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  1. My first mystical experiences took place in the context of the Native American Church (with peyote). From there, God led me to Catholicism. My first Christian mystical experiences occurred while on retreat at a Benedictine monastery. The abbot had taken me under his wing during that time, so to speak, and suggested I read New Seeds of Contemplation by Thomas Merton. It was exactly what I needed at that time. In Catholicism, contemplation and contemplative prayer are the equivalents of meditation that leads to mystical experience. The book opens with thoughts on what mystical/religious experience is, and I think it is appropriate for this discussion as he includes the ideas of faith, reason, and reality. Substitute "contemplation" with "religious experience." Here's the opening paragraph: I understand @mfbukowski's project to show that Mormonism is compatible with Humanism and contemporary(-ish) philosophy. I agree that 99.9% of experience happens in our head. However, my mystical experiences have granted me knowledge of the reality of God as the Source (as Merton writes) from which being flows. He is both in me and out of me, both immanent and transcendent. This knowledge comes with "a certitude that goes both beyond reason and beyond simple faith." It's hard for me to describe, but it is an experience that shows I know something that is beyond experience. I know that sounds contradictory, but I don't know how else to say it. It is beyond logic, beyond knowing, beyond words and sentences, yet is true. One such experience happened at Our Lady of Guadalupe monastery many years ago. I had already been at the monastery for probably 4 or 5 days. We were praying Matins, one of the 7 canonical hours where everyone goes to the chapel to pray. It is a long prayer, about 2 hours, and begins around 3:30 AM. It is sung in Gregorian chant. Perhaps an hour or so into prayer, everything seemed to contract and expand (I know, contradiction, but it's so hard to describe). I felt my depths open. The prayer seemed to be praying me instead of the usual other way around. I felt an expansiveness that was pure love and being. I was me but not me, in me and out of me. Everything was flowing, emanating, arising from God. I knew this with a certainty. I was experiencing it, yes, but it was more than an experience. It was beyond experience. Again, I know that doesn't make sense, but I had an experience that showed me there are truths and realities beyond experience. It's happened many times. It's always been an experience of God. He is a reality beyond experience. I guess this was my testimony, ha
  2. Since I am a teacher, I got my Pfizer booster shot yesterday. I’m feeling really sick today, like I did after shot #2. Aches, chills, but no fever. It’s so strange feeling very sick but knowing I’m not actually sick - it’s just my body doing it to myself. No mass for me today. Maybes I’ll rewatch Contagion. That movie was quite prescient, including the blogger advocating fake medicine as treatment.
  3. The last time I stayed at my favorite monastery (pre-Covid, sadly), the abbot spent multiple days discussing John 17 during his homily. He was weaving together the Trinity, the mystical body of Christ, contemplative prayer as a means to find God within, and our duty to see Christ in others. It was focused on monastic life, of course, but was beautiful and easily applicable to lay life.
  4. If that’s the case, then VAERS is inherently unreliable. Will you join with those of us who have decried using VAERS as evidence that 15,000 have died because of the vaccines? I mean, it’s unreliable, right?
  5. Thank you for attempting to answer the CFR. However, you said: You linked the two causally. You said that the vaccine caused over 15,000 deaths. The CDC explicitly states in the article that you quoted that there is not a causal link established. It boggles my mind that you quote as evidence of your claim something that refutes your claim. Further in your article, it says that there is a plausible causal relationship between J&J and TTS. TTS however did not cause 15,000 deaths, which was your claim. My CFR has not been answered. You need to retract your claim that the vaccine has caused 15,000 deaths (or find a reputable source that says so).
  6. Yes, I know google. Read all of the fact checks from all sorts of different organization on your claim. Your claim is false. The fact that you just drop in misinformation and refuse to defend it when called out speaks volumes. You are spreading lies that harm real people. By the way, my CFR still stands. If you believe your claim is true, give a reputable source that claims that over 15,000 people have died BECAUSE of the vaccine. That BECAUSE is very important. You've claimed a causal link. Prove it. The board rules are clear: when given a CFR, you must respond or retract. I guess I can help you out here: there is no causal link between vaccination and death. ETA: Actually, I'm wrong. There is a causal link between vaccination and death. The vaccines cause a drastic reduction in covid death...
  7. You really need to learn how to understand how VAERS data collection works and what the raw data means. Google: covid vaccine deaths It's really frustrating that anti-vaxx conspiracy folks like you take some data from the government and try to use it to bolster their views and then ignore what the government has to say about the data because "it's a conspiracy." So I'm giving a formal CFR and I'm going to HOLD YOU TO IT. Offer a reputable reference that shows that 15,000+ people have died BECAUSE of the vaccine, or retract your claim. If you do not satisfy the CFR, as per board rules, I'm going to report you to the mods.
  8. This is very intriguing. I've never explored lines of succession, so I don't have a ready answer for you. I'll poke around and learn some more about my own faith. Thanks for the posting!
