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  1. Marburg is of the class filoviridae. It is a hemorrhagic fever that is spread mainly through body secretions like blood, semen, etc. It is no where near as contagious as an air borne virus. However, it is more deadly. There is now a theory floating around that the black plague was actually caused by a hemorrhagic fever, either the same or similar to ebola and marburg, and not the Yersinia pestis bacteria. It is a compelling case for sure. But with the current knowledge that we now have about communicable disease and it's transmission, a virus of that type would never do as much damage in our day and age.
  2. Oregon. The state that seems to be permanently closed.
  3. Our ward is different that those options listed. We have sign ups for those wanting to attend. All others are Zoom. 100 person maximum in building at any given time.
  4. I know Bro. Hiser personally. His adapted son and my son have been playing sports together for years. These last few years have been really tough on Dave as he has been working through this struggle. I hope is all works out in the end.
  5. Hang in there. My personal opinion on the matter. The original hill Cumorah is somewhere in southern Mexico. It is near this hill that the final battle in the BOM took place. The Nephite religion was destroyed at this time. Moroni, the only one who still believed in the Nephite religion (aka Gospel of Jesus Christ) was charged with moving the abridged version of the BOM from the original Hill Cumorah to a new location. He left the majority of the manuscripts that Mormon used in Mexico Hill Cumorah. Eventually Moroni found himself in upstate New York and buried the BOM. In respect to the original Hill Cumorah, he also named this location Hill Cumorah.
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