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  1. Back in 2014, the Pope said that we'd baptize aliens if they showed up and asked https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/pope-francis-says-he-would-baptise-aliens-9360632.html
  2. I love Shelley, too! Good ol’ Percy Bysshe (great name for a Basset Hound). How about the opening lines of “Mont Blanc” (appeals to the philosopher and mystic in me): “The everlasting universe of things / Flows through the mind and rolls its rapid waves, / Now dark—now glittering—now reflecting gloom— / Now lending splendour, where from secret springs / The source of human thought its tribute brings / Of waters—“ Beautiful 😊
  3. It’s infecting every thread! Is there someway we can package it and sell it to some cable channel in the 600 number range? Or some clickbait website? BuzzFeed news? Here’s a working title: “Ahab gets banned again. See what he does next…” C’mon @Nemesis, you could use the royalties to help pay the bills 😁
  4. Are you calling @Nemesis an arrogant cranky unbeliever and would be destroyer of faith? Because he/she is the one who is doing the banning.
  5. I got it from one of my philosophy professors whose focus was on logic. Boy, he sure did hate the misuse of begging the questions. Me, too! (with a double major in philosophy). I zeroed in on the British Romantics. What a wonderful and zany bunch of poets!
  6. From the Grateful Dead song “Franklin’s Tower”: “If you get confused just listen to the music play!” 😊
  7. From the article: From the LDS point-of-view (doctrinally and/or culturally), is the nuclear family God's ideal view of a family? I ask because I live in an area that definitely focuses on the extended family. Many families have multi-generational homes, and some include aunts/uncles/cousins, too. This was much more prevalent 50 years ago, but is still quite obvious. (I live in Mesilla, in southern NM. My town was originally on the Mexican side of the US-Mexico border after the Mexican American war and took in all the people around who didn't want to be Americans. It became p
  8. Next time you use your medicine pop some Grateful Dead in your ear buds
  9. So, according to Ahab, all non-LDS should become atheists. Yes, I'm sure that's what God wants 🙄
  10. Like public school? As a teacher, one of the few positive effects of covid shutting down schools was that many people gained a better appreciation of teachers, even if it was just from the fact that we watched their kids while they worked
  11. What instrument do you play? Or do you sing? I bet @Bernard Gui has played for some other church's services. There's also this article that smac posted awhile back about an LDS musician serving as cantor at the Cathedral of the Madeleine in Salt Lake City and how that strengthened his faith: http://icatholic.org/article/singing-at-the-cathedral-of-the-madeleine-strengthens-53214952
  12. When polygamy was illegal but still being practiced, how did legal marriage work? Would the husband and first wife be legally married (paperwork and all that) and the subsequent wives just sealed? Or did Utah "go rogue" and continue to issue marriage licenses for marriages for all wives?
  13. Why do you have a problem with asking someone if they want help? If I was at Home Depot and someone just started helping me without asking I would be annoyed. Not out of pride -- I have no problem accepting help. I would be annoyed because the person "helping" me assumes they know better about me and my situation than I do. They have forced themselves into my space without asking permission. Really, asking "would you like some help?" is not that hard to do. I'm fairly tall (6' 4") and a few weeks ago at Wal-Mart I saw a fairly short woman trying to get something off one of the t
  14. Well, as I’m sure you know, the problem with Pascal’s wager is which God/religion are we talking about?
  15. I have a magnate in my classroom that quotes W: "Rarely is the question asked, is our children learning?" 😁
  16. The word "sinister" comes from the Latin meaning left, from the left, or left-handed. The word "dextrous" comes the Latin meaning on the right or right-handed.
  17. Deleted. I responded before reading the rest of the thread.
  18. Yes, you have been forever bound to the Catholic Church. You can't talk your way out of it with your post-modern Mormon babble. You are forever ours, muahahaha!
  19. This fits Catholic theology well enough. The Incarnation was voluntary immanence, making God both transcendent and immanent. We have no problems talking about God through paradox. In fact, it seems to me the best way to go about it. Mysticism certainly seems to agree.
  20. Are there things that are bad but not sins? To continue with the word of wisdom and health examples, is it a sin to be overweight? To not exercise enough? Does one need to repent of this? Boy, if all "bad" things are sin then we humans are royally screwed. We'd spend all day repenting, and then have to repent for spending too much time repenting and neglecting other things.
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