really want God to know everything. Again we can say well that person went that way because and when we say that it is really without meaning because WE do not know. It should not frighten us if God does not really know also.
  11. Well when I see someone self destruct (can but does not have to include suicide) I have to assume that whatever was not enough for them in this life.
  12. Thank for this. I agree with you about primary emotions etc... But we end up kicking the can down the road. The question changes to why could one overcome the emotion and the other could not. What I am pointing to is that we expect God to know everything about us and maybe he does not. Remember the doctrine says he organised us from something that was already there. Perhaps some of that stuff that was already there is not knowable. See the English language answer is something like well one person was able to overcome because of whatever. If you accept that than why did the other person
  13. I have had two persons in my life that have been very angry with God. One recovered and the other spiralled downward into really self destructive things. I worked real hard to help them both and suffered with them. Now I know that we do not marry God in the Church. But I now see the relationship of person to God like a marriage on some level. Anyone who has tried to help a troubled human marriage knows what a difficult and ofttimes thankless task that is. So the point of this is how hard I tried to see and understand the difference in these two persons. Why did one get better, why did o
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