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  1. I just came across that article today as well. How do you not speculate? Since few of us live in the temple areas moving to phase 2 and few of us need our own live endowment even if we did I guess we'll be left to speculate to ourselves for a while. 😏
  2. Historians like Bushman and Givens assert that Joseph Smith rarely quoted from the Book of Mormon but did teach principles from the book, citing this explanation.
  3. Part of the reason New York's death toll is so much higher is because we learned from New York's mistakes. Early on doctors didn't know what the best treatments were. They intubated everybody almost upon admission. Turns out not intubating until absolutely necessary is better. They were experimenting with different drug treatments. Turns out some helped, some hurt, some helped some people but not others and some hurt some people and not others. They didn't know the main way the disease spreads is via droplets. And like other places, nursing homes are hot beds for spread of the disease. Once it
  4. There's a little difference though. I don't care if the guy sitting next to me believes in a literal flood or Jonah's fish story while I believe neither are literal. In the end we still get the same meaning and can easily co-exist without the other actually even knowing. The mask is much more outward, and the guy sitting next to me not wearing a mask could be putting me in danger. That's a bit different than a religious/philosophical dichotomy in belief.
  5. I will refuse to go if masks aren't required. Instructions from my bishop indicate they will be in our ward. Our ward is resuming meetings, but it's not my group's turn until next week. And masks are required in public in my state anyway.
  6. What about OR nurses and techs? Surgeons are generally in the OR for a few hours a week. The nurses and techs are there 40+ hours. I know, I used to be one. No discernible brain damage here, but I suppose that might be debatable by some.
  7. I don't know about a loss of testimony because I don't see what masks have to do with testimony. From my own point of view, when church resumes where I live (which is forthcoming) if I feel uncomfortable because people aren't wearing masks and/or physically distancing I will simply choose to remain home. We have been told unequivocally in my ward/stake that staying home is an option without judgement and authorization to continue the sacrament at home is in place. The mask issue seems more social/political than religious. For what it's worth, I live in a place where masks are required in publi
  8. I am likely to skip that and all other Book of Mormon geography events. I do have a testimony of the Book of Mormon and it does undoubtedly testify of Jesus Christ. Where or if any of it actually happened is immaterial to that testimony.
  9. I think it is a general belief, or at least was a general belief, that Polynesians are Lamanites. I served a mission is the early 1980s in Polynesia and it was certainly generally held then that they were. I used to believe it when I believed in Lamanites. I still believe in Native Americans and Polynesians though.
  10. I too live in a ward with a high number of those over 60, many single women (widowed or divorced). I have thought this myself. I think they miss out more than others. In the beginning of the lockdown we weren't permitted to take sacrament to anyone but that did eventually change so we could take it to others but not linger, they supplied their own bread and water, etc. I think ministering brothers have been good at meeting that need, I don't have any that I'm assigned to minister to or that live nearby. Some of them still work, but outside of that I think their social lives revolved around the
  11. I didn't say there was anything wrong with that belief. I don't happen to believe that but I don't take issue with it. I also know a couple who have traveled to the Yucatan several times and are absolutely convinced that the BoM took place there. Fine, if that's their belief based on the evidence they see it's all well and good. I don't take issue with that either.
  12. I do know some (mostly old) people who think the Book of Mormon took place entirely in North America. That's what they were taught. I recall the occasional post here by BoM "geographers' (for lack of a better word) who also make that case. I don't know that intended to make that inference but I don't know that he didn't either. He fits with the age group of people I know who believe that. On a personal level I put them in the same category as those who believe the earth is 6000 years old - if they want to believe that, fine, I just happen to believe differently (and I don't need to make a
  13. Upfront, I live in a blue state where masks are required and it is enforced - and our infection rate is going in the right direction. That said, like stores/businesses that have implemented "special hours" for those who are more vulnerable to COVID (usually the first business hour of the day here), maybe they could implement special hours for those who refuse to or can't wear a mask. FWIW, I so wear a mask out of respect/love for my fellow beings. I have never shamed anyone for not doing so, however (but I might try to avoid them).
  14. I do not know anyone outside the church who believes this. I think many would find it offensive and/or laughable. "Chapel Mormons" undoubtedly. Mileage probably varies among others. It's not something I discuss with others regularly (or ever) but my guess would be most haven't given it much thought and/or don't care. I suppose it depends on your definition of doctrine. In book it is not doctrine, but is a belief or teaching of some members. My definition of doctrine is very narrow. Tougher to ask and tougher to answer. Some of the presidents have probably believed they
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