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  1. Do you read anything that's not blatantly right wing? I mean... Breitbart as a source? Really? I suppose NY Post is least partisan from your list there, but that's not really saying much. I'm rather disappointed in your lack of objective reading.
  2. I'm jumping in, ha. Why is the price of gas/diesel relevant? Can you please justify societal/political events based on money? I'm Catholic, but of course I'm open to the LDS view. For LDS, should we make political choices and judge situations based on something like the cost of gas? Or our retirement funds? I've got some biblical quotes ready at hand, fyi, as well as Catholic saints. I'll probably not employ them, but I'm just saying... money might not be the best argument here, in a religious Christian forum.
  3. Thanks for providing more evidence that your argumentation here is terrible Seriously, bring your lawyer skills. Since you are Lawyer of the Year, you should be able to do better than your one-liners, throw-away insults, vast generalizations based on personal anecdotal evidence, and now your appeals to authority. I could be 100% libertarian and still think your arguments are terrible. It's not about what you are trying to persuade, but how you are doing it.
  4. I'm not disagreeing with your philosophy. My post was not about the topic, but the arguments. I'm saying you aren't making real arguments here at all. Congrats! Why don't you bring the argumentation skills you use as a lawyer into the discussion here? Surely you can see that if you argued in a court the way you argue here you wouldn't be "Lawyer of the Year" yes? Because here you aren't giving arguments -- you're giving broad generalizations without specific evidence. As Lawyer of the Year, you realize that arguments of that type are terrible, yes? Just to be clear, I'm not tal
  5. There must be a vast difference between Bob the lawyer and Bob the poster if he is at all a successful lawyer. His "arguments" here are nothing but vague and general assertions without evidence ("all public employees are lazy because I've seen it!" doesn't count as evidence -- you know that, lawyer Bob, right?) If I were researching a law firm to hire and came across Bob's posts here, I would immediately scratch him off the list. C'mon, Bob, why don't you bring in your lawyer self? Give reasoned arguments with evidence and sources. Take a look at @smac97 posts for some guidance. Whil
  6. And psychedelics in "normal" doses should also not be considered hard drugs.
  7. This is an interesting case of different realities for different political persuasions. Interesting social psychology indeed! In my "reality" (my world and friends), the only fear people have expressed is if the underdog loses and his followers and militias take to the streets. It's the exact opposite of what you are experiencing. Maybe you are right... TRVTH is relative to the mind that beholds it In any case, both political sides have created scenarios in their minds where a loss isn't a legitimate loss, but is somehow due to fraud or whatever. This is a sad. It's going
  8. The Vatican has clarified this situation by sending a letter to all papal nuncios (think of a nuncio as an ambassador to governments). From this CNN article: It's seem a bit nefarious to edit the Pope in this manner. The filmmaker also lied about interviewing the Pope: Here's the clarification concerning civil unions: They are trying to separate a secular legal union from a sacramental marriage. Is it slippery slope rationalizations? Here's the clarifications about homosexuals having a right to a family: I wish the Vatican had clarified this immediatel
  9. I feel like pro-Trump people and anti-Trump people inhabit two completely different realities. Each seems so incomprehensible to the other. It's quite a phenomenon. As is the amount of time this thread has remained unlocked. The mods must all be enjoying happy hour somewhere! (or whatever the LDS equivalent would be... root beer?)
  10. It's tough times for sure. I wonder if there is something similar in LDS times? Maybe when polygamy was abrogated? Did more "traditional" LDS have a hard time accepting the end of polygamy since it seemed so foundational during Brigham Young's time?
  11. Jared Livesey is angling to replace @Bernard Gui as the board's resident inquisitor...
  12. Hi Rory, Thanks for your responses, as always. I think in these difficult times the Lord will forgive us, as you say, for agnosticism. I think the key is what you say -- to behave as if he were pope, and I'll add to revere the office. I visited the Fisheaters forum to see what was going on there with this latest twist and was deeply saddened to see many ostensibly faithful and traditional Catholics wishing for the death of Francis, and others saying they no longer pray for him. It was surreal, honestly, and shows the problematic relationship that traditional Catholicism has with the papac
  13. So, a faithful Catholic couple wants to do their best to help lessen abortions. They work with an organizations that helps young unwed mothers carry the child to term and then place the child for adoption. This couple has adopted 4 children from 4 different mothers. When you meet this family and they tell you their story, you would say to them, "those aren't your children because they are not biologically yours and you are not sealed to them." What a terrible hateful thing to say to people who are doing a wonderfully good thing. I suggest you reevaluate your thinking on this one, Aha
  14. One difficulty in nailing down what would happen in the Catholic Church is the enormous size, which means there can and is a lot of variation between parishes. This can be compounded by the fact that you get to choose where you go, so those with similar preferences end up at the same parishes. For example, I vastly prefer the traditional Latin liturgy, so I go to a parish that exclusively celebrates that. Catholics with a more liberal view would go to a parish with a more liberal priest which would then have more liberal sermons, views on the liturgy, etc. Same with conservatives, same with an
  15. Do you hold this same standard to heterosexual couples who choose to adopt? That their adopted children are not their children and you would refuse to call the adopted child their child?
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