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  1. Next time you use your medicine pop some Grateful Dead in your ear buds
  2. So, according to Ahab, all non-LDS should become atheists. Yes, I'm sure that's what God wants 🙄
  3. Like public school? As a teacher, one of the few positive effects of covid shutting down schools was that many people gained a better appreciation of teachers, even if it was just from the fact that we watched their kids while they worked
  4. What instrument do you play? Or do you sing? I bet @Bernard Gui has played for some other church's services. There's also this article that smac posted awhile back about an LDS musician serving as cantor at the Cathedral of the Madeleine in Salt Lake City and how that strengthened his faith: http://icatholic.org/article/singing-at-the-cathedral-of-the-madeleine-strengthens-53214952
  5. When polygamy was illegal but still being practiced, how did legal marriage work? Would the husband and first wife be legally married (paperwork and all that) and the subsequent wives just sealed? Or did Utah "go rogue" and continue to issue marriage licenses for marriages for all wives?
  6. Why do you have a problem with asking someone if they want help? If I was at Home Depot and someone just started helping me without asking I would be annoyed. Not out of pride -- I have no problem accepting help. I would be annoyed because the person "helping" me assumes they know better about me and my situation than I do. They have forced themselves into my space without asking permission. Really, asking "would you like some help?" is not that hard to do. I'm fairly tall (6' 4") and a few weeks ago at Wal-Mart I saw a fairly short woman trying to get something off one of the top shelves. If I operated under your rules, I would have just walked over and got it for her without asking. How patronizing, though, treating her like a child who can't decide what she needs. Instead, I asked her if she wanted me to get it for her. She said yes. I gave her the choice. The examples you gave above are about you helping women without asking. Do you do the same with men when they are loading something onto a cart? If not, why not? Also, you keep pointing out that Calm doesn't speak for all women. Fair enough. But you've used terms that show that you believe your position is the way all men should act. You've said that men who don't act like you are "beta males" and lack "testicular fortitude." In other words, you don't believe that they are real men. It's sad that you use the language of machismo to denigrate men who actually care enough to find out what women (and others) want instead of just forcing their ideas and "help" upon them. Give the women autonomy. Let them decide if they want you around or not. A man who does this probably has more "testicular fortitude" than you because they have the strength to put their own macho impulses and worldview in check.
  7. Well, as I’m sure you know, the problem with Pascal’s wager is which God/religion are we talking about?
  8. I have a magnate in my classroom that quotes W: "Rarely is the question asked, is our children learning?" 😁
  9. The word "sinister" comes from the Latin meaning left, from the left, or left-handed. The word "dextrous" comes the Latin meaning on the right or right-handed.
  10. Deleted. I responded before reading the rest of the thread.
  11. Yes, you have been forever bound to the Catholic Church. You can't talk your way out of it with your post-modern Mormon babble. You are forever ours, muahahaha!
  12. This fits Catholic theology well enough. The Incarnation was voluntary immanence, making God both transcendent and immanent. We have no problems talking about God through paradox. In fact, it seems to me the best way to go about it. Mysticism certainly seems to agree.
  13. Are there things that are bad but not sins? To continue with the word of wisdom and health examples, is it a sin to be overweight? To not exercise enough? Does one need to repent of this? Boy, if all "bad" things are sin then we humans are royally screwed. We'd spend all day repenting, and then have to repent for spending too much time repenting and neglecting other things.
  14. It specifically refers to the authority to bind/loose sins. It also includes the authority to declare dogma and binding scriptural interpretations, to set Church policy, and to set sacramental rites.
  15. It is interesting that the base root means to testify. A testimony testifies, and testicles testify, I suppose to the fact that you are able to reproduce.
  16. It's a very Puritan idea that satisfaction can only come from hard work. Those dang Puritans sure messed up parts of our American worldview. I love Hilaire Belloc's push back on some of that Puritanism: "Wherever the Catholic sun doth shine, There's always laughter and good red wine. At least I've always found it so. Benedicamus Domino!"
  17. And the Popes but them on their coat of arms to make it clear. Here is Pope Francis's:
  18. Just to clarify, Catholics don’t believe God is silent.
  19. I think the Catholic Church made it perfectly clear that the Luther Bible is not good enough
  20. 😂 I have a plant in my classroom that’s been with me since my first day of teaching 15 years ago. I call him Hampton 😁
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