  9. To clarify, there is only one true pope at a time. Any other claimants to the papacy are anti-popes. There have been times when it is not clear who the pope is, but those have always been resolved. There are anti-popes today. The most "interesting" example is pope Michael. Here is his website: https://www.vaticaninexile.com This is false. It was a medieval legend that has been debunked. Go here for an overview of the debunking (and follow the sources for in-depth information): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pope_Joan#Modern_analysis_and_critique The idea of separation of church and state is relatively modern, so attacking popes for being political is an example of presentism. Also, Pope Francis is the absolute monarch of Vatican City
  10. Thinking, if only you had set a timer like @Scott Lloyd used to do (do you have any of those still running, Scott?). I looked up the Provo Temple. As an outsider, I'd say... not attractive. It makes me think of how some Catholic Churches that were built in the 70s and 80s tossed out beauty in favor of some sort of weird "modern" aesthetic. In some cases, beautiful churches were torn down because they were "old" and the Catholic Church was trying to be new. This includes the church in the town next to mine (Las Cruces). Here is St. Genevieve's at its dedication October 15, 1887: The church was sold to the city in the late 1960s and then torn down so the city could develop a downtown mall (I wish I could have some words with the bishop who made that decision, even if just from a historical point-of-view). Another church with the same name was built a few blocks away and looks like this: Give me the original 150 year old beautiful church over this.... weirdness. I'm in favor of beauty. The Good, the True, and the Beautiful all lead toward God. So in a literally superficial way (since all I know is the outside of the building), I'm going to disagree with you Scott and say that temple should be upgraded. Your church has the funds, so go ahead and use the spikenard now
  11. I realize I should not be responding to Harry T. Clark on this thread because this thread is for a discussion of covid stats, facts, and medical info. I'm sorry, I will stop. I ask others to stop, too, so this thread remains open and on topic.
  12. You didn't respond to the details of my post (again).
  13. It depends on what you mean by preventing death. People who are in the hospital for two months, intubated for one, but live and end up home on long haul covid haven't died, so that treatment prevented their death. I still wouldn't want to go through that hellish experience, though, so I'd still take the vaccine. Or do you mean preventing getting sick? If something prevents you 100% from getting covid in the first place, I would certainly take it. That kinda sounds something like a vaccine, though, in the sense that it's preventative. Or do you mean not going to the hospital? I would still hate to be really sick for a week, even if it means no hospitalization. I'm not afraid of dying from the flu, but I still get the flu shot so I don't have to get sick, miss work, etc. A friend of mine got shingles. It was terrible. He wasn't at risk of dying, but it wasn't fun. The shingles vaccine can prevent that. When I'm old enough, I'm definitely getting the shingles vaccine. I don't want shingles, not because I'm afraid of dying, but because I don't want to get sick. To sum up. Here are my desires in order: 1) don't get sick with covid in the first place. 2) if I get sick, it is mild. 3) if it is bad enough for hospitalization, I don't have to go to the ICU. 4) if I'm in the ICU, I don't have to be intubated. 5) if I'm intubated, I don't die. The vaccine does this, so I got it. A medicine that prevents death only stops #5. I don't want #1-4, either.
  14. I went to Mass for about two years before anyone said hi to me. It was perfect for me. My first visit to an LDS church was overwhelming. You all love to talk to strangers! And my God, the hand shaking! I don’t have social anxiety at all. I just equate spirituality with reverence and stillness. It’s probably why I love monasteries.
  15. I would love it if my students refuted me when I corrected their grammar by pointing to William and the Werewolf. Grammar. It's the difference between knowing your sh*t and knowing you're sh*t.
  16. Thanks. I appreciate your taking time to address them. In reflecting back, I think the "deceived by Satan" came from a link in a post here that I followed that led me to another forum (LDS freedom forum). I only read a couple of pages on the one thread that was linked. It was pretty nutty. I was just seeing similar yet veiled hints by some posters here, so I wanted to flesh out their views. I understand this and can "translate" it into the Catholic parallels for me. Just so you know, I wasn't questioning the faith of the standard LDS posters here. The question was specifically for those who believe that President Nelson is part of the conspiracy because he is urging people to be vaccinated and apparently denying entrance to temples without a mask. I absolutely agree (and while reason is not listed in the traditional three pillars of the Catholic faith, reason plays a huge part in Catholic theology). I'll check it out, thanks.
  17. Since you're not going along with him, I'm assuming that you think he is deceived (about something pretty big). Also, when was the last time that there was a "thus sayeth the Lord"? Are his (seemingly from my point-of-view) strong actions and statements about the pandemic not worthy of your consideration and belief? What's the line where you put aside your personal belief and follow what your prophet is saying? Yes, one of the other posters I tagged: mburgess1982. They have been posting along in this thread, too. I'm not saying you share their views, which is why I asked. Here's what they said: and You posted about Australia. I'm not going to respond to that because it is off the topic I'd like to discuss, which is faithful LDS ignoring multiple statements and actions by their living prophets and apostles regarding masks and vaccines.
  18. @Harry T. Clark @mburgess1982 @CelestialSeething Hi, As someone who is not LDS, I have a couple of questions for you. Are you LDS (it appears you are, but I just want to double-check)? If so, how you do you reconcile your stance concerning the vaccine, masks, and covid with that of your prophets and apostles? Restricting access to your temples unless you are wearing a mask seems to put a pretty high importance on masking, doesn't it? I'm going with the assumption that your temples are the most sacred sites for your religion. Your prophet calling the vaccine a miracle from God seems to be a strong statement, too. Also, for those of you who believe that a Satanic secret combination (a phrase I recently learned in the LDS context) is behind all of this, do you believe that your prophet is deceived or that your prophet is part of the conspiracy? If you believe your prophet is deceived by something so huge and so important, what use is a prophet? I mean, he is telling you to do what the Satanic secret combination wants you to do, so he is telling you to follow Satan. Doesn't seem like a prophet of God would make such a huge blunder. If you believe your prophet is in on it, why are you still LDS? Finally, if you say personal revelation tells you the truth, I will ask the same question above: What good is a prophet if he leads God's people to follow a Satanic conspiracy? It would be like Moses coming down from Mt. Sinai and telling everyone that yeah, that gold calf is pretty cool and maybe they should build another. I hope you don't ignore my questions. This is an LDS board after all, not a covid board, and these questions are striking at the heart of some of the LDS church's most important claims (modern day revelation through a prophet of God to guide God's people).
  19. We weren't talking about the vaccine narrative. We were talking about you spreading falsehoods about the PCR test's ability to distinguish between covid and the flu.
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