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  1. Just to clarify for those who are accusing the Temple Presidents of lying, and just in case you still don't get it, the quote above could be restated as, "I know much about that, I just can't say it"
  2. I didn't say otherwise. However there are things to be considered before we pass any kind of judgement. For example, I don't believe that all of those who are unvaccinated are foolish anti-vaxers. My daughter, who is thirty, just got her vaccination last week. She has never been anti vaccine and always planned to get it, but she is young and overwhelmed in life raising to small children, going to school and working. They also planned a move to Idaho so her husband could go to school which meant him quitting his job and losing that income putting more pressure on her to help provide financially. It just took her awhile to find time to get it done. I don't think she is alone in this. I think this calls for extreme compassion rather than shaming and ridicule. Secondly, regarding hospitals, we are talking in hypotheticals that I don't think happen very often. For example, if there are only three beds left, how often do four patients show up at exactly the same time with exactly the same degree of severity requiring a difficult choice. Generally ERs will take people in the order they arrive or, in case of emergency, they may take a critical patient ahead of others, but they aren't going to turn away a patient who has already been admitted, just because they made a bad decision and someone more responsible just showed up that needs his bed. I understand that it is tragic if a critical patient has to be turned away because there just isn't space available, but I would never advocate that some other patient have his IVs pulled out or oxygen taken away and be sent packing just because someone else better than they has a need. Or better yet, how about we pass no judgement at all, we can never fully know or understand what is going on in a person's life.
  3. I can't believe there are people who find this funny. I am surprised there are people on here trying to defend it.
  4. I live near one of the busiest ER's in the country. My Dr. sent me there when he found out I had a bowl obstruction. I was in severe pain. He said it was a serious emergency. When I got there, they were all full and not because of Covid. At the time the hospital had only two Covid patients and this was before the vaccine. They were just busy. They told me to wait. So I waited in horrible pain for about two hours before they were able to get me in. Would I have been justified to demand that they find a drunk driver or some other criminal who was there, be removed so I could be seen? Or maybe one of the Covid patients who had been careless in not wearing a mask or social distancing. Even more would it have been appropriate for me to try to get a laugh by shaming these people and tell them to let them rest in peace, because I deserve to live more than they do? Frankly I can't believe I'm even asking this, wishing death on someone and trying to get a laugh out of it is pure evil.
  5. I gave you a potential reason. I added it as an edit, so maybe you didn't see it. A person doesn't have to be taking the drug to be exposed to it if using it for deworming livestock. They can be accidently exposed in the process of treatment. We don't get to see the stats for calls over several years, we only get a comparison to last year. Maybe last year was a down year or maybe this year is a particularly bad year for parasites in livestock. There is a lot of missing information. The bottom line, however, is that the article in USA today was irresponsible and , in my opinion, intentionally deceptive.
  6. My math is fine, but the wording could have been better. In other words, there was an increase in calls of 313% for ivermectin exposure that were not Covid related.
  7. https://www.dshs.texas.gov/HealthAdvisory-20210826.aspx In another article I read, I'll have to track it down, it said that calls to poison control for ivermectin tend to increase this time of year because this is when a lot of ranchers treat their livestock for worms and people get accidently exposed during treatment.
  8. That article is a bit misleading. While true that the calls increased 591 percent, an article on the Texas Health and Human Services website, shows that, of the increase of 159 calls, only 87 were related to people taking it for Covid. In other words, of the 591% increase, 313% had nothing to do with Covid. While we see that 87 people made a bad choice, in a State the size of Texas, that number is not really that big. For the media, it appears it is better to not tell the whole story and instead put in the headline, in big bold letters, "591%"
  9. You are the one who said this: Was that just your opinion or is there some other basis for it.
  10. No, I want you to show evidence that a doctor could lose his medical license for simply prescribing or administering ivermectin for the purpose of treating Covid. I am perfectly willing to accept it if you can provide it.
  11. In other words, you didn't read it. By the way, your assumption about me above, is nonsense. I could say the same thing about you. However, I have not advocated for anything in any of my posts except vaccinations and the development of therapeutics that can help in battling Covid. I was simply pointing out research that is favorable to ivermectin and it gets attacked. I don't understand this. I thought that was the whole purpose of this thread. There is much that can be disagreed with but I do not understand bullying. I frankly don't trust most of what I see and hear in the media and when people use bullying tactics to shut down debate, I don't trust them either.
