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  1. I think the mentality is, “If I can’t have you, no one can!” 😡
  2. Merry Christmas! Ours didn't turn out as expected. Our son was deployed last year and he was supposed to fly in on Friday, but the ice storm got his flight canceled. First Christmas without my mom and what would've been our last Christmas together with the whole family before another son goes on his mission. Son is flying in on Tuesday now. I'll be happy to see him, but it's not the same. I so wanted all of my kids sleeping here on Christmas Eve.
  3. Cis is an annoying term that feels like a slur.
  4. I’m talking about the church though. The church vilifies porn more than anything, yet no members of the church have lashed out violently at the industry (that I know of) and certain websites actually have videos of minors being sexually abused and nothing is done about it. We don’t even know the guy’s motive. It’s assumed.
  5. The church condemns many things, yet you don’t see members of the church (or technically members of the church) shooting up porn studios, casinos, liquor stores, etc. The church strongly condemns murder, of course and anyone who commits mass murder has something deeply wrong with them. It’s ridiculous to suggest that somehow the church influenced this guy to do evil.
  6. I hope the judge gets a very nice vacation after that nonsense! I caught parts of it and felt like my blood pressure was rising. What a turd.
  7. There were no hints about what it had to do with. Filled with regret except for the fact that I told my husband and he laughed hysterically. Now I told him about the armpit crabs. We weren't sure what that meant. Armpits rubbing against armpits? That sounds horrible and pointless and I doubt our middle-aged bodies could even accomplish such a thing. He joked later, "So... you wanna?" "No, my armpits are still sore from last time." I don't believe this armpit thing is happening. It's not the least bit believable. Especially since most women shave their armpits. Assuming crabs is transmitted through hair? Feeling pretty proud that I don't know much about crabs. *weird flex*
  8. I came across as video about "soaking" at BYU and wondered if I wanted to know what that was. No, I did not want to know.
  9. Our son is working right now and saving for his mission, but our bishop said not to wait because "the money is there." I guess we have some generous people in our ward?
  10. It's not sinful to have sexual feelings. We were made that way and it's what keeps the human race going! When I talk to my kids about it, I ask them, "Is fire good or bad?" At first my son said, "Bad!" I said, "It is?" Then he thought about it a moment and realized it can be good. It can also ruin your life if not used safely and appropriately.
  11. When I was living in Provo, I got a used car that had an old BYU parking permit on it for a certain lot. I went to pick up my friend to take her to therapy (her mom committed suicide not long before that) and when she didn’t come out, I had to go park to run in and let her know I was there. I immediately got a ticket for parking in the wrong lot and when I called whoever to explain, they said I wouldn’t graduate if I had an unpaid ticket. Me: I don’t go to your school. Him: You won’t be able to go to BYU if you don’t pay the ticket. Me: OK. I never paid the $20. 😂 And yes, the lot was almost empty.
  12. Oh wow. I would love some miracles! Yeah, Federal Way is a nightmare. My husband found a body at work there - young man in his early 20's died of an overdose. Last time we had to get gas there, we had to go inside to pay and they don't unlock the door until you show your face to the camera. I can't imagine it in Auburn either. Trying to think of a part of Auburn that's both beautiful and in a very visible location. I thought the same about Puyallup - traffic is so backed up. My best friends begged us to move there and I said it was already bad when my husband was in the Air Force and we lived there. Longest part of the commute was just getting to 512. I can't wait to find out where it will be! Lakewood is also a dump. Lived there too.
  13. So it’s actually going to be in Tacoma and not Gig Harbor or something? We’ll be here at least until my dad is gone. My best friend has prayed many times about moving out of the state and the answer is always no.
  14. It's crazy how many people have moved out of state! Well, actually, it's not crazy. Our state is crazy.
  15. My husband and I will check traffic and see which way is better. 😁
  16. I know what you mean. We were taking care of my mom while she was on home hospice during this time and she had her iron grip on my hand when I learned Ukraine was being attacked. My son was in Lithuania at the time and I was very worried. 💔
  17. Yeah, I know. My cousin is trans. My issue is that anyone can claim to be trans when they’re not. They don’t have to make the least amount of effort. Dude with a burley beard complaining that he doesn’t pass as a woman - pure insanity. “I want to be a woman, but I want to keep my penis, my man voice, my beard, my receding hairline, and my crappy attitude towards women who don’t feel safe with men in the bathroom.”
  18. I have no idea what that’s about. All I know is I don’t want to be in a bathroom with “Jessica Yaniv” or anyone like him with his sick period fetish while I’m changing my feminine hygiene products in a stall with large gaps. I don’t believe he identifies as a woman. He’s a predator who’s that desperate to be in women’s spaces. And this? This can’t be real. 🤡🌎
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