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When We Lose Someone

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When we lose someone dear to us, for me I am so thankful for our view of death...  and life...  and this particularly in view of my own quickly passing years, and the faster they go the more I have a sense of readiness, of anticipation, yet of nervousness as I stand poised to take that step through the veil. 


I lost two very good friends this past two weeks... and I will miss them, and feel my "aloneness" even more without these two... yet I like to think of them and how joyful they must be because I truly believe family and friends have greeted them.


Now today I find that a friend here on the board... Pa Pa... has just this morning lost his mother, and it brings to my memory the night I lost my mom and the emotions that filled me.  Of course on the one hand I was devestated, but on the other hand I was grateful because I knew she was just fine... no more pain or sickness...


So I want to send my condolences to Pa Pa and encourage him to let the comfort of the gospel fill him at this time.  And the same for anyone here who has lost a loved one... there is peace and comfort through the Savior and in our teachings.


from the beach... GG-

Thank you GG, my dear friend. Trying to save he doing CPR, I broke a rib and though that it is none-uncommon...it broke my heart. I a. The baby of the family, so we were very close. I will be speaking at her her service as I did with my father. But this time I am a without any parents. I will be speaking in the Baptist Church, but I will not shy away form telling the truth of the gospel....

You know everyone things their mother is the best, but in my case it is true. I invite all to got to my blog (link provide at the bottom the page and read the poem inspired by this mother of mine...it is entitled "When My Mother Prays"

Also GG, I am sorry for your loss, just pray that when I speak I can do in a why that would honor he as she should be, though it mat with many tears and a runny nose. Bit at last she is once again with my father, who she loved so much!

In fact ll pray for, because right now I am a basket case; PLEASE pray for me!

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I remember the losing of my mother 13 years ago... My condolences PaPa...your family is in my prayers as you deal with the grief.

Thank you...I feel like I am holding my breath. I am the youngest, but all look to me to be the rock. None of my brothers or sister knew how to deal with her illnesses, so I must hold it together to make the arrangements, and then speak for the family at the funeral. I did so for my father, but this time I will speak as an orphan and the tender age of 56, I find I still need my mother. Earth now seems a lesser place because she has gone, and heaven will be even brighter. Maybe in a few days, I can weep for my loss and rejoice that now she remembers who I am, as she had forgotten some time ago. Alhiemers, the very word makes me angry! I have lost my mother twice, but I will know her again, this is the hope to which I cling ever so tightly.

By the way, this holy woman's name...Norma Francis Lee...mother of

Bill (Pa Pa) Lee

Cathy (Lee) Shepard

Steven Lee

Ricky Lee

And over 28 grandchildren so far.

It is late here, but sleep won't come. :(

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we are the ones under the darkness of the veil.  those who have past are anticipating our return & when we pass that threshold the light will be bright & we will be received like a surprise birthday party. 


look into meditation techniques to calm the nervousness. 

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