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  1. I have a t-shirt that says "I'm silently correcting your grammar."
  2. No problem. If you want, for context, you can also say that I'm on the traditional side of the spectrum.
  3. Hmmm. This relates only to the new mass, which I haven't attended in a long time. There is no change to the traditional Latin mass. Here is my explanation without offering much of an opinion. I'll leave it to Rory to opine on the situation Prior to Vatican II, females were not allowed in the sanctuary (where the altar is) during liturgical celebrations. The ambiguity of the documents of Vatican II and their most liberal interpretation and implementation (called "the spirit of Vatican II") led to many practices that were prohibited before. The new mass was a perfect vehicle for thes
  4. Do you say something similar when talking to a quantum physicist? A medical doctor? A musician? Or is your disdain for technical terms used in fields of knowledge reserved just for philosophy?
  5. I have a few questions to begin with. First, what does it mean to be married vs. not married in heaven? If a couple were married on earth, but aren't sealed, what will be their state be in one of the kingdoms? Will they recognize each other but be forcibly kept apart? (What kind of heaven/degree of glory is that, honestly... that sounds like hell.) Or if they are allowed to be in each other's presence (what does that mean in heaven, anyway), what does not being married mean? That they can't keep a house together or have sex? What do married people get to do in heaven that non-married don't, an
  6. I was going to comment on your gif because you had Jeff Chimenti on keys. Could be Ratdog, The Dead, Furthur, Dead and Company. I absolutely love him on keys.
  7. Oh no, the album version! Terrible. The Grateful Dead, with a few exceptions, tended to flop in the studio. They were a live band and needed 10-15 minutes to really let the song stretch its legs.
  8. Hi Scott, That's a big question! I am curious as to the premise -- how much is this board a microcosm of your church, as you see it? There are a wide range of views here, which I appreciate, and after all these years (8 now, I think), I like that I have a general feel on who is going to react how to certain topics (to wit, mfbukowski and his damn Rorty video, ha, which I love teasing him about). I'm glad this isn't an echo chamber, too, though it is interesting that criticisms from non-LDS posters has greatly diminished since I first started posting. I'm guessing for the more traditi
  9. Well, that type of meeting certainly sounds innocuous. I guess I was going off of some of the posts here that suggest the bishop should look into your finances, ask specific follow up questions, etc. It made it sound like a meeting to get a mortgage, ha.
  10. Thank you for clarifying! Now the posts I've perused make more sense. I don't think I'd like such a meeting, honestly, but then again Catholicism doesn't have a rule as to how much you should give, so there doesn't need to be a meeting with someone to determine if you've given that amount.
  11. I've only perused the posts here. I'm missing some basic information. It appears that bishops ask LDS how much money they have donated as tithing? Or something similar? Does someone mind giving me the foundational information I'm missing. Thanks! And, of course, if you mention shakedown, every deadhead is going to think of Shakedown Street: "nothing's shakin' on Shakedown Street!"
  12. I just want to add to the voices that are pointing out that repetitions are not bad per se, but it is the vanity that is bad. Praying to appear pious, praying an "empty" prayer (vain comes from the Latin vanus, meaning empty). I'm preemptively defending the Rosary Like any prayer, the Rosary can devolve into "vain repetitions." Prayed properly, it is heartfelt and contemplative. In fact, (something most Catholics don't know) we are supposed to contemplate different mysteries of the faith while we pray the Rosary. Done properly, praying the Rosary is a deep prayer.
  13. I love this board for many reasons. Let me add that there is a true New Mexican to the list.
  14. A more important question, however, is now that you have been retired awhile, have you in your writing also retired the hideous AP style rule of omitting the Oxford comma?
  15. Now now, don't let your northern bias get the better of you. Rio Grande valley tamales made with Chimayo chiles are awesome, just as Hatch valley tamales made with Hatch chiles are great, too. Both are true tamales
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