  12. If you had read the article, you would know that it mentions this very thing and shows how it is a flawed argument.
  13. Incidentally, why are you treating me so rudely? What did I say that set you off? I don't understand the anger and invective over this. I don't think you and I have ever conversed, heck, I rarely even post anymore. I have not once encouraged the use of ivermectin, but at the same time I don't understand why people are so quick to pass judgment on medical studies that don't ally with their own opinions. I don't understand why a nondoctor feels he is more knowledgeable than doctors to justify criticizing and shaming them for prescribing medication. As I said before, I wish everyone would get vaccinated, but, at the same time let's get all the possible treatments possible to fight this.
  14. Sorry, but you are wrong. Your articles referred to one Egyptian study that was withdrawn. The link I provided does not include that study for the very reason that it was withdrawn. I don't think you read it.
  15. From the FDA perspective, once the FDA approves a drug, healthcare providers generally may prescribe the drug for an unapproved use when they judge that it is medically appropriate for their patient.
  16. I don't think you read them at all. Your articles mention one Egyptian study that was retracted. The link I provided shows 63 different studies and specifically exclude the Egyptian study that was retracted. If you had read it, you would have known this. So, again, I ask what specifically did I get wrong?
  17. I have heard of it happening. I don't how widespread it really is. There are always a few crazy people that do stupid things. I read all of your links. The first one was essentially useless. It claims there has been a five fold increase for calls to poison control about ivermectin. However, no actual numbers are given nor does it actually say why the calls were made. For example, one of the articles quoted a poison control person saying in 2020, they received 10 calls for ivermectin. Nine were due to accidental exposure while administering the drug to an animal and the other one had nothing to do with Covid. So calls for this do occur that are not Covid related. The fourth article said that in 2020 Texas had received 23 calls about ivermectin in a State that has ten times the population of Utah, so extrapolating, a five fold increase in Utah could mean five to ten calls, and even then the article does not say why the calls were made. One of the articles only mentions one person who actually took the animal drug. It then goes on to say there has been an increase in prescriptions for ivermectin. Is that a bad thing? Should doctors be shamed for prescribing the drug? One of the articles interviewed farm supply stores who said they did not see an increase in sales of the animal medication and had no problem ordering it from suppliers. One man was quoted as saying that this time of year is when a lot of ranchers treat their animals for worms so an uptick at this time would be expected. I am not saying it isn't happening, I'm sure it is, but at the same time I can't help but believe that this story is sensationalized by the media. However, even if it was happening on a large scale (which I don't believe) why would that be a reason for a doctor to not prescribe a legitimate drug to his patient?
  18. You don't know me or what I know. Talk about judgmental. I repeat, what did I get wrong in my brief summary? Did you even read the links?
  19. Did you read the links I provided? Did I get something wrong in my very brief summary?
  20. First of all, I am pro vaccine. I was vaccinated back in February and am scheduled for a booster shot as I take medication that weakens my immune system. I wish everyone would get vaccinated. But, if there are effective therapeutics, we should use them. I feel bad for those who choose not to get vaccinated and then get sick with Covid. I wish they had got vaccinated, but I still don't want them to suffer or die, so let's use treatments that are effective and available.
  21. Nehor does. None of the studies included horse medication. Even doctors have been criticized by some for prescribing ivermectin for their patients. Anyone who would take OTC horse medication is a fool. I haven't seen anyone in the media, politics or the medical field encouraging people to take horse medication. I agree, it is a problem if this is really happening.
  22. Nehor, posted earlier a study on Ivermectin done by Together Trial, which claimed treatment with Ivermectin had, "no effect, what so ever". However, there have been 63 studies on the effectiveness of Ivermectin for Covid 19 and the meta data on these studies show that for early treatment, Ivermectin showed 72% improvement, as prophylaxis 84% improvement and as a late treatment, 40% improvement. The preliminary report on the study by Together Trial, touted by Nehor as well as the NY Times and other media outlets, says, "The trial randomization chart suggests major problems and does not match the protocol." and, "This trial uses a soft primary outcome, easily subject to bias and event inflation in both arms" and, "Trial design, analysis, and presentation, along with previous public and private statements suggest investigator bias." See here: https://ivmmeta.com/ And here: https://c19ivermectin.com/togetherivm.html It appears, Nehor may have been lied to.
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