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  1. https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/sarcasm
  2. Why to you make fun of my thought processes.
  3. You will have to believe that I do not think that far ahead. But after starting this post it struck me that the no limits on evil in this life is a major source of lost of faith in God. Also a major source of anger in people against God.
  4. I only believe in a time limit for evil on the earth when Christ returns to the earth the wicked will be gone off the earth. Before that there does not seem to be any limit to the evil that is possible. I am interested in what everyone thinks. Please have your say.
  5. I respect what you have stated above and also what you posted. There are many signs of the times. I think many signs will be as the Moon turning to blood. When this does occur as a sign it will be constant (I do not know how) but it will night after night for a long time no one who will have sight will be able to say they missed it. So I am not disputing your post. Rather I am seeking to point to a confirmation for all of us. When this sign that you pointed out is ripe no one will need any survey to convince them. We see signs coming but there will be confirmation for all who believe within the signs themselves.
  6. The last time I was at the London Temple (this year) there was a man he had a badge that said Security and he carried a radio. If I remember he had some sort of uniform (low key) while I was at the reception desk he came in. No one got excited that he was there, seemed like a regular thing. I did not see him again after that.
  7. I have never heard of Royal Cult Studies and the internet does not provide a clear explanation. So you lost me in the first sentence. Perhaps you need to be an academic to know about Royal Cult Studies. I am willing to learn new things but when you quote things that are difficult to understand with just the internet as a guide (which is all I have) then I lose interest in your post very quickly.
  8. Well I tried not to imagine them at all as it is a concept I do not favor.
  9. Do not know, as far as we know we did not have bodies before coming to earth and I have never heard of the pre existence spoken of as a kingdom of glory. So falling from where you had a resurrected body in a kingdom of glory was a concept I had not heard of before.
  10. It say this content is not available in your country. Perhaps you can explain it a bit for those outside the USA.
  11. I had heard of multiple mortal probations. But not where you have to fall to progress, perhaps I missed that part.
  12. Interesting concept, is the first time I have come across this idea.
  13. If your eyesight is poor you will have trouble judging distance to others, His hearing may be bad this would also explain how close he gets. Proceed with caution, could all be harmless.
  14. 2 Nephi, Chapter 4 verses 26 to 36. It could be called Nephi's psalm. Nephi speaks of his humanity and afflictions.
  15. No one ever expects the Spanish Inquisition.
  16. Everyone knows (In Quebec) serving poutine to a Prophet is a social faux pas.
  17. I would invite whoever will be the President of the Church when Christ returns to the earth. We would have traditional Quebec meat pies followed by hot Maple syrup taffy serve on snow.
  18. Please do not be offended. I do not have much experience of yourself on the board. I do not accept interpretations of the Scriptures easily. I have to read them over and over and then if they seem very important wait for revelation about that Scripture.
  19. Yes I read it, I was educated in English as a child. Just because we read words and understand each word does not mean we all understand what the writer was getting to. This board is a perfect example of that. People read and do not understand, people write and are not understood pretty much everyday on here.
  20. I read the above quoted scripture, I would not pretend to understand what it really means.
  21. Since Covid two persons in the ward have become publicly disaffected. The greater problem it is hard to count (not a joke) how many have not returned since Covid. We are baptizing in the last six months new converts in numbers I did not expect. Many also have moved in. So with the naked eye I cannot see much difference between now and before Covid on a Sunday. I have seen many many persons leave over my 49 years of membership. I am sure it will come as no surprise to those that have eyes to see that the Church membership will not be powered by North America or most of the west in the future. But it will be powered by other nations. The cycle is shifting away from what the Church started with, English speaking peoples. I do not see this as good or bad.
  22. I watched the video, the evidence seems to be her saying no over and over, I was not moved.
  23. Okay, but remember that these are the people that came up with Dark Matter and have spent 100's of millions looking and not finding any proof.
  24. I think you are wise to wait for others. All I was trying to point out is that observations so far are not what was expected. I always fell that in getting funding for these types of expensive projects the Science people do a sales job. This one was "we will see near the being of the universe" I am not a science person in anyway but when I saw that James Webb images were more of the same as the Hubble telescope, (better images and things we could not see thru dust but basically the same) I got a really strong feeling that something was wrong.
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