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  1. I have always been pretty comfortable discussing things that are already openly available to all on the church website regarding temples. I used these is my own discussions with my children before they received their endowments. Much of what some people consider to be taboo (and that is referenced in the handbook revision) is clearly spelled out on the church website. Examples: https://www.churchofjesuschrist.org/temples/prophetic-teachings-on-temples?lang=eng https://www.churchofjesuschrist.org/temples/sacred-temple-clothing?lang=eng https://www.churchofjesuschrist.org/temples/
  2. This is exactly what I am saying in my post above quoting Californiaboy. "We love Gays, we're all God's children, all families matter, gay marriage is legal - but even though you are legally married according to the laws of the land, you're not married in the church (despite our "legal and lawful" rhetoric) , you can't go to the temple, you can't hold certain callings (none in some cases depending on leadership roulette), you're welcome here but you're not really one of us and I'm keeping my eye on you." To your first comment, come on over and visit my ward sometime. I'll introduce you to
  3. I think part of the problem here is like trying to explain why "all lives matter" is an offensive response to someone who says "Black lives matter." You're saying "Gay families matter" and the response you're getting is (and that church gives) "All families matter." I hear what they're saying and they hear what I'm saying but we're not actually talking about the same thing. Trying to explain white privilege is another example. I know lots of white folks (for the record, I am white) who will swear up and down that white privilege had nothing to do with where they are or what they have attained.
  4. I'm not a prophet and have no idea. It is my understanding that the prophets receive revelation the same way the rest of us do, that it's not a sit down face-to-face with God/Jesus in the Holy of Holies. I was baptized into the church as a young adult shortly after the priesthood revelation. In those days, and for a long time thereafter, the notion that Blacks had were not as valiant in the pre-earth existence or that they were cursed with the mark of Cain was widely taught. More recently, in the essay on priesthood and from our prophet in the most recent general conference, it has been
  5. It does seem that when revelation is needed revelation comes. I'm thinking of examples like the end of polygamy (very divisive at the time) and Blacks and the priesthood. Yes, I am being partly sarcastic here but I do expect the time will come (probably not in my lifetime) when such a revelation comes forth regarding LGBTQ+ members and their status - just like it has with other "doctrine" some people thought could not change (e.g. polygamy and the priesthood ban).
  6. I live on the east coast, so priesthood was at 8 pm and it's about 15 minutes one way to the church building (back in the day when you had to go there for priesthood session). My boys typically fell asleep about a half hour in. Then again, so did quite few of the old men - at least my boys didn't snore. This was not only my observation as a father, I observed it many years in other families. By the time it was streaming and I could stay home and watch in my jammies my boys were grown. There are probably other (better) ways to demonstrate to boys what manhood means (especially now that priestho
  7. Truth be told I have yet to encounter an 11-year-old boy (or a 13-year-old boy) who thought all that much of priesthood session. The boys certainly wouldn't mind if the age were raised. (That said, I'm sure some holier than me individual will come along and dispute my assessment regarding his kid who's holier than mine. 😉)
  8. I just came across that article today as well. How do you not speculate? Since few of us live in the temple areas moving to phase 2 and few of us need our own live endowment even if we did I guess we'll be left to speculate to ourselves for a while. 😏
  9. Historians like Bushman and Givens assert that Joseph Smith rarely quoted from the Book of Mormon but did teach principles from the book, citing this explanation.
  10. Part of the reason New York's death toll is so much higher is because we learned from New York's mistakes. Early on doctors didn't know what the best treatments were. They intubated everybody almost upon admission. Turns out not intubating until absolutely necessary is better. They were experimenting with different drug treatments. Turns out some helped, some hurt, some helped some people but not others and some hurt some people and not others. They didn't know the main way the disease spreads is via droplets. And like other places, nursing homes are hot beds for spread of the disease. Once it
  11. There's a little difference though. I don't care if the guy sitting next to me believes in a literal flood or Jonah's fish story while I believe neither are literal. In the end we still get the same meaning and can easily co-exist without the other actually even knowing. The mask is much more outward, and the guy sitting next to me not wearing a mask could be putting me in danger. That's a bit different than a religious/philosophical dichotomy in belief.
  12. I will refuse to go if masks aren't required. Instructions from my bishop indicate they will be in our ward. Our ward is resuming meetings, but it's not my group's turn until next week. And masks are required in public in my state anyway.
  13. What about OR nurses and techs? Surgeons are generally in the OR for a few hours a week. The nurses and techs are there 40+ hours. I know, I used to be one. No discernible brain damage here, but I suppose that might be debatable by some.
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