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Question For Seattle Mdders


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I did this last winter, and my wife and I greatly appreciate the aid that was offered (my daughter is on the fence). My family and I are travelling again in a couple weeks and don't have a convenient way to get everyone down to SEA-TAC in an affordable manner. I'd like to just drive, but there's the problem of leaving the car. Is there anyone near the airport that has some extra driveway or garage space that would be willing to let us leave our humble car there from Nov 18 - 23?

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Some people find that staying overnight the night before in a hotel nearby with shuttle (and leaving the car there until return with permission) saves them money. And most airports have cheaper lots that are off airport with shuttle. Bet you could leave your car in the nearest chapel parking lot and take a taxi, too.

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Some chapels ticket due to people parking there to avoid have to pay for campus, metro transport and other paid parking lots and making it difficult for those who actually use the building (our ward in Canada was within walking distance of the university, football stadium, and light rail system as well as on a perfect spot for carpool hookups.) There is also a liability issue so be sure to get permission...from the agent bishop perhaps?...before parking in a church parking lot. Could call up the local bishop and see if there is anyone willing to oblige in the ward.

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Whenever I travel by air, I always drive into Portland, OR the night before and stay at a nearby hotel that has "Park and Fly" privileges. That way I 1) don't have to drive 2 1/2 hours before my flight... 2) don't have to face unexpected delays that might make me miss my flight... 3) can leave my car in hotel parking for a nominal fee per day that is much less that airport parking (I think the last time the fee was $10)... 4) feel fresh in the a.m. and just hop on the shuttle and go to the airport... 5) when I return, I just call the hotel and they come and pick me up and take me back to my car... and I drive the 2 1/2 hours home to the coast.


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