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  1. That was very interesting read. Thank you for sharing it! I appreciated Peterson's take on the apostasy, too. Reasonable and non-confrontational.
  2. As I pointed out before, I teach English at a public high school. I am not a Marxist, nor are any of the teachers I know (I suppose there could be some closet Marxists among the faculty, but I would really be surprised). My curriculum is not Marxist. The English department curriculum is not Marxist. I know the teachers of US history and world history, and they are not Marxists, either. I suppose you could say our school is "godless" because God is not worshipped there, but that is how it should be. Among my students there are Hindus, Buddhists, and Muslims. Atheists, too. But I'd als
  3. But do the members of that commune take turns acting as an executive officer for the week, whose decisions are ratified at special bi-weekly meetings (simple majority for internal affairs, two-thirds majority for more major affairs)?
  4. I teach English at a public high school. I guess when I look around me, at my fellow teachers, at my wonderful students, at the staff who supports us and the parents who help us, I don't see an institution that is causing the world to "ripen in iniquity." Quite the opposite, actually. I see people who love and care for children, who try their best to make up for difficult home lives and socio-economic disadvantages. People who push children to be better both intellectually and morally. I invite you to come visit my public high school. Perhaps we can walk the halls together and you can poi
  5. Latin is the official language of Vatican City. The ATMs have Latin as a language option. And people say Latin is a dead language...
  6. The traditional Catholic economic model is distributism, which rejects both socialism and capitalism. Check out the wiki entry on it here: distributism
  7. I agree. I will fully defend the cost of building beautiful cathedrals and chapels.
  8. When someone asks me my religion, I don't say "Christian," I say "Catholic." When I hear someone say, "Christian," I immediately assume they are protestant. Just an interesting observation from my experience. There are Christian groups out there who claim that Catholics aren't Christian. In fact, a lot of groups that call you guys a cult also call us a cult. That's why I'm on this board, for inter-cult dialogue ๐Ÿ˜
  9. I'm very uncomfortable with this way of thinking and always push back against it in pro-life people. It dehumanizes the child, demonizes the mother and/or father, and skews what parenthood is about. Viewing a pregnancy as a punishment for a mistake or bad decision means that the child is a negative consequence. That goes contrary to the premise of pro-life. An innocent child is just that, an innocent child. She is not a punishment. She is not a jail cell. She is a beautiful life to be celebrated. Of course this doesn't mean that a pregnancy in a difficult situation is to be glossed o
  10. You keep stating this as a given conclusion. The problem is what you are saying is exactly what is in dispute. Repeating it over and over doesn't remove the dispute. Perhaps each time you repeat this as a given conclusion I will respond with my own given conclusion: It is never moral to murder an innocent child.
  11. Can you not distinguish between the BLM organization and the BLM slogan/movement? In the wake of George Floyd's murder, I attending a couple of marches/protests. They were completely non-violent, though there was some civil disobedience (kneeling in an intersection and blocking traffic for 8 minutes). All the chants and signs were focused on issues of police reform and ending racism. There were a lot of the standard BLM signs (one dude near me had a "Free Tibet" sign, which was odd). I didn't hear anything about communism, marxism, or capitalism. So you tell me. Did I attend a commun
  12. It certainly has been difficult for many believers. It doesn't affect my faith, though. Perhaps it's because my journey to Christianity took me through psychedelic spirituality and Buddhism, with a focus on non-dualism. Or perhaps some other reason.
  13. It's not that simple. And the fact that you think it is that simple, that you reduce the whole controversial issue to a solution that is completely on your side of the issue, and then call it simple, means you have little or no understanding of the pro-life side. It's unfortunate that you are unwilling to try to understand us, and instead dismiss us so easily out-of-hand. I don't need to continue this conversation further, so I'll let you have the last word, if you want it.